Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On Reading

I was quickly going over my Google Reader blogs while the air conditioning man is out trying to figure out why are three year old air conditioner, who has performed in a stellar manner for the last two Phoenix, Arizona summers, wants to stop working when it...gets hot (again, I say I live in Phoenix!) On the blog, there was a comment about a teacher reading the book "A Bridge To Terabithia" to the class every day. I also watched a movie the other night in which a teacher read to the class at the end of the session. I was brought back to my days in school. I am 51, and a lot has happened, but I never have forgotten coming in from lunch recess, hot and very sweaty, and sitting in my desk, while Miss Ray read "Charlotte's Web" to our class.  I remember picturing what I thought was going on, what Charlotte looked like, the antics of Templeton, and even what "treasures" he found to eat at the fair. I am so grateful for a teacher who gave us Phoenix kids time...too cool off...and to listen and imagine.

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The White Silk Purse (Dana) said...

Oh how I love your memory of being read to... It isn't "popular" right now to read aloud in elementary school. Our building administrator sees no "purpose." She says, "How does this support the CORE Curriculum?" -- I may just respond with a copy of your post!! (PS: I close my door and read anyway :)