Sunday, September 18, 2011

Attempt at Family Picture

I am always looking for Christmas card ops. One vacation, I took picture, after picture, after picture, of all six kids, hoping one would come out. Now, my kids are grown, and busy, and strewn between Las Vegas and Phoenix. I take every chance I can...for now, there are collage prints. Our friend, Bob, took this one. The best one, though, only had half of Cameo. We will keep trying....

Notice the demonic miniature cat...with flashing Ethan's left hand. Perhaps THAT is where Kayty is looking! And I notice Nate is not looking where HE should be. When the kiddos were little, and Kayty and Nate were very little, we would always tell the big ones, "Look at the camera all of the time. Then, when the little ones look at the camera, all will be ready." Evidently, the little ones STILL cannot look at the camera. Kudos to the big kids, though...and to Jessica, who happens to be the youngest one to the demonic cat. 

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