Friday, January 24, 2014

Fun Friday

The kids go to school Monday thru Thursday. So Friday has usually been more of a fun day, and then Saturday is a chore day and get ready for Sunday day. We did lots of great things on this Friday, and even took a stroll down to the park.
 Youngest babies have it so nice...this little guy is so loved!
 He gets up, practices his piano, does his chores, all for 30 minutes of media time per day. Donkey Kong was the media choice.
 Gracie is busy planning a great construction.
 Joshy and I built a Thomas the Train town.

His light up pumpkins
 We decided to go to the park. Mommy could go with us if we walked slow.  First, though, they picked the strawberry they had been growing. Adam and Grace liked it!
 Joshy was not so sure!
 And this is Sam's first outing...He wasn't so sure about the daylight!
We swang. We climbed. They dug in sand to get to my house in Phoenix. They chased. And we went home.

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