Monday, October 31, 2011

A Trick and A Great Treat

For Halloween, we had decided to hand out candy at Ethan and Cameo's house, since NO ONE ever comes to our house. We had it all planned. Then, Nathan walked in the front door from his plumbing job. We were eating Chili in a Pumpkin. He had mail, but no large white envelope from Salt Lake City...aka Mission Call. We continued eating, and then, he pulled something out of his coat. Yep, you got it...THE envelope. Jessica came over right away, but Nate had decided to open it at Ethan and Cam's, since Doran and Amber would be there, and we could phone the others that were working/living away. Time went by ... Nate and Jessica dressed as nerd twins...we waited and handed out candy, both theirs and ours...Cam came home from work...we waited...handed out candy...ate candy. Finally, with Ethan working waaaay late, we decided 8:00 pm would be the hour. Those ten minutes crawled by...literally. We used the phones we had, knowing that Morgan was just finishing up with horses, we called Allison in Vegas, Kayty at Party City, and Ethan on his way home from work...almost all there. He opened the large envelope and read a letter from President Thomas S. Monson, calling him to the South Korea Daejeon Mission! Total. Surprise. Mom's guess: Ohio Nate's only request: not Texas...still haven't figured that one out. He reports to the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah on February 22, 2012. He will learn Korean there, for three months and is scheduled to arrive in Daejeon in early May.
Elder Rice and his big white envelope

Nate and Jessica were Geek Twins for Halloween and went trick or treating in  Ethan and Cameo's neighborhood while we waited for them to arrive home from their jobs. 

Tracker, as a Cowboy Football Player, Suzzy, Nate and Jessica, Lexi as a Cheerleader, and Cameo as a nurse wait...

We called Morgan and then Grandma and Nano. Nate is so very excited. Now for the accumulation of white shirts, suits, shoes, etc. to last him two years. 

Funny thing. He is truly not a fan of rice. (the only Rice boy that has that distaste). In Daejeon...lots and lots of rice for Elder Rice.     

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