Friday, October 7, 2011

Arizona Best Fest Prescott, Arizona September 2011

Morgan, like Allison, is always finding out the best free local events. In February, 2012, Arizona will celebrate its Centennial, so there are various celebratory events all over the state. On a warm September Friday evening, Morgan encouraged Nate and Jessica to go with him (and transport him) to this great event. They had lots of fun, ate yummy stuff, and really enjoyed themselves.

Nate and Jessica with the Arizona Cardinal

They meet Smokey the Bear. See how very impressed Nate is...

Morgan seems more impressed!

Morgan with Arizona's Copper Chopper

Jessica with the Arizona Diamondback's First World Series Trophy. Hopefully,  this year we will add another one.  Go D-Backs!

Not sure about the Asian with my sons.

Nate has a dream to raise Alpacas. He is the Alpacanator! He has obviously made a new friend.

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