Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ethan Rice: Abstract Photographer

Frequently, or, in fact, every time, we get together, Ethan gets my camera, and records the "not so common" sites at our family gatherings. He is the Andy Warhol of the family, I guess. Here is some of his work.

Nate with the gun he purchased with high school graduation gift money ....that he has YET to send thank you notes for...bad, bad Nate!

Ethan's "attractive" leg, complete with golfing sunburn and slippers.

Dental Floss

Ceiling Fan in Family Room

Morgan sleeping

Dad talking on back porch. 

A can of Smart and Final pizza sauce

Almost half a pizza

Morgan sleeping...still

Nate's eye

Ahhh, Morgan awake...and eating pizza

Cell phone in chair

Photographers wife appearing disgusted...and rightly so!

Beau looking, well...stupid...and rightly so!

Nate hanging from the ceiling

Exclusive pic of Nate's abdomen. It is a very exclusive site, and, when he has done something to irritate a parent, which is often, he offers you, "wanna rub my tummy?" ugh

Self portrait
At our house...NEVER a dull moment!

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