Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week of November 17 - 23, 2014

Monday - I took an early run and stopped to enjoy a beautiful and dedicated temple. It was very early, so the spire light came on when I was nearly home...but I did see it!

I got Dee up and off to the airport for his Utah trip. It was fine for the drop off, but getting out of the airport was crazy. It is only when you are unfamiliar and have to rely on freeway signage that you truly realize how crazy these traffic planners are.

Dee had a safe flight while I worked on decorating the Christmas tree and the living room. After landing he was able to attend the Salt Lake temple were he was able to do some work in the baptistry. When he checked his email, he discovered that crazy changes had happened and he was being put on another assignment...with a totally different boss...for an entire year. Thus, worthless business trip. (Other than the fact that he was going to attend the temple as much as he could.)

My dental appointment went ok. Fillings are only ok.

Nano stopped by to bring a couple of princess dresses she had made for Kayty. Kayty was so excited when she got home from work! Kayty went to Family Home Evening and I finished the tree.

Tuesday - I woke early, exercised and dressed in my Sunday best to wait for a possible opening at the first day the Phoenix temple was open. The drive there: five minutes! I made a wake up call to Dee and then turned into the church. The parking lot looked full, so I figured to wait a few hours before heading home. Walking in the front doors felt absolutely miraculous. I was in a dedicated Phoenix temple! I looked at the two men at the front desk, all in white. They asked if I was wanting to attend a temple session and I told them I would take any session available. They said, "Well, you made it into the first one!" They gave me a little plastic token with 7:30 am on it and I headed back, readied, and enjoyed the entire temple session! I was home by 10 am. Five plus hours to Mesa have become just a few here.

I completed my living room decorations, cleaned, dusted and vacuumed. Chickens were fed. Plants were watered. Dee called after a session at the Ogden Temple, and he headed to an interesting dinner at Famous Daves. (He ordered Salmon and a Salad...ended up with a brisket tray - which he thought was some kind of sampler - and no fish!) My evening was spent squeezing key and regular limes. Ended up with almost three bottles of juice. Dee called and said goodnight.

 Quiet end to quite a day!

Wednesday - This morning started with exercising and then a hike. I started with a flashlight in the dark but when I got to the top, I could look around and see in the earliest sunrise the lights of Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria...and the spire of the temple. Just beautiful. Wake up call to Dee happened on my way down.

I took care of the trash cans, brushed the pool, and did some outside cleanup. My visiting teachers came and we had a good visit. I got packages ready to send: Nate's Christmas ornaments, a package of stuff to Allison, and Joshy's birthday gift were packaged and then I took them to the post office. WinCo was my next stop, getting another turkey and the stuff for the cranberry salad and whipped cream for pies.

Home, put away groceries, watered gardens, fed chickens (I got them some raw sunflower seeds for a treat, so they enjoyed them), looked for limes.

Thursday - I wrapped and cleaned, wrapped and laundered, wrapped and fed, wrapped and wrapped. ALL stockings are wrapped, labeled, and bagged...under the tree. I was totally dead after all that so nothing else to say.

Friday - I opted to jog and it was so nice to be able to go on the temple grounds and sit on a bench for my picture!! Those who serve in the temple were already gathering, waiting to get in.

I returned to Kayty being way ill with a headache...I was really worried so I headed to WalMart and got some SierraMist for her to sip. She was zonked asleep when I got home.

Morning included baking and freezing cupcakes and sugar cookies for Thanksgiving,  and a trip to the airport to get Dee, which was craziness due to them moving the cell phone lot to another location (I concluded it was somewhere near Queen Creek but perhaps it wasn't that far.)

We went to a 1:30 pm temple session at the Phoenix Temple. We had no problem getting in...session wasn't even full.

Come on, people!

Dee had meetings. Kayty was watching One Direction on a tv program. Quiet evening.

Saturday - I exercised, brushed the pool and we hit some yard sales. Not much purchased. I went out to trim some "suckers" from a tangerine tree, which turned into hours of hauling branches and cutting tree limbs.

So doggone tired.

Ethan acquired a new mac computer for inexpensive and sold it/installed it. That is what I typed the end of this on and it's SOOO much faster! Thank you Ethan for finding it on "Offer Up".

We all were hungry and ate at New Asian Kitchen. Kaylee ate tay toes. Afternoon included shopping and Dee fried up the stinkiest doggone deer liver! Blech!!

I fell asleep as Kayty and Dad enjoyed "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". (We forgot the awful language in that movie. Never again.

Sunday - Kayty woke with another headache, so Dad stayed home in case she needed anything and I headed out to Tolleson Ward for Kelsie's Primary Program. She did awesome!!! She knew her part and spoke so well in the microphone. I could understand her! She sang all the songs and did a super job. I headed back to our ward and helped in the nursery and went to choir.

We had a quiet afternoon. Dad home taught. I prepped visiting teaching messages via mail for this  month. I just had no time and my companion doesn't do anything unless I make all the appointments and do the lesson.

Kayty was feeling better after a LONG nap.

It was the awesome-est to be able to go to the temple just down the street whenever I want to this week. I have set a goal of 4 endowments in a year...for years...and only made three. Friday was my 4th one for 2014. Hurray!!! And more to come!

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