Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week of September 15 - 21, 2014

Monday - I woke up and took a short two mile run. Dee had to be up earlier than usual, and we headed out to the airport before 6 am, which was good, since we both thought he was flying Delta at Terminal 3, and he really was on USAirways in Terminal 4! He ran and made it on time and had a nice cool, and productive day in Utah. I had much to do in his absence: animals to feed, plants to keep alive. Kaylee came and we spent the morning outdoors, though it was a little warm, the breeze in the shade was pleasant.
  Dee and I had moved the slide from poolside to the sand, and that was a great move, since she was on it three times! Our day was busy and Kaylee enjoyed her weekly nail polish from Kayty's room. She and Kayty even shared some make up tips!

Evening was quiet...I was grumpy about Master Chef results...but hey, it's only a tv show. Elizabeth was robbed...that is all!

Talked ot Dee on the phone...he enjoyed visiting the Ogden Temple...

greeted Kayty and then headed to bed...early!

Tuesday - Slept in a bit later than normal, exercised, woke Dee by phone, and did my pool-brushing-plant-watering-animal-feeding duties. It was cloudy, but Hurricane Odile was more clouds than rain. It was nice to play in the sand, etc. with cloudy sunshine, though, and Kaylee enjoyed that, and the visit from Granny Dorrie later.

Kayty headed out to work early and went to her One Direction Concert...and was on cloud 9 before, during, and hours after! She had a blast!

Evening was quiet...feeding and no watering, due to a sprinkle we had, vacuuming, mopping, laundry, talked to Dee who attended the Bountiful Temple for a session

in bed early.

Wednesday - Woke up to make sure Kayty was home and question about the happy part! She said it took nearly an hour to get out of her parking place, but it was totally worth it!

Got up, woke Dee, exercised, fed animals, watered plants due to the skimpy overnight rain, got the trash cans back home.

Kaylee and I had a pretty typical day, though the mosquitos were TERRIBLE outside!

Note: walking around with dryer sheets hanging from every pocket and part of your body does NOT keep mosquitos away.

Hurricane Odille, the one they had been talking about and warning of and filling sandbags for, turned out to be Hurricane 15 minute rainstorm in the early afternoon...

Kaylee and I went outside to see it...and she totally enjoyed every moment!

Kayty was home early from work, and she and Kaylee shared her phone videos of the concert.

Kaylee wasn't quite sure why someone in that video was screaming the whole time! ;)

After Kaylee and Cam went home, I fed and watered, took a quick trip to Dollar Tree, cleaned, talked to Dee, who had a great temple session at the Provo Temple,

 and went to bed.

Thursday - Cool, though humid, morning and gorgeous stars (again, no clouds, no rain from Odille) lured me to running by that beautiful temple!!!

Pool brushed, chickens fed, plants checked and moved to sunlight as opposed to under protection of the roof from rain (a bust!) pulled weeds, scooped up dog droppings, straighten and clean, and ready the  stroller to try for a walk to see out goat that we haven't seen since early May.

That stroller on the from porch turned Grouchy Thursday into happiness. It was a warm and humid stroll but we did see our goat friend. I gave him the first granola bar bite, to make sure he/she didn't learn to bite in our months of absence. He was good, so Kaylee fed him a few bites on her own. She called him an elk...which I am sure totally made him feel super...but I let her in on the fact that he was still a little goat. We hurried home and tried to cool off. It was funny..she kept wanting to be up in my arms and she would point outside and say "rain". I guess she is the one the weather forecasters consult when they tell us it will be cloudy and rainy for days!!!

After I got all the chickens fed and plants watered, and Cameo got Kaylee, Kayty and I headed out to WalMart and Winco for some new purple lights for the bathroom mirror Halloween decorations and some treats and salad at the store. I couldn't wait to hang them up and did so as I vacuumed and talked to Dee on the phone. He had a good day: work, a visit with Sharynn and family, and a session at the Mt. Timpanogas Temple. (I-phone Camera didn't work)

Friday - I exercised and woke Dee by phone, pulled some weeds, fed the chickens, and avoided ant and mosquito bites. Humidity is NOT something we here are used to...and this has been one humid September!

Kaylee came and we enjoyed Curious George on tv...until she wanted to get in the stroller and feed "goat". Now, mind you, I love going for a walk, but since the weather is still warm...and that doggone humidity I keep complaining about makes it even warmer...I usually head out as soon as Cameo leaves for work. I really figured...silly me...that Kaylee wouldn't want to walk two days in a row. So, we headed out. Mr. Goat was so happy...Kaylee loved it...and I had sweat behind my sunglasses! ugh!

We cooled off and headed out to the airport to pick up Papa. Kaylee was quiet on the way out... it was our first car trip together in my car and she was very interested. Once Papa got in the car, however, she turned into the chatting tour guide, showing him the airplanes and buses and taxis. She liked having Papa back home and spent the afternoon...including her nap time...visiting him in his office, sharing snacks, and playing. nap...She was pretty tired...and crashed asleep on the way home. Dee and I needed gardening supplies, so I drug myself through WalMart and Lowes with him...hoping I could crash soon.

Saturday - Early wake up and good run. Though it's still very warm and humid, Saturday mornings mean less traffic and a great jog. Dee woke up and sprayed some week killer on the yard before it got too warm.

Rain is wonderful...but it awakens the desert...and the weeds.

Weeds are not wonderful.

As we were readying to head out for yard sales, I received a text from Cameo...Kaylee had just woken up...7:30 AM...from falling asleep on the way home the evening before.

No wonder I felt so tired...

I was!

Yard sales brought some barn stars for Amber, some plexiglas and a part for Dee's panel truck,  a stuffed Minnie Mouse and Dori that I laundered when home...a couple of books that I have no idea where we are going to put.

Dee loves to buy books. He loves to read them.

I don't love finding a place to put them. Shelf after shelf is full. I am going to give away some of my books so there is room for his books.

He worked on his tomato garden. I did laundry and cleaned some.

Nate called with a question about selling that doggone van. People are cheap! They keep offering less than Nate's new tires cost!

Made some pizza dough.

Ethan and family, and Doran and family arrived after 3pm for a planned reloading, swimming and pizza get together.

Some swam...

Some loaded...

We all ate...

We played...

Evening was quiet. Pizza is easy but it just takes awhile to clean up the counters and floor and pizza pans.

I noticed on my email late that there were some additional days for ushers opening up at the Phoenix Temple Open House, so I signed up for three additional times.

Glad for that quick late night check I sometimes do.

Sunday - Slept in late. Thus, I woke up to a weird dream.

Too much sleep!

We spent the morning the latest Ensign magazine and trying to load that reader thingy on Dee's work phone. After at least 30 minutes...success!

I ended up finishing reading the entire Ensign was great! We met at the new building...really strange driving on the freeway to the building! The chapel was COLD! Next week, sweater! I helped in the nursery, which was absolutely crazy: 12 kids, tired from no naps since we have church in the afternoon, new nursery with new toys and a new set up...which meant that by the final 20 minutes of singing time, they were running around . My voice was gone. I was gone.

We were supposed to visit Dorrie on the way home...she even had snacks...but I was so dead that I told Dee he could go in and visit, but not me...I would sit in the quiet car...the nice quiet car. We headed home.

Dinner, quiet evening with me writing a visiting teaching letter and Dee calling kids for next Saturday's stake baptism.

We are so anxious for cooler weather...for Fall...hope it gives us a peek soon!

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