Monday, March 10, 2014

Week of March 3-9, 2014

Finding a New Normal

I had a hard time sleeping on Sunday Night.

Might be age. I read on Facebook about other ladies my age who have insomnia…and worry.

Might also be that I had: a family room and living room full of boys- one son and three nephews-and their belongings, a floor that hadn't been mopped in days, rugs that hadn't been vacuumed in days, a 14 month old granddaughter that I needed to keep happy and alive for the next 50 hours this week, a Christmas Tree up that was left up for months with the thought that a late Christmas celebration would be awesome (turned out not such a great plan - rather boring), one car that worked, Dee needing that one car for work, boys that were very bored, very bored boys that were very hungry, a pool that needed brushing, and just life in general.

Monday: We made it through the day. Kayty took cousins to Jos A. Bank Clothing Store for men's suits. Kayty and Jessica and Nathan went to the Singles Pinewood Derby (which turned out to be a poorly planned, late starting bust…neither ever got to race). Kaylee didn't nap because of the commotion, but she had plenty of people to show off for. Dee grilled some chicken and I made potato pearls for dinner.

Potato Pearls to the rescue.

Nate came home very happy with good news. The father of his sweetheart said Nate could marry her.

Dad got a visit with Morgan…alone. Thank goodness for Grammy's Grapevine Gazebo!

Still a tense, no sleep night as family discovered "Duck Dynasty" DVD's and were laughing into the early morning.

Tuesday: We made it through the day. Son and cousins began their journey home. I began underrating the Christmas tree…hooray! Kaylee had a doctor's appointment, so she came a few minutes later. I vacuumed the family room, and got to visit with Nate for a bit.

Wednesday: We made it through the day. I woke up, or got up, and was sure my blood pressure was through the roof.

Nope-96/67  All good.

Kaylee played. We strolled. We fed the goat. We played in sand. We fed the chickens snow peas. Dad had WeBelos. We watched a new "Duck Dynasty".  Most of the Christmas tree ornaments are packed away…the most fragile in the three entryway closet, and the sturdiest in the tubs in my hut.

Thursday: A few minutes more sleep, another busy day with Kaylee with lots of outside play, the Christmas tree lights off and rolled up, and the tree down and hauled to the hut…which may be extended out the back starting this week.

Nate asked if I minded if he made some cinnamon rolls.

Minded? Someone who left here with only the knowledge of his mother's hockey-puck-like creations, but asked a master-Sister Furniss, his first mission president's wife, who made unforgettable rolls for all missionary trainings at the office-and then made cinnamon rolls for everyone he contacted in South Korea, who now wants to know if I 'mind' if her makes cinnamon rolls?


He is truly a master!

During the rising process, he cooked a delicious looking soup for breakfast. I swear, I LOVE Korean food! It's not fatty...lots of vegetables...and just hot enough to give you a little sweat. 

 To wear off all this yumminess, Nate started prepping forms for a cement pour to add more space. I offered to just toss stuff, but the extension will be greatly appreciated.

Friday: Not as much sleep. Nate's headaches are still as worrisome as ever. I started trying to online get him a dr. appointment, but I just finally had him call, and there was an opening at another office. Dad took him during his lunch break (after a yummy lunch for Dad, Nate and Grandma at New Asian Kitchen) and that doctor referred him to a neurologist. I just thought to try and call that office, late, on a Friday, and they found an opening on Monday downtown. So blessed to get on this right away. This poor guy has been suffering for over 2 years. Kaylee and I fed our goat friend, discovering that he also likes snow peas! We played and enjoyed feeding chickens outside. They got the cement pour all ready, purchased the bags of ready mix, and will pour on Saturday, after going target shooting.

Saturday: I woke to wind. I greatly dislike running in wind, so I did some of my exercises. We hit a few  yard sales. Ethan came…and they got ready…which always takes longer than expected. Finally the guys headed out for some target shooting. They had a really good time!

 Dee, Nate, and I got the cement work done. My job was to turn the cement mixer on and off, and do a few pouring-into-bucket efforts. I got dusted with dry cement, and sprayed with water, so I was pretty solid by the end. It looks nice, though…

That evening, I searched on the internet for a Korean market…and found one not too far away. It is run by two little Korean ladies.

I cannot tell you the happiness I saw on Nate's face to see so many familiar things…things he really loves.

I cannot tell you the joy I felt to hear him fluently speak with these ladies.

I thanked her so much!

The evening was filled with another Korean soup, Apples to Apples and sleep.

Sunday…Nate reported on his mission early to the Stake High Council (we found out later that we could have been there and spoken as well.) It was also our Fast Sunday, a day we give up two meals, and devote special prayer and thought to a specific need in our life…or in someone else's life.

He and Jessica attended our ward…and the most awesome and inspiring Fast and Testimony meeting I have witnessed. Our Sunday school lesson was on Abraham and his call to sacrifice his son Isaac. We watched a video portraying this…My tears flowed freely as I witnessed the faith and obedience…of Abraham…and of Isaac…

Freda Egan taught more on faith and Relief Society…
"Let it be uppermost in your minds, now and at all times, that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, who came into the world to lay down his life that we might live. That is the truth, and is fundamental. Upon that our faith is built. It can not be destroyed. We must adhere to this teaching in spite of the teachings of the world, and the notions of men, for this is paramount, this is essential to our salvation. The Lord redeemed us with his blood, he gave us salvations, provided and- there is this conditions which we much not forget-that we will keep his commandments, and always remember him. If we do that then we shall be saved, while the ideas and the foolishness of men shall perish from the earth"   
"By faith we come to God. If we did not believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, if we had no faith in Him, or in His atonement, we would not be inclined to pay any heed to His commandments. It is because we have that faith that we are brought into harmony with His truth and have a desire in our hearts to serve Him…"
Joseph Fielding Smith

Everyone was napping...that's what you do on Fast sleep if you are having an extra hungry kinda day. I decided spaghetti sauce would be an easy fix, and when Nate woke up, he responded "lasagna!" to my whats-for-dinner-question of I made a simple lasagna.

Heck, no one really ever asks for MY cooking. I just make the normal stuff...not fancy roast chicken or pulled pork or Korean soup.

He asked...and I did.

We watched the movie "The R.M." (an older theater movie made by members of the LDS church that spoofs a young man coming home from his two year mission and having adjusting difficulties. It was enlightening to me, though. You know there is an element of truth to every exaggeration. Nate already has had two plans not work out: school: Southern Virginia University, where he had a $40,000 scholarship, has no mechanical engineering program, so he is trying now to get into one of the BYU's, and the plumbing job he worked at before is slow right now, so he is looking for work elsewhere now.

We ate lasagna...

And, in true Rice Boy fashion, Nate got ahold of the camera and took his own photos...(I excluded the one of me, with a very scary and stern look on my face!)

He drove Jessica home...yes, he is using our one and only vehicle for now and he is doing great...

Refrigerator has slips of paper all over it...with plans that need to get completed this week. His homecoming will be complete next Sunday: talk in the morning, and pizza celebration in the evening.

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