Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week of November 3 - 9, 2014

Monday - Miraculous! I went from running in shorts and a tshirt on Saturday to wearing a long sleeved shirt and sweats this morning. The temple open house is done and clean up had already begun. As I read the weekly neighborhood newsletter, there were complaints about the spire being illuminated. The Church has assured the neighbors that after the dedication, things will return to a regular and promised schedule.

Sad face.

So, I just enjoy the beautiful lit spire shining through the darkness for now.

After a good jog, I picked a ton of key limes. Gloves, long sleeves, and covered legs made a huge difference.

I started to put up my Winter Village...

And worked for hours and hours.

I did stop to make lunch...and dinner...

I finished about 7:00 pm.

It was good to be done.

Dee had the week off, to burn up vacation days that we will lose, so he worked in the garden, mowed, and helped me when I needed some.

Tuesday - It was so awesome this morning...Most of the open house "stuff" is gone, and I could run right in front of the temple...and stop.

The gate was open, but I really didn't want to have an encounter with someone guarding the site. I have SOOOOO missed my jogging halfway stop. And what a sacred and special stop it is.

It was a very windy night, so I just gathered limes that had come off the tree...still quite a few. I started up some dusting and vacuuming.

Dee and I headed out to get the paint, primer, etc. he needed for his panel truck.

We texted Allison and found out that, though Gracie's volleyball team lost their playoff game, she scored two points.

So stinkin' happy!

It reminded me of one of Nate's last football games. Scottsdale Christian High was creaming North Pointe. Nate had been hit hard (later found out it was a mild concussion) but had to go right back in the game. It was almost over...and the team worked and worked and worked...and scored! Our side of the stadium was cheering uncontrollably. We had been creamed...something like 56 to 7...but oh how precious were those 7 points to all of us!!!

We had a great hike around Deem Hills. We avoided election results...we had mailed in our ballots weeks ago and were just sick of the whole thing.

Evening was quiet and breezy.

Wednesday - No longer am I going to bore all with my daily routine. Just imagine me running in the beautiful darkness with a temple spire illuminated in the distance, and me running into the parking lot and standing outside the front gate and looking in the front window at the painting of Jesus Christ with the small child holding a palm leaf. I am rejuvenated and continue on home.

Limes watered. House cleaned, vacuumed, and dusted.

Spaghetti for dinner.

Thursday - After my normal morning routine,

I quickly vacuumed, and while Dee ran to the metal shop to get something to work on a grandkid Christmas gift, I made him homemade biscuits with sausage gravy. I made myself look presentable and headed to Dorrie's. We then traveled to Scottsdale and Kris Kringles...a shop on Fifth Avenue.

I have never seen so much...stuff. Ornaments everywhere. Dolls everywhere.Villages filling the back room.

I would hate to dust that! That was all I could think!!!

Lunch at Sweet Tomatoes, and home.

Kayty screamed as some boy band sang on Ellen DeGeneres.

Dee was too tired to hike so we hit Costco, I made salads and asparagus for dinner.

He worked on Christmas while I wrapped Christmas gifts.

Friday - Morning routine, and then we headed out for a community yard sale north of us. We ended up getting some interesting stuff, both for the play room and the house. Dee made lots of progress on a grandkid Christmas gift...

We had a pretty good hike, though it was kind of warm...for November.

Saturday - Morning routine and then we tried a few yard sales, and then headed home. Ethan arrived, bearing doughnuts, and Doran and family came a little later. It ended up being quite the in and out day, while Dad, Doran and Ethan sanded and primed Dad's panel truck.

Amber, Kelsie Kooper and boy dog came. Amber left. The former Elder Kellet and friend (former missionary) came. Cameo and Kaylee came.

Pizza came out of our oven.

Elder Nokes and Elder Oliphant came. The former Elder Kellet and friend left.  Elder Nokes and Oliphant left after a piece of pizza.

Amber and female dog came.

Ethan, Cameo and Kaylee left...Kaylee loved that little female dog that was a perfect angel on the leash. (She nearly left in Ethan's car!)

Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper and little girl doggie left.

I cleaned, dusted, mopped, and then literally died. I am not sure what time it was.

Kayty left to karaoke with friends.

Dee took care of the chickens, watered my flowers, and did all he could to make up for my exhaustion.

Sunday - I got up and ready early so I could attend choir practice...Yes, first time since before Nate went on his mission. I really enjoyed myself and the wonderful people there. It was interesting to hear about the temple dedication choir since the director and her husband are in one of them.

We found out in Sacrament Meeting that our ward and the other ward in our building are permitted to attend the temple dedication IN OUR OWN BUILDING!!! They are having a special satellite truck brought in for it! (Even though we are next door). Permission is limited to 100 people per ward each session, so we asked for the 10 am session, which means we will have to be at Water World aka Wet N Wild at 8 am to bus to the site.

So excited!!!!

The day went well. Dinner. Preparing for next week.

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