Monday, August 19, 2013

Prickly Pear Hunt....on Fallen Leaf Road

For many years, we pick prickly pears, juice them, and make jelly/syrup out of them. It used to be we all went to Sunset Point and picked a family...but a summer fire destroyed them. We have been hit and miss for years, and even got a couple off our own cactus. This year, our dear friend, Julie B. invited us to come to her front yard and pick to our hearts content. Her front less that a half mile away. So nice to pick close to home.

Later that night, we had a SURPRISE VISIT! Morgan and a friend were on their way to California, so they stopped for a brief visit...Soooo nice!

Then I received these via my phone. Ethan took Kaylee to the kitchen sink to wash her hands...and she ended up IN the sink having the BEST bath!

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