Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Birthday Celebration

Mike and Grace made a quick trip to Arizona for Mike's brother's wedding. I was having far too much fun playing with Grace to take even one stinkin' picture...even of her stitched head from a teeter totter topple with her cousins. She never let any ol' cut get in her way. I hurriedly made a matching birthday cake for Mike to take to Allison so we could sing to her at our celebration. Cake got there. However, Daylight Savings Time, or the end thereof, interfered. We were singing while they were returning the rental car. Oh, well...we meant well!

We celebrated Wade's birthday with a song and a delicious pineapple upside down cake that Liz made. (Cam and Jade couldn't stop talking about how wonderful the house smelled.)

 Then we sang to Allison. It sounded great Allison, I promise. It was a key lime bundt cake...from the tons and tons and tons of key limes off of our tree. Amber's daughter, Kelsie, couldn't resist those candles...though there weren't 30, Allison...we promise. She was an awesome help!

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