Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Field Quality Engineer/Casting Engineer Trip to Long Beach, California

Dee has a new job. He LOVES it. He works from home. He visits local suppliers. We learned, late last Friday, that he gets to handle casting emergencies. That evening, he was told to put in for trip approval to Aerotech. Dee didn't know anything about the problem, or where the problem was. Monday, he was in meetings on the phone all day. Tuesday, he flew to Long Beach. He worked till late in the day. He was able to drive the 20 mile...almost an hour in California to the Newport Beach Temple and attend a session there. He worked on Wednesday with Aerotech. He flew home late that day. He is so smart, and awesome...and now he has a job where he can shine. Love. It.
Upon arrival at the Long Beach airport, he takes a quick pic, gets his rental car, and heads off to the plant. 

He is a casting engineer. The green ones are wax models of the parts. They create molds where molten metal can be poured in to form an aerospace part. It is quite complicated. You don't just pour it like you would pour a pillar candle. The metal is guided, or docked, to get it where it needs to be so it will cool and be strong and hard, not stretched and spongy. It's quite a complicated thing. 

This is a make THAT part I showed you. 

All these have Dee's gorgeous hand in them...

Newport Beach Temple

Dee ready to enter the Newport Beach Temple. 

The company that x-rays the parts to make sure they cooled properly. 

X-rays of the part

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