Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week of May 16 - 22. 2016


The temple is closed for the next two weeks. It gives the regular temple workers time for a vacation, etc. and gives the church an opportunity to do major maintenance and repairs. My cub scouts are working on their Duty to God adventure and we walked around the locked gates of the temple and talked about reverence. They are replacing many plants on the temple grounds. I saw some cactus is going in, which should be interesting with the amount of children that play and run around as they wait for families being sealed. I am pretty sure they will be coming out in six months at the next closeure.

I went home teaching with Dad on Tuesday evening. My visiting teaching had to be completed by mail this month since the sisters I usually visit were out of town on my week off.Dad completed his home teaching on Sunday with his companion.

I received this email on Monday:

Dear Sister Rice,
I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful contribution to the stake’s indexing efforts.  You have currently indexed over 8700 names this year!  That is so fantastic!! You have definitely surpassed the 7,121 names you indexed last year and we’re not even halfway through the year!  Not only are you the top indexer in the Thunderbird Hills ward, but you are also one of the top indexers in our stake.  Keep up the good work!!  Please let me know if there is anything I can be doing to be of service to you as you render such an important service to fellow church members and family historians everywhere as you help to make it possible to find these names through a searchable database.

Thanks again for all you are doing!
Dannine K Nash
Glendale North Stake Indexing Director
Pretty cool, huh? My total indexing for the year is now  9776 names.

In scripture reading, I am in Mosiah 27.


The Wilkins Family
Mike, Adam and Josh attended their Father/Son campout this weekend.
Looks like they had an awesome time!

Adam was working on a late night Last School Project too -
 According to Allison, Adam says that it's going to be "swiggety-swaggersomiest-swaglordofswiggetyswag."

The Ethan Rice Family
These were some pics of their fun last weekend
 This was a busy work week for this family! Cameo worked late, training a new person, doing work for a person away on a trip, and her own work as well. Ethan also did some work on the house, and began wood flooring in their extra bedroom.

Here is Kaylee with her Cattie Lou Lou

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber continue to do well. Kelsie is so excited that it's her last few days of school. Kooper just quietly does what he wants and has a lot of fun. He is talking more and more too.

Kelsie helped Amber at a weekend adoption event...

Morgan and Christy are doing well. They are working together, cleaning and doing handyman work. They stay very busy and enjoy the variety of work. They visited on Friday evening when they were bidding a job. Doran, Amber, Morgan and Christy have been doing a lot of fun things together lately. So fun!

Kayty had a good week at work. She was off Monday and Wednesday, and had a good sales day on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. She is working on better glucose control too, since her doctor said she was running too high.

Total saves this week: 1

The Nathan Rice Family
We talked to Nate Wednesday evening. He was tutoring someone and then called after he got home on his bicycle. Annalee was dressed in an adorable bright yellow dress and every time I said "Hi!" she would smile and wave! She is nearly crawling and loves her mommy to death! If Nate even tries to hold Jessica's hand, Annalee removes it! Mommy belongs to Annalee!! School is going well and Nate is looking for a jeep like Dads. Jessica has had tonsil troubles for a long time and so will return to Phoenix in early June to get that taken care of. Meanwhile, when Annalee woke from her nap, I got to FaceTime with her and watch her speed around in her walker.

Dad did LOTS of Captain work (that is what they call him on Project Normandy. He is the Southwest Area Captain.) He is currently working to get more and more progress from the engineers he is in charge of. He was able to attend a retirement celebration on Thursday evening for one of his co-workers, Dewayne Kartcher.

This week, I planned little because I had to attend jury duty on Tuesday and I was not sure whether there would be a trial I would be part of or not. I purchased a 25 pound box of roma tomatoes on the way home from court, and on Wednesday, I cut and roasted them in the pizza oven. Got almost six batches out of that. I canned tomatoes on Thursday morning and ended up with 14 quarts of tomatoes. I also baked Dad's birthday cake. I decorated it on Friday. I headed to Home Depot and got more paint for the current and future doors and door jams. I painted the trim on Saturday and prepped for a pizza party, and then cleaned up for hours after the party.

Dad's Garden
I picked lots of tomatoes this week, as well as oregano, basil and squash. We are watching the grapes and may have to bag them on the vines soon so birds don't feast. I picked bell peppers that were used on the pizzas.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week, though we did find some rims for twenty five bucks at a yard sale on Saturday.

Year of the House
We have been exchanging doors one by one. We exchanged the playroom door this week. It seemed to go in well, until Dad checked for plumb. It was off. We thought it would need just a little adjustment. Wade came by to assist. Three hours later they finished. It was a mess. That doggone framer we hired 34 years ago knew NOTHING! There will be lots of filling in around the molding to do, but it shuts great.

Other highlights
I sat and watched movies as seven potential trials were settled, one by one, before the jury candidates...about 70 of us...were dismissed. I was glad I could be there.

I had some great opportunites to help this week. I was waiting to go into the Phoenix courthouse and saw a man going through a nearby trashcan. Without a second thought, I reached into my purse and grabbed two packages of fruit snacks (the ones Dad loves). I said that I was sorry it was all I had. He responded with a "God bless you". I know people go back and forth about who and when to help, but it was as though the Lord took my hand and got the fruit snacks out. No thought or question. Another day, I saw a mom with a baby who couldn't find a shopping cart, so I gave her mine and went out to the parking lot to get another for me. It was no problem and I liked the exercise! And another lady asked my advice on wrapping paper and ribbon. The next day, someone was hurrying to a graduation celebration and I invited her to cut in front of me in the grocery line. It takes just a few seconds to be kind, and I was reminded of that this week!

Part of our pizza pool party was Dad's birthday cake...finally!
Vanilla Bunny Cake

Not so highlights
My washing machine is leaking. I thought it might be the filter, so I cleaned it out. Nope. I am thankful I could look on YouTube and Dad could find how to fix. We will order the part next week and I will just use towels to soak up the wet. 

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