Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Over The Desert, Across Hoover Dam, To The Wilkins Family Grammy Goes...

I planned on leaving at 7:00 A.M.
I ended up leaving at 8:30 A.M.
So much to do...and I just didn't sleep the night before.
Kayty was such a blessing. She had planned to go to Vegas on Monday...she and Grace had tickets to and ice show. Kayty was crossing over the mountains into Vegas when Allison called, saying she had to be at the hospital right away, so Kayty was in charge...of my precious grandchildren (thus, why I couldn't sleep. Kayty is wonderful, but not always patient...) Kayty ended up being such an amazing person! She is an amazing person, but she was totally there for her sister...totally got those kids fed and to bed and they were safe!
Till I could get there.

I was greeted with Kayty...holding a mop (NEVER have I seen that before!)..."I Mopped!" Love her.

All was well...

Mike came home, showed me where the kids' school was, and then took us to the hospital, to meet Baby Boy Wilkins.

Aunt Kayty said she looked awful in this picture...but she had been the hero of the day, yesterday and today, so she was just a little worn out! Super Hero Sisters get like that when they save the day!
 Again, Grammy in her shirt!

And then, I saw on the board on the wall
two names: Samuel Ethan Wilkins   Noah Ethan Wilkins
The family all talked together, and it was decided this precious baby boy would be named Samuel! (The Ethan came from Ethan Erwin McFarland, Allison's Great Grandfather, and her very first Best Friend Forever!)

After we got home, I shared the Christmas Gifts from Korea that Uncle Nate had sent them:

Cool backpacks and fans!

I had the schedule...and knew what to do...so we all set out to make Mommy happy by doing it just like she would do...or that was my plan...(How does that girl do it??)

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