Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

We like to take candy to Ethan and Cameo's house and hand it out to trick or treaters.
We live on an acre.
Acres are far apart.
Even our kids didn't want to Trick or Treat here.
We used to take them near their friends' houses.
So we go to Ethan and Cameo's
Two years ago this very night...
Nathan opened his LDS Church Mission Call
In their driveway...dressed as a geek with Jessica.
This year brought a midweek Halloween,
thus...a school night...
So we didn't share it with Amber, Doran and Kelsie this time.
Papa was a Mad Doctor!

Ethan was Merlin, Kaylee was a mouse, and Cameo was Robin

Meanwhile, Kayty had her own Halloween Party.
Her first in many many years.
She worked at Party City.
Halloween was required.
She had friends over and had fun.
Kayty really should have been born a spider...She is a master at webbing!

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