Saturday, August 17, 2013

Creighton Elementary School Reunion

Dee attended Creighton Elementary School (located in Phoenix at about 26th Street and McDowell Road) for 8 years. Through a high school friend, he found out about a reunion for those who attended. Dee went to TONS of work looking through school records (here is where his mom, Dorrie Sullivan, gets kudos. She kept his School Days book up to date every year, with picture, report cards, class photos...all of it. That book was one of the hits of the reunion, along with the class graduation photo that Dee had scanned and shared, printing a large version to take with us.) We drove up to Prescott Arizona, arriving late due to my sweet husband stopping to help change a tire on a hay trailer. The event was held at the Hassayumpa Inn. He and his friends had a blast catching up...

This gentleman's name? Morgan Morgan

As for me: Bored To Death! The weather was and rainy. Should have brought my walking shoes and I could have walked up and down Whiskey Row. Anyway, Dee had a great time, and sometimes, you gotta do stuff that makes 'em happy!

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