Sunday, October 19, 2014

Week of October 13 to 19, 2014

Monday - Not much going on today. I exercised. Kaylee came and we played outside, did ghost games and ate a ghost sandwich inside, then looked for hop hops till Mommy came and the mosquitos were eating us. Dee worked with many suppliers, got his paperwork caught up, I signed him up for two more ushering opportunities at the temple during the week, he worked on feeding the garden. He spent the evening squeezing and freezing key lime juice. Later, he called and tried to located Morgan or someone who knows Morgan.

Tuesday - I got up early to run. Kayty was still up! Bad girl! She is still not used to sleeping for early morning shift at work. It was nice (for me...not for the grouchy neighbors) that the temple spire was illuminated. I ran to the store, brushed the pool, watered the flowerbed, and picked some limes and key limes.

Kaylee and I enjoyed our stroll and feeding the goat. I discovered that she is not a fan of spider sandwiches nor oreo spider cookies, but still adores her taytoes!

We read a book about Miss Spider going to school and she was just so sad when Miss Spider's wings didn't work and she fell and hurt her nose.

Visitors came to look at Dad's garden from the ward he taught last week. Clean up and early bed to be ready for Dad's early meetings the next day.

Wednesday - It was an outdoor kind of day. I ran very early...4:15 am I was on the road. It so beautiful when the spire at the temple gets left on. This is morning 2 of the spire and I just never get tired of it. I got back and got Dee's breakfast ready and him out the door for early meetings by 6 am. I vacuumed and cleaned, and napped a few minutes.

Kaylee and I played out in the back yard: sand, swings, slide. We fed the chickens

and picked up "shakes" (Joshy knows what I am talking about. They are dried mesquite pods and the beans inside of the dry pod shake. Oh, those mesquite pods. I hate to rake, but love them entertaining grandkids!)

Kaylee made a black cat out of a paper plate, did some coloring and watercoloring, and played with balls.

 She napped, we heard from Morgan on Facebook, and then Dee went to work a 4pm to 9pm shift at the temple open house. He served as a special needs usher and pushed a wheelchair through the temple on two separate occasions. (He likes these opportunities because he gets to just stay with the one on tour and can look at more details of the temple. No rushing here.)

He also was able to trail a tour. ( That is when you are at the back of a tour group so there are not stragglers.

Meanwhile, Ethan came and Kaylee had played outdoors in the afternoon for over an hour, so she was ready to go. (It was cloudy and oh so nice, so I just let her do what she wanted to).

I ran to get groceries to feed the missionaries dinner the next night, and then got home and dusted and vacuumed. I was dead by 9:15. Dee was pretty tired when he got home at 10.

Thursday - Temple spire on yet again! There are going to be some grumbly neighbors. It really only illuminates the spire. I don't know why they complain! Great run. Came home to brush the pool and, since it was still dark out, I looked to spy the spire...nope. Even went to the top of the landscape hill in our yard. No spire.

Oh, well.

Picked tons of limes. Got tons of pokes in my arms. Not sure if the mosquito bites or the key limes are getting me more sore and itchy.

Kaylee and I had a great nature walk. We saw quail on the wall, two horses eating grass, fed some granola bar and watched ant trying to get the pieces into their hole, saw a squirrel, two rabbits, watched dove in a bird bath, a barking dog or two and fed our goat raisins and granola bar bits. We had a pumpkin kind of day, with pumpkin pizza for lunch.

I helped Dee get dinner ready for our missionaries (with the temple and cultural celebration business, no one is feeding them) even though I never feed missionaries on my Kaylee week, and Ethan, Kaylee and I enjoyed the yard - and the mosquitos enjoyed my ankles - before they left.

We worked out some details on an upcoming stake baptism, shopped a bit, and headed to bed.

Friday - Spire on again! Awesome run! Once the sun did, or did not appear, since it was cloudy, it was a beautiful morning. Dee had many meetings at work. I bet some were about why things weren't getting done...too many meetings! I had to practically lure Kaylee outdoors. It was gloriously cloudy!!! We did finally get outside.

During her nap, I got a lot done on my last Christmas stocking for the year. Kayty was off work, so she took Dee down to the church for "training" and he spent the evening serving as an usher at the open house. He followed three or four tours. Cameo came by and Kayty "bloodied" up a nurse costume of Cameo's for a work Halloween dress up...she is going to  as a Zombie Nurse. Cam and Kaylee headed home, and I went to pick up Dee at the street across from the temple.

Saturday - Up early. Spire lit. Me inspired! Great jog. Brushed pool. Watered flower bed. Picked limes. Did a few exercises. I headed down to the stake center to help at Stake Service Day. Dad headed to a few yard sales. Now, I have been to stake service day before. The cultural hall and outside is packed with people. This year, there were very few people there. It was kind of sad. The sister in charge works hard all year long to prepare for this. She lost her husband to a sudden heart attack about a month ago, and she still did this. There were moms who brought their kids. There were a couple of missionaries. Sacks were colored and lunches prepared to give out at homeless shelters. I instructed at a table where note cards were prepared to give to rest homes to share and write on. Someone had cut many papers and many die cut designs to decorate these.

 I think there were about 400 cards made. I also helped package many newborn kits, complete with a beautiful crochet edged baby blanket, a bib or burp cloth, a onesie, hand crocheted booties, and a bottle. The room was full of quilts being tied and there were hygiene kits being prepared on the other side of the room. Sewn monster toys were stuffed and completed, beaded key fobs made, and I separated gently used socks into pairs, and then four pair bundles. Afterwards, I fought Costco on a Saturday, walked through Target and Dollar Tree, and then waited for Dee's call to pick him up.

Dee served as a temple usher, walking with tours and being a tour room guide in the building. Nate called while I was waiting for him...and we had a great visit...and then I got Dee all picked up. The rest of the day, Dee gardened,

and I dumped our old self dehydrated food and cleaned out the containers. Pantry looked pretty good. Compost bin looked pretty gross.

Dee spent quite awhile squeezing key limes and putting the juice in the freezer.

Sunday - We enjoyed a quiet morning. I studied General Conference talks online and Dee read. I caught the photo album up with the pics I had missed. We headed out to church and had a wonderful Primary Program. Our ward is so blessed with amazing leaders and teachers...and equally amazing children! After church, we visited with Dorrie, returned baptismal clothing to the church, and made calls. Our stake baptism scheduled for next Saturday is only to involve kids from one ward, so it became a ward baptism, and I signed Dee and I up to usher at the temple on Saturday night. We had a brief sprinkle that left the evening cool and wonderful!

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