Sunday, January 8, 2017

Week of January 2 - 8, 2017


Dad went to the temple on Wednesday. Did some baptisms, initiatory work, and an endowment session.I went on Thursday morning and did some initiatory ordinance work as well.

Scouts on Wednesday went well. We worked on the Running with the Pack adventure and they had such a good time. I am already enjoying the new fewer requirements. I also attended a Cub Committee monthly meeting on Sunday morning.

I led the music in Sacrament Meeting, since the music leader was out of town.

I finished the last two books of the Book of Mormon this week. I begin again tomorrow.

I have indexed 966 records so far this year. I am working on marriage certificates from Delaware. One record can have six names, ages, birth dates, birth years...and the marriage date...a wealth of information available to whomever needs it.


The Wilkins Family
Grace got her ears pierced this week...sparkly pink earrings! The kids also got to meet their brand new cousin, Nell West, who also lives in Las Vegas.
Looks like Nell really liked Josh's cool hair!
 Nell and Grace look a lot alike!

The Ethan Rice Family
Wade had his one month check up this week. He is doing well...and already at 11 pounds.
This family had a very cold weather week...unusual for Georgia! I checked on Sunday morning (yes, your stalker Mom/Grammy keeps track of the weather in Phoenix, Glendale, Las Vegas, Rexburg and McDonough) and it was 16 degrees...both in Georgia, and the same time!
Happy Birthday to Cameo on Saturday, the 7th!

Kaylee celebrated her birthday with a party on Saturday at Woody's Jump and Play.
Kaylee and her school friend, Asia

 A visit from Woody himself

Kaylee's special birthday cake made by Mommy: funfetti cake with cream cheese frosting...and Minnie Mouse!
Kaylee and Brooklyn, her friend from church
Kaylee and Ariana, a friend from church
Kaylee and church friends Ian and Westly

I received these on Sunday...
And Wade liked dressing up like a bear...or rather Mommy liked dressing Wade up as a bear!

The Doran Rice Family
Busy week with work and puppies to take care of.

Busy work week.

Kayty worked extra on Monday and Tuesday, so she had Wednesday off. Lots of sleeping. Lots of puzzle time.She had some crazy hours and so her days on and off prevented her from going to other things. She started a new puzzle...not sure which one now.

1 save on Sunday morning.

The Nathan Rice Family
After Annalee going to urgent care last weekend, they thought all was well, but she was having pain in her hand, so Jessica took her into the -20 weather. She broke a bone! She got out of the splint immediately, so the doctor taped it up and they took her to an orthopedic surgeon the next day.An ace bandage type thing was utilized by the doctor...and just as quickly un-utilized by Annalee! Nate started school on Thursday...-16 degrees! Likes most of his classes, walking in the frigid snow is much safer than driving, and late night homework filled Saturday. 

Dad's work week began on Tuesday. First a training, and then the changes. One leader of the Captains left Honeywell for AirBus. Two coworkers based in Tucson were not reachable. One coworker had been moved to an electronics SDE position without Dad's boss even knowing about it. People are still on vacation, since so things were very unclear...until Vic called. They were fired. So, two co workers were moved to an electronics focused group, two were fired, the seven regions of the country were reduced to three (Dad is now in the MidWest region) and yet another boss. He is going to find a headhunter and start pursuing a new job. Monday starts the "vacation clarification", which should prove to be very interesting. Watch for someone's nose to grow!!!

Dad's Garden
The missionaries serving in our ward, Elder Webb and Elder Colleran, came over early Monday and helped Dad plant the garden.

His knees were very grateful.

Harvest this week included cabbage, swiss chard, romaine, carrots
oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, turnips, and spinach.
Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
No work on house. Dad needs help from Doran and Morgan to demo the bathroom. He is trying to schedule a Saturday for that.

Other highlights

I neglected to say that we hiked Deem hills a few times last week. We also did a couple of hikes this week. 

There were still some lovely Christmas lights up during my running this week. They make the run so much better! Going to miss them!!

Not so highlights
It was a good week. 

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