Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas

I woke up early. All were asleep. I have never jogged on Christmas Morning, but since it was going to be quiet, I set out for my three miles. It was later than usual, so the sun was coming up. Nothing is better than watching the sun illuminate the Phoenix Temple at dawn. Such a lovely way to start Christmas!

We decided simple was best. No Monkey Bread...just leftovers. I didn't even ask the kids to come over, but they wanted to. So, after we finally got Kayty up, we did our little home Christmas, and then watched the others as they came to share Christmas here.
While Kayty slept, Dad and I shared gifts. Here is my new "Hut Cart" he got me. Now I can transport the tubs from my hut (behind me) to the house and back!
 The Line Up 
 Kayty opened her gifts...

Lovin' her Star Wars Mr. Potato Head.

Dad loving the new purple silk tie Kayty got him from work. 
 Jessica stopped by, and we ended up kidnapping her for quite a large part of the day. She brought her Christmas gift, a new rifle, to show off. Dad gave her some bullets for that new rifle.

 Doran, Amber, Kelsie, Ethan, Cameo, and Kaylee stopped by...

We all loved Kaylee's 'dorsal fin' dress...This made it much easier for her to get around!
Then off to Grandma's. We had Chicken Parmesan, salad, and shared desserts...

 After dinner, we headed outdoors and across the street. Poor Tony the Bull is getting so old that he didn't have the energy to come to the fence for leaves, but the little pony sure did, and the kids had a blast feeding him.

 Present time...
 Obviously, neither Kayty nor Kelsie are fans of having their picture taken!
 And wasn't this great! Dorrie made me this ornament...a miniature of my village on the piano! So clever! (This year, we just didn't have enough tables to put up my village when I had time to do it, so it didn't go up. Perhaps next year...)
We came home...exhausted and full. Such a nice day. So nice to have been with the last two weeks, we were able to see almost all of our children...and we talked with all of them. Morgan had a great Christmas in Utah with Aunt Sharynn and family...Merry Christmas to all!

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