Monday, March 17, 2014

Week of March 10-16, 2014l

It was a week of happy endings...

Monday…Tried to catch up housework, but only managed to catch up laundry. Nate and I ventured out to 3rd Street and Thomas in Downtown Phoenix to visit a neurologist. He was great…lots and lots of questions…a thorough examination…after over two years of daily headaches, Nate is trying some meds. He felt hopeful…for the first time in a long time. He didn't have any luck finding a job yet.

That evening, after kimchi soup for dinner, Kayty went to Singles Ward Family Home Evening and The Bachelor finale party, and Nate and Jess accompanied the old folks (us) to Cabelas…making for a VERY happy ending to the day for Dee!

Tuesday- I tried to clean…but I don't want to make a headache worse (the meds will be a process in healing). Nate applied for jobs on the computer, and went out to Sportsman's Warehouse and Costco to search. He was bummed. The happy ending to job search came from one of Dee's suppliers and he has an interview at Wirebenders tomorrow. He and Jess headed out to their Temple Tuesday at the Gilbert Temple (which checked the recommends and discovered Jessica's was expired-months ago-though she has been doing work there for months, and President Shin had not entered Nate's recommend on the computer system.) So, instead of doing work for the dead…He proposed to Jessica…and she said yes! Here they are, later that night…ring on her finger, smiles on their faces. A very happy ending…

We had dinner…all four of us, with some old ward friends, and then we enjoyed Kayty's music for the night. My happy ending was reading the Book of Mormon before bed. I was able to get in five chapters!

Wednesday-Started the day with a great jog! Alas, they were barricading my turn spot of my route-the one that allows me to run by the Phoenix Temple. (Road widening project to help temple access) So, I will need to change for a couple of weeks. I guess it keeps the creepers away.

Nate made whole wheat blender pancakes and I made coconut buttermilk syrup for breakfast…It's been two years since that happened around here. Dee gave it a BIG thumbs up! Dee left for a job site, but the van gave up the ghost 4 miles away. He spent much time waiting for the tow truck…So very glad for that roadside assist we pay for! Van came home on a tow truck,

and it sits patiently waiting for the decision as to its future here: battery - to see if that was the problem - or begone! Either way, I wasn't driving, so it was a happy ending…

Nate got a job! Starts Monday at Wirebenders! Very happy ending.

Talked to my brother Scott on the phone…He hurt his back in a dirt bike spill…had an MRI yesterday and we are hoping for a good outcome.

Nate's headache grew really bad this afternoon…he was so discouraged and down…He went to Jessica's to visit with family, and he had a smile on his face…Happy ending there.

And we went to look at a new car. I am sure there will be a happy ending, though I absolutely cannot stand car shopping. Downer for me…but Dee LOVES it!

Thursday- jogged a different way this morning, and still got to go by the Phoenix Temple, though I am not sure I am going to run through the parking lot, in the dark, with construction workers arriving for work…again. They have to follow rules to work there: on the job site there is no swearing, no drinking, no smoking, etc. But…they still could be creepers. Nate had a great dental appointment! No cavities after two years!!! We looked at more cars…ugh! Happy ending was that we came home. Such a trial finding an honest situation.

Friday-Same stuff as all week. I ran to Costco and got water bottles for the Sunday Open House. Nate got offered another job from TJ Perkins, his old plumbing boss. Wedding decisions were made. The plan includes:
Wedding in Gilbert Arizona Temple on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 at noon
Pictures and then a luncheon.
Ring Ceremony at 5 pm in our back yard
Barbecue Celebration in our back yard at 6:30 PM with pulled pork, Dad's grilled chicken, and my now famous wedding cupcakes.
Colors are dark blue and yellow (and I am just kinda going on the sunflower and navy kinda theme)
I made a venison pot roast and we looked at a used Jeep Grand Cherokee, but we just didn't feel great about it. They put a movie on, but I fell asleep during it.

To me, sleep is always a happy ending!

Saturday-great yard sales with Nathan joining us. I got a haul of playroom fun for any grandkid for under 20 dollars. Dad and Nate worked on the van…and it seems that the dying part is fixed!

Happy Happy Happy!

Jessica surprised us with her wedding gown. Her mom, Laurie came with her. Cam, Ethan and Kaylee had stopped by and so had Dorrie…so all us girls got to see.

Stunningly gorgeous! She found it on Craigslist. Perfect fit.

Happy Happy Happy!

I pulled weeds, and cleaned part of the garage, and washed tables, and then I did my work: mop, vacuum, dust and scrub, till late in the night.

Jessica went to a Girls' Night Out with her friends, Kayty went out to sushi with her friends. Dad, Nate, and I watched older episodes of Duck Dynasty.

Happy Happy Happy!

Nate worked on his missionary report talk. His full time mission will be complete…tomorrow. Now, we need to get this sweet, wonderful, and very very discouraged at his health-young man well.

He NEEDS a happy ending!


The final day of Nate's mission. We shared Sacrament Meeting with family: Nano, her friend Kathy, Grandma, Ethan, Cam, Kaylee, Doran, Amber, Kelsie, and sick little Kooper, Kayty, and sweet Jessica, her wonderful parents Lauri and Ron, and then dear friends Sid Mitchell (who is personally responsible for all of this: the Mitchells were good neighbors who set a good example, thus leading my parents to seek out more information about the LDS church…and their example and patience and faith led to this large eternal family.) his daughter Alison Bosen and family, Amberly and Kim Livingston…plus more.

His words were careful. He talked about preparing for this, his prayer, and where the Spirit guided him. He spoke of the plan of Salvation. He spoke of the Savior, but not as someone who had just read many books, or seen many miracles, or even preached to many people.

He spoke of the Savior, Jesus Christ, as someone who KNOWS him…personally KNOWS Him.


Each word he spoke was carefully chosen…guided…

My son knows Jesus Christ…and loves Him.

I am so very, very thankful.

It was worth every prayer…every tear…every penny…every letter, and package…every single chocolate chip.

We rested in the afternoon. Then shared pizza…19 of them…with many dear friends.

Sadly, while we were pizza-ing, sweet little grandson, Kooper was a pretty sick little dude.

Emergency room visit. He has RSV. Prayers for our sweet little guy…lots of them!

Dad ended the evening speaking with Allison on the phone. My hearing and his cell phone don't go together, so he just shared some of what they shared.

I collapsed in bed after much sweeping and dish washing and picking up and cleaning up. Pizza is a big commitment.

Mission accomplished, and day…and week always has a happy ending when you can crash in your bed!

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