Sunday, April 30, 2017

Week of April 23 - 29, 2017


 Sunday Morning for me was Stake Conference. It was the first stake conference for the Phoenix Arizona Thunderbird Park Stake. While our ward and Mountain Ridge Ward met in our building and there were many glitches with the broadcast from the Glendale Stake Center, the meeting portions that we heard were very spiritual, and I especially was touched by President Edwards talk on Faith in Christ Unto Repentance, and President Jackson's talk on the Prodigal Son, asking us to put our own face on each individual involved in the story.

On Sunday evening, I attended a most spiritual meeting with the Prison Branch President, the Relief Society Presidency, and most of the letter writing sisters. What spiritual power was present in that room. The experiences shared were just amazing and I have such a strong testimony of Heavenly Father's love for ALL his children and his love towards those in prison is evident.

I spent a few hours on Tuesday reprinting a letter that had been destroyed in the mail to my inmate sister, and then writing her a new one.

Pack meeting on Tuesday went well and our scouts had a good time.

Dad attended his regular Wednesday evening temple session. He worked on Home Teaching Thursday and visited one family (he had appointments but had to leave town and his companion was unable to go.)

I finished my visiting teaching, as best as I could, by delivering a bunch of sunflowers to one sister on Friday.

I am in 2 Nephi 5 in my Book of Mormon reading

I have indexed 12859 records so far this year.

The Wilkins Family
On Monday, Sam enjoyed some preschool activities with Mommy...
So glad the stuff Kaylee didn't use/like is coming to good use. 
Dad enjoyed his brief but wonderful visit with the Wilkins family on Tuesday night. He loved talking to the kids, the piano solos, the awesome taco salad dinner, and being with these kids!! (Allison and Mike too!!)

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan called and FaceTimed me ... wished us a Happy Anniversary, and then I got to see Wade eat some pears Daddy was feeding him. Arms and legs would go like crazy in between bites. He really enjoys eating, and Ethan couldn't feed him fast enough. Kaylee had a couple of minutes and is excited about her friend Braydon's birthday party coming up. We played two games of hide and seek before she headed to bed.
This pic was taken when Kaylee and Wade were four months old.

Kaylee went to a birthday party Saturday for her friend, Brayden.
Asia, Kaylee, Imogen, and Hudson

 The Doran Rice Family
The week started out with Parvo worries. They are medicating as well as making sure the ill pet eats and drinks. Wednesday, the pets seemed to turn the corner and were feeling better. They Facetimed us on Thursday evening and I talked to Kelsie, who was working on a career presentation for school (she wants to be a baker when she grows up) and Kooper showed me his puppies and his new green motorcycle and he even agreed to let me play with it!

The Morgan Rice Family
Busy work week, enjoyable Saturday

Kayty had a good work week. She likes her job and finds it very interesting. However, she cannot live on the paycheck, so she contacted CVS to see if she could return there when they rehire temporaries this Summer. She learned on Friday morning that her favorite Harry Stiles has scheduled a concert here for October. She was overjoyed.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica both had busy work weeks. Nathan is really enjoying the challenges at Chromalloy and Jessica is enjoying working on updating family resources as well as instructing family classes. They stayed here Wednesday night and I cared for Annalee on Thursday while Jessica worked.

Nathan hiked with Jessica's Dad on Saturday while she got homework completed and they went out for a date night on Saturday and Annalee played here.

Monday's meeting was a waste of time. The company he is working with refuses to take responsibility for the bad parts they ship to Honeywell, blame Honeywell for things it has no control over nor does, and they basically attacked Dad the entire time. He is there to help them, if they need it, but this company is run by an individual that doesnt feel a need to do the best job, or even a good job. Dad has alternatives for many of the parts they produce so that other suppliers can do the job via another method. He tried to keep the parts at GSC, but to no avail.He was swamped the rest of the week, and found out Thursday that they are selling Honeywell Aerospace. Not sure what this means so Dad is working on his Vocational Teaching certificate. Nathan suggested Dad work on LinkedIn to get jobs. I didn't realize he had already done this and he hasn't gotten any leads yet. We hope to have Nate look at what he has and see if we need to do anything more. We are also planning to see Dail Meikle to see where our finances are at and what we should do.

Dad's Garden
I found the first tomatoes on Monday, April 24 when I went out to water.

While rabbits have been "enjoying" Dad's bell peppers, he spent time caging plants in and we prepared covering from the sun since 100 degrees is not far off.

Year of the House Part 2
Wade Wallin came by on Wednesday and helped Dad figure out the wonky wall. Dad put in shims that Wade brought over Saturday morning, and later that afternoon, after dad put in these additional stud pieces...

They nearly completed the drywall. (They would have, but we need to decide shower items and then Dad will plumb for that. Then, drywall.)

Other highlights
Dad's Utah Adventure

And on his return home

Happy 37th Anniversary on Monday
We were in two states, but family and friends likes and messages on Facebook made it a wonderful time for both of us. I did remember to text Dad an "I love you" at 9:28 am, as I have most years we have been apart.

Dad got the pool filters cleaned off Saturday. Winds have been crazy here and cleaning is much cheaper than replacing.

Not so highlights
Just Dad's job. We have lived in job limbo for 37 years. When the kids were little, I thought it would be easier to be in this situation when we were older. Not true. It's just as difficult with insurance and getting someone to even look at a new employee who is 60. We aren't losing sleep worrying, though. It's just a concern right now.

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