Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No Excuses New Start

I do this...frequently...begin sharing, vowing regular additions.

Then, I forget.

Until I get a message from a busy daughter - three kids, newborn baby boy, c-section, allergic hives, who has posted to her blog as a gift...and she is doing it on a weekly basis.


I love it...every single moment and deed.

But...then the guilt.

So, for whomever reads this, I am doing my best to try and catch up...and go forward.

Our family has already experienced many miracles...

Imagine two two states...due two weeks apart...

Born on the same day!

And in four weeks...

A missionary son returns...

In three months...

A wedding for said missionary son and his waiting sweetheart...perhaps


An eight year old will be baptized.

And there are possibilities for many other events...


Here I go.

If you want a good laugh

Scroll back to my last entry on October 18, 2013

Obviously an empty promise!

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