Monday, September 1, 2014

Memories of Doran Charles Rice

Doran Charles Rice was born on September 1, 1926 to Theodore Thomas Doran Rice and Dorothy Edna Morgan. He was the eldest of six children, five that lived to adulthood.

Dad is going to add to this history as he remembers, since he has tried to get information on memories from relatives and they haven't had time to put them on paper. This is what Dee remembers from this special day, which is always Opening Day of Dove Hunting Season.

"The best memory that I have of my dad is dove hunting. Even today, when I smell the country smells, so many of the memories flood back, and I wish I could still be hunting with him.

"I started dove hunting when I was just a few years old. I was the fetch, so I would fetch the birds that he shot. I liked doing this. Most of the hunts seemed to be in the Buckeye farming area. In those days, you were allowed 15 dove and 25 white wing and there would be grocery sacks of birds. We would sometimes clean them in what was called pump backs. The big irrigation pumps would pump ground water and we could clean the birds in high volume water like a big faucet.

"My first time hunting was with a 20 gauge shotgun, which has been passed along to my sister Marina, as she used to hunt with my dad years before me. My first shot knocked me over on my butt. I learned to stand better after that. My first dove kill, I was so excited until I found out it was a nesting dove and was trying to keep me away from her family by their fake “look I am hurt, come and get me ploy” I shot it and felt bad. My mom comforted me. This did not stop me for going again and again. There were many days of hunting doves with my dad over the years, I always would get antsy and find it hard to sleep at night as I was so excited. I loved the smell of the farms and feed lots and of being in the desert and the smell that come with high humidity in the open areas.

"I have passed this onto my sons who like to dove hunt now. It was wonderful with them; being fetches, starting out shooting at a young age with their .410 shotguns, seeing them get birds and the excitement from the skills they learned.

"I have four grandsons now: Adam, Josh, Sam, Kooper. I hope one day to be with them dove hunting if they have the opportunity. It is a tradition that has been passed down from my dad and it is the most wonderful memory that I have of him.

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