Saturday, August 5, 2017

Week of July 30 - August 5, 2017


My Sunday began with a Cub Scout Committee Meeting at 9 and choir practice at 10. Our church meetings were good. Sacrament Meeting focused on Girls' Camp that occurred in June, and our fifth Sunday joint lesson was another one on genealogy and finding a name to take to the temple.

Attended a morning session at the Phoenix Temple on Tuesday, and Dad attended a late afternoon session. It was so nice for me to be there, as I had missed going last month. I felt great peace as I spent a little time in the celestial room in prayer. I was blessed later in the day with blessings and answers to some of those prayers. We also did a sealing session on Thursday evening.

Cub Scouts went well and the four boys who came enjoyed Adventures in Coins.

I am in Jacob 2 in my Book of Mormon Reading. I also completed reading the August Ensign magazine this week.

I have indexed 23653  records so far this year. I ran out of marriage records and started Naturalization records, which take longer, so I had not achieved as many records completed. Then, on Friday, to my amazement, when I went to download more records, there were New York Ship Records available, like the ones I did last year, so I am working on those until they run out.


The Wilkins Family
Back to school preparations are under way. New glasses were first on the list...
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They picked perfect frames, didn't they!
 On Friday/Saturday, Grace got to attend the birthday party of her best friend, Katelyn.
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The Ethan Rice Family
Kaylee got a haircut last week...
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She looks so cute..."just like Momma's hair", as she told me.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber had good work weeks. Busy, but good. Amber got a raise too. Woot woot!! Congratulations!

Morgan is struggling right now. Keep him in your prayers.

Kayty had a good work week. They finally got her signed into the computer system. Stayed up late watching one of the One Direction guys on Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show and got hooked on a new Hulu show offering.

Two minor saves this week.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica came by Sunday evening, and he loaded his stuff here up in the car, as they felt they needed to leave early Monday morning rather than later. They packed the final few things Monday morning and were on the road by 5:30 am. They traveled all day and reached Ogden late that night and rested. Up early Tuesday, on the road, arrived home to a mess of sorts, and they called in the carpet cleaning that hadn't been done and headed to Jessica's doctor. We are so grateful for answered prayers and blessings, because Miss Elisabeth was just fine, measuring totally normal. The doctor here in Phoenix just lacked some experience. They headed home, relieved, and set out to scrubbing and cleaning. Nathan hunted elk some on Thursday and Friday, and also got a job writing code for a machine shop. They are busy setting up their home again. Anna got a new shelf and bins for the shelf and was very busy filling her bins and putting them in the slots.

She used Christmas money to purchase her own "Poppy" blanket, from the movie "Trolls" that she absolutely loves.

Dad's Garden
We worked hard and got the dates all covered up, protected from bunnies and birds.

Year of the House Part 2
No house work this week but we did get a lot of cleaning and organizing done on the back porch and in the garage.

Other highlights
Dad attended a Substitute Teacher Meeting on Tuesday. Turns out it was all about Proposition 206 and their earned sick time from their part time work. Crazy. These people have other jobs or income. We were opposed to this ballot proposition which raised the minimum wage in increments over the next few years, plus gives sick time to part time employees. What a waste of money for taxpayers, as they are the ones paying the wages of teachers.

Nano's shopping this week included groceries, looking for more extras for her Christmas gifts, and taking her sewing machine in for a tune up and any necessary repairs.

While we were at the temple on Thursday night, a huge storm hit and we came home to tons of rain...even on the porch under the patio cover. Yes, the baby pool way up on the porch had water in it!

I had a lovely run by the temple on Friday morning. It was a very humid 79 degrees, and I got to see some of the debris moved by the running water from the deluge of rain, but it was lovely.

Not so highlights
So much to be thankful for when we see pics of grandkids with new glasses, happy in their homes, children safe in long travels, families back together in their homes, new babies healthy and safe, jobs going well. Prayers are indeed being answered.

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