Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week of March 31-April 6

Driving to Las Vegas on Saturday, and then driving back on Sunday, is exhausting...and I didn't even get much playtime with my sweet grandkiddos! I was so thankful, though, that Cameo had wisely taken Monday off work for her and Kaylee to "recover" from the I could recover from the trip.

So Monday: I laundered...I weeded...and we hit Craigslist hard to find a vehicle. Nate needed to get to work, and Dee had a busy week ahead, so we were up against a wall...a place we often find ourselves. We had two scheduled to look at...and after the first was from a "less than truthful" source (as in, the guy said it was single owner, though it had dealer plates and he was a dealer, he said it was garage kept and there was no garage space for said vehicle, he said the seats were leather...umm pleather!, and the new tires were almost thread-bare) So we headed to the center of Phoenix, to a guy who was honest: yep, it was restored salvage, yep-the side rear window sticks...but it was all he said it was, and it was totally a fourth of the price of one less than this nice new no debt and mission for us still in the future. So, we bought it!

Worst part...standing in line at the Title Loan place for him to get the title notarized and transferred. I just felt bad for people who had no credit and had to get one of those high interest loans.

It took forever...but it's ours. It has had a couple of quirks (we thought the ignition switch had died, but Ethan, thankfully told us it was an alarm system thing)...and I love it. Can't wait to get some stuff done in it next week.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee...132,000 miles...leather seats...moon roof...a/c that you can adjust so HE can freeze and I can be warmer...a stereo we have no idea how to use...a speaker and amp in back that we, again, have no use for...nice tires...and it's ours!

I also worked on the pool. Mr. Sucky, as we call our vacuuming unit, is not working well. I brushed. I skimmed. I cleaned out filters. And yet, he still moves ever so slowly. We will call our friend and get some parts to fix him.
I started pulling out the snow pea vines that were dying, since 95 degree weather is in the forecast for next week. I also saved the seeds from the pods on the vines that had dried. We now have lots of seeds for next year's snow many for anyone else who desires any! wedding plans for me were given...

Colors for all family members are yellow and dark blue...not separate...

I am responsible for 200 wedding cupcakes and 2 sheet cakes.

For the ring ceremony meal, I am responsible for cabbage salad, chips, and a fruit and vegetable tray. 

I am responsible for 10 sunflower hairpieces and 10 sunflower clips for lapels.

I already have the blue traditional Hershey kisses ordered (see Doran and Amber's wedding on 10-11-12), flowers for wreaths for the back yard patio cover - I am trying this out, just to add color to the yard, and I ordered sunflower seeds for the flower beds. I ordered the sunflowers and the rest of the cupcake papers and decor.)

Tuesday...I am much more ready for Miss Kaylee, though she had a lung and cold thing going on. We did go on a walk and feed our goat friend...he runs every time he sees us! Sleeping is hard for her, with a clogged up nose, so she napped on Grammy in the chair. She isn't too interested in eating or drinking, but we did our best. 

I weeded before she came in the morning. I try to do at least 100 at each session on an Kaylee week, 200 on a non Kaylee week. 
I usually fill a bucket each time. I really dislike weeds. 

April Fools tricks...though I wish the dentist was tricking me when he said I have a cavity right by a crown that needs to be filled. He hopes to save the crown. 

So do I! 

Wednesday was a cooler we stayed inside, which Kaylee is NOT a fan of. I just keep her from looking out the window to see what she isn't doing. 

We even had a rainfall...which is happy, unless you are viewing said rain as not precipitation but a watering for yet more weeds to come. 

Nate's final box, packed with treasures from his mission and shipped by boat from Korea, arrived today. We watched a recording of a ward party, and of a Christmas party...with Elder Rice and his other missionaries. It was a precious final treasure. 

Even had a love note for Kayty!

I put everything away as Dee and his webelos met and built bug houses on the back porch. 

Thursday was and nice. Kaylee could go outside and swing, a favorite activity of hers. She likes it when I sit on the swing next to her and just push her every so often. We sing songs, like the ABC's, and later, we sang "The Wheels On The Bus" and she is making some motions to it. 

Best thing of all: Nathan went to the chiropractor...and was HELPED!!!!!! This chiropractor explained what was going on...headaches stem from that ol' wisdom tooth extractions over two years ago!!!...and Nate had relief! So so very very thankful!!!!!

