Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Nothing Ever Happens...Until Something Happens

Wednesday Evening: 5:00 pm. We were removing elk jerky from the dehydrator. The power suddenly went off. We waited a few minutes, and then called the power company. The informed us the problem was at OUR end. We went outside, toward our meter, when we saw that the main power transformer had been...moved. Turns out our neighbor's son was texting and hit it with their car. Amazingly, not a scratch on that Mercedes...but we had an evening of excitement and visiting with our neighbors.

The next night, I thought I heard trucks outside again. We NEVER have traffic on our private drive. Turns out, our neighbor's father had a medical problem and the paramedics came and checked things out. Fortunately, all was good...

The rarely if ever used road was filled for a couple of evenings.

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