Sunday, September 18, 2016

Week of September 12 - September 18, 2016


Dad attended his regular temple session on Wednesday evening.

My wonderful visiting teachers came by on Tuesday morning. It was such a treat to just sit and talk! Sister Joanna Call is a few years younger than me, and Sister Emily Warne is a mother of 5 under 12 years. Its great to share ideas and experiences. The best thing about these visiting teachers is that, while our age span is wide, we can share and learn and enjoy!  I went visiting teaching on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, and that was a treasure with my new companion! It is awesome to have help!!! We had great visits. I have also been asked to serve as a visiting teacher for the federal women's prison branch. Since it is not possible to actually visit, I have been asked to correspond via letter at least twice a month by the relief society president of the prison branch. There are lots of guidelines that must be followed but I am learning and looking forward to helping. Dad did some home teaching on Sunday.

I am in Mosiah 4 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 30,229 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Grace is still doing a wonderful job keeping me up to date on the family! I just adore texting her! She is enjoying school and her chair selection variety every day. She was invited by not one by two different friends to come and play on Friday, so she had to make a tough choice.She also worked on a project for school with her friend. They are creating a solar system made of cookies! I thought that was so creative!  Adam had a check up at the doctor on Friday.

The Ethan Rice Family
On Monday, Cameo, Kaylee and Grampy Wally tried out a new pizza place near them. The pepperoni and mushroom pizza was amazing!
Wade returned to Arizona on Wednesday. 
Ethan had worked for two weeks straight with no weekends, so Saturday was finally a family fun day. They completed a registry for Baby Wade at Babies R Us

The Doran Rice Family
No news from this family this week, other than Amber's phone is out of commission.

No news from Morgan and Christy this week.

Kayty had a week with lots of overtime at work.She participated in a last minute talent show for singles ward family home evening.
 She made arrangements for Luke to be neutered and that happened on Thursday. She took him and I went to pick him up. So far, he is doing very well.

Total saves this week: 1 major and 1 minor = 2

The Nathan Rice Family
This was a special week for this family! First, Nathan started another school semester on Monday, so Jessica and Annalee gave him a wonderful sendoff...
I have always heard they learn to drive YOUNG in Idaho, so it seems Annalee gave Daddy a ride to school.
I got to talk to them on Wednesday and FaceTime with Annalee. Nathan is enjoying school and will be supervising the machine shop on Saturdays.

It's First Birthday Week for Miss Annalee and she has been showered with love from all over the family!
What an awesome ball pit!!
Nathan's first week of school was good. He has already competed programming for his NC class and is working on multivariable calculus. Homework fills his Saturdays now...and he will be in charge of the machine shop on Saturdays at school within the next few weeks: a paid position.

Annalee's official birthday party was Saturday with their friends and neighbors. Nathan and Jessica created a wonderful Ball themed party!!
These amazing marbelized bouncy ball decorations are actually marshmallow fondant.

 And on her actual birthday on Sunday...
 Such a wonderful time for this little family!
 And a side I predicted, Nathan did try to get through Annalee's ball tube and did get stuck...but managed to get out.

It was a rough work week for Dad in so many ways! He had long Kaizen events at a supplier (not his) on Monday and Tuesday. His day started Tuesday with a very early meeting that included yet another Tech Lead being fired, as well as a few co-workers. He has lost four bosses/supervisors in the last year! That is never a great way to start a day! He did get interviewed on Wednesday morning for a Substitute Teaching Position, and is now an official employee of Glendale Elementary School District. Wednesday was full of supplier visits the rest of the day, both in Tempe and in Phoenix, and then Thursday and Friday were long Kaizen events at another supplier. He came home wiped every day. He had to do so much! Then, he had to work on Saturday...though it wasn't officially work. There are fewer people and more responsibilities and no work next week, so this meant a lot of time scheduling and contacting till late Saturday night. Phone and computer get turned off Sunday night.

Dad has been offered a substitute teaching position of P.E. coach on Friday and has already completed paperwork to serve as a sub in the Paradise Valley school district.

My work week included the typical dusting, vacuuming, laundry, cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, grocery shopping and meal preparation. Wednesday I had my annual physical. I went in fasting, so I had the exam, then ran to the lab for bloodwork (and for the first time, the technician hit something, possibly a tendon, that caused me great pain in my arm and later bruising for days),

 then ran to get a mammogram completed. I ran home, picked up Annalee's birthday card to mail at the post office, purchased flowers for a sister I visit teach (we missed her birthday last month), finally ate after fasting for almost 20 hours, did two Microsoft Excel lessons, then ran to a way-too-long visiting teaching visit, then changed my shirt and headed to scouts. I got the room all set up - we were to learn map reading and learn about the map legend and then walk around the temple grounds and make our own map. Things were starting great, and then one by one, each of the next eldest den of cub scouts (the Bear Den) started sitting with us. I looked and then their leader sat down in the back of the room. I asked and he said he was told to meet with us since his other leader wasn't there. I suggested taking each side of the room, since he had a big sack full of things and they do different things than our den does. Well, the leader just sat there...we did the flag and prayer, we did the oath and law, and I sat and asked each and every one of the huge group of kids what their best thing all week was. I then looked at the other leader and asked about going to both sides of the room and he just sat there. I had to get our stuff done...and we did get it done...but it was absolutely awful. The boys are not misbehaving normally, but together they were just absolutely wild! Not as much learning, I had no materials for the older boys. And then we had to supervise all of them at the end when they play in the cultural hall until...and the other leader absolutely disappeared. We were left watching all of them! Finally parents came, except for one of our boys...and we waited for 25 minutes to reach his mom and make arrangements. When I drove up, the garage door was open and the light was on, though Dad's car was gone, so I spent a lot of time searching for him. I finally figured out he was at the temple, so I closed up the garage, put my stuff away, cleaned up his dinner, and finally ate! It is wonderful to serve, but when I have a day like that, I am absolutely drained! Lots of key limes were picked up, lots of other things done...just a typical week.

Dad's Garden
Dad worked on the watering system, picked up a bunch of manure with my jeep and trailer. He is still working on getting seedlings to grow. This time of year with hot days and cooler nights are so confusing.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
No house work this week. Only two weeks left and then I issued a work cease notice for October, November and December. Holiday times don't go with remodeling messes! We will improve the insulation in the attic and remodel the master bathroom in January, 2017.

Other highlights
None other than mentioned all ready

Not so highlights
Non other than mentioned all ready. 

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