Friday...More weeds before Kaylee came. I have actually worn a hole in my glove!
Kaylee and I played in the sand...and walked around the garden. I wound the growing grapevines on the gazebo. 

I trim and tie up vines.

Grapes are already starting to come on.

Ethan picked up Kaylee...the third time this week!...which she is just absolutely in Heaven when Daddy is at the doorbell ring...

Dad and Doran went fishing (Nate was busy with Jessica and Ethan had a scheduling conflict). I worked in the garden...Finished cleaning out the snow peas, wound up the cord that the vines climbed on, hauled wheelbarrow loads out to the chicken pen....tripped on the rocks by our window and scraped my knee and hurt my hip...(still sore today, Sunday)
Saturday - Too sore to run or exercise. There were many yard sales today, so we speedily set out. 
We found this, which is Nathan's new best friend, next to Jessica, that is...
We watched two sessions of LDS General Conference, listening to Apostles and the Prophet, as well as other inspired church leaders, helping us improve our lives...

I also got texts from an amazing basketball player in Las Vegas...who had scored 10 points in a game that his school won!!! Hooray for Adam!

The third session of General Conference if called Priesthood Session. Men and young men 12 and over attend and receive instruction on how to be better servants of the Lord. We can watch on, and I watched after I worked more in the garden. Much is growing and readying to be picked...
Korean Peppers...a staple of all Korean food...and the powder added to food makes it taste spicy awesome!

These are striped tiger heirloom tomatoes...almost ripe. 
The men returned home, full of happy tummies, as the tradition is to go to New Asia Kitchen after they watch Priesthood. Dad was so happy to be able to have Nathan with him, as well as friend, Jeff Huesing.

Jessica joined us for the evening and I ached and groaned, since I still hurt from my fall, and the work I did all day. I absolutely fell fast asleep that night. 

Sunday...sleep in! Nice thing about General Conference is that you can watch at your jammies! 

I was blessed to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir weekly broadcast, something I usually miss because I am at church already. Their closing hymn brought back such memories. 

The hymn they sang was "I Believe In Christ". The words came from the final conference talk given by Bruce R. McConkie, many years ago. I was walking baby Doran in the hallway at church (used to have to go to church and get a satellite feed before the internet) when Elder McConkie gave this talk. I remember hearing these words as I walked...and I stopped by a doorway and looked and watched him, since his words spoke to my heart, and I have never ever forgotten that feeling, because his testimony of Jesus Christ helped my testimony that very moment of that very day. 

He died soon after this testimony. A hymn was composed, based on his testimony:

I Believe In Christ. He is my King. With all my heart, to Him I'll Sing.
I'll raise my voice in praise and joy; in grand amens my tongue employ.
I Believe in Christ. He is my God. My feet He plants on Gospel sod. 

Every word...every verse...I don't have space to include it all. It brings me to tears every time I hear it. 

Right before Nate left on his mission, we attended General Conference...October 2011. We heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing it. 

It was amazing. It spoke to my heart. I felt a strong witness of the Savior, Jesus Christ, of His love for me. 

And I heard it today, as the broadcast concluded. It brought back every feeling...every memory...every emotion. Music can do that. I remember being in that balcony in the Conference Center. I remember the sound of the organ. I remember the beautiful soprano voices achieve the highest notes.

I remember the burning in my heart. 

Great way to begin watching the Sunday sessions of General Conference on this special day: April 6, the day revealed as the true day of the birth of Jesus Christ, and the day the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was officially organized. 

Sunday Morning Session of Conference spoke to me.  Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Elder David A. Bednar. And our Beloved Prophet, Thomas S. Monson. They all spoke to my heart. 

I read each and every talk as they are published on as soon as they come online, usually the Thursday following. The ones that guide my course for the next six months I print, and keep in my scriptures, to refer to again. These three will be printed and referred to. Thankful in all things. The atonement. Kindness. 

I am so thankful for messages that give us new beginnings to strive for. 

It truly was a week to be thankful for: many prayers answered. Many opportunities to offer prayer: for Kelsie and her strep throat. For Kaylee and her lungs. For each and every one of my children. I am so thankful for Dee...he has been my patient rock: my strength and my pillar. I am so blessed!

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