Monday, April 21, 2014

April 14-20, 2014

Another week over. Lots done, and yet lots to do.

Monday...I watered and woke people up...for work...

It was windy outside, so with Kaylee's allergies, I keep her inside
and away from any window
since she LOVES it outside.

She wanted nothing to do with her high chair
Sat at a bar stool at the counter - with Grammy right by her
She wanted nothing to do with sleeping in the Pak n Play
Napped less than an hour.

Taco soup for dinner.

Costco trip for chicken food
And, as every Costco trip goes, more than we shopped for
A new chandelier for the kitchen table.


I cleaned

And mopped before Kaylee arrived

You would not have believed the bottom of her feet yesterday after walking around on my floors!

Kaylee ate dinner with us too.

I fell asleep early.


I had to be going early.

Kooper came at 6:30

Kaylee came at 8:30.

Grandma came to help with Kooper at 9:00.

Kaylee and I played in the back yard.

 Grandma left to go to lunch...and then it got hard.

Doggone hard. (How did I do this with Allison and Ethan???)

 Miracle: Both took a nap at the same time!

Dad went to WeBeLos. 

At the end of the day...I was totally exhausted.

I don't even remember falling asleep.

Thursday...Kayty was off work.

Kaylee likes Kayty.

We played outside.

Kayty joined us.

That fireman pole on the playground? Kayty was afraid to slide down it.

Yes, the one who has bungeed from the Stratosphere and Sky Dove (Dived?)

Was afraid of the fireman pole...and a four foot slide down

Friday...Dee had no he worked...

Lots of leaves on the playground meant the blower was operating.

Kaylee and I walked and fed our goat friend.

He runs to the gate when he sees us...

Or rather, our granola bar.

Lots of outside play today...and two walks...

Dad and I went to Costco...

And bought a 3 burner stove...for our anniversary next week.

I baked Dee's birthday cake...eating it on Sunday at the Easter Egg Hunt.


Dee was up late...

So I exercised, and then finished his birthday cake.

Yard some good stuff, including chlorine tablets (we now have a 5 year supply for 20 bucks)

And this animal hauling cart for 10 bucks...(dollars, not deer)

We ran errands...some successful, and others not so successful.

I played with Kaylee when Ethan came after going to the dump.

We watched a John Wayne movie while I boiled eggs...

Kayty went to a movie and sleepover.
After the movie, Nate and Jess dyed the eggs...

Sunday: We had an inspiring Sacrament Meeting. I do think the best talks are those on Easter! I substituted for the Primary Chorister in Junior Primary: Epic Mistake. Easter is candy, which makes children behave like bouncing bees. Not much singing accomplished.

Dee and I were set apart as Stake Baptismal Coordinators for the 8 year old baptisms. We got him a suit.
After church, Dee made the traditional deviled eggs...
I dry and pulverize all leftover egg shells (Amber and Cameo save theirs as well) and Dee uses them in his garden. These should make some interesting powder.
I made cabbage salad, Nate made his yummy dressing...and, with cake in hand, left for grandma's. Here are pics of the fun...

Morgan called and talked Dad and Nate during the egg emptying.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Dad!


and goats down the alley from Grandma's house.

We went home and were wonderfully greeted with this Facebook photo of our Wilkin's family...
Busy busy week...

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