Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Rices

Cam had put on an awesome Halloween party at her house, and was just beat, so we decided Thanksgiving could be here. It was LOTS of work...but everyone seemed to have fun.

Menu and Assignments

Turkey - roasted in pizza oven the night before by Dee and Suzzy. 

Turkey - deep fried, courtesy of was so moist!!
Mashed potatoes - Suzzy  I used mom's potato ricer and they came out so well. Gonna make them that way from now on!
Gravy - Suzzy   It was okay, nothing spectacular
Sweet Potatoes - Suzzy   Came out ok
Stuffing/Dressing - Nano's, of course, and it was great, as usual
Stovetop Stuffing - Suzzy  ( It cooked up great, since I had never made it. However, right before we ate, when I went to warm it, the microwave oven started pouring out smoke, sending people running. Transformer blew in a 1.5 year old oven!)
Rolls - Dorrie, with right wrist in a cast, so Costco helped
Macaroni and Cheese - Cameo  Nate's last Thanksgiving in the United States...what a great sendoff!
Green Beans with Almonds - Nano
Cauliflower and Cheese - Grandma
Cranberry/Marshmallow Salad - Mom...I went to get the quart of whipping cream out for Dee to whip, and my crazy fridge had frozen it solid. Dee went to the grocery store. 
Sparkling Apple Juice - Jade...tasted soooo good!
Pumpkin Pie - Nate roasted the pumpkins, froze the filling, and then made two pies. Awesome.
Pumpkin Cheesecake - Doran and Amber...from the plate to the thighs. It was good. 

Pecan Pie, Grandma and Costco.

It was fun...very, very exhausting...but tiring. Thankful... 
Our squirrel friend found the dice. He just wanted to taste the dice!

Nate's after dinner butter sculpture activity. Not quite sure what  it is...
Kayty must be looking for something...a roll, perhaps? Morgan seems irritated, but, since  he is not looking right at Jessica, it appears she is safe. 

Ethan and Nate peruse the ads till the line goes down. 

I wasn't scolding Amber...really...I wasn't.

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