Monday, September 5, 2011

National Cheese Pizza Day...and Labor DayCam

The most difficult thing about pizza night is that Dad is making pizzas...over and over...and rarely gets to eat any till it's cold, and everyone is done. Cameo has become quite expert at preparation, and has helped make pizzas on many occasions. And now, her dad, Wade, has become an expert pizza baker! We just love having the Wallins join us for pizza, for birthdays...I am so glad they tolerate our crazy family!!!
Wade Wallin: Pizza chef!!!

Cameo helped Ethan with a pizza with lots of yummy toppings, including green chilies. The difficult thing about including green chilis is that you really never know just how hot they are. These, it turned out, were very hot...very, very hot. I don't think Cam could even finish her piece. 

Elder Cecil and Elder Beeston joined our fun. Barb brought the cheese, the toppings, and red vines for dessert. 

A happy man! He got to enjoy a piece while it was hot!

Liz was no slouch in the pizza prep department either. They had better watch out or we will have them "come for pizza" and do it all!

Not sure what Nate is doing with this pizza...he appears to be heading for the  laundry room rather than for the  pizza oven outside...

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day!...though I think we only had ONE cheese pizza.

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