Monday, May 4, 2015

Week of April 27 to May 3, 2015



Dad was able to go to the temple Thursday evening. He had been so busy with work around here that he hadn't been able to go in a couple of weeks.

We had a wonderful Fast and Testimony meeting at church on Sunday. Our Deacons (age 12 and 13) and Teachers (age 14 and 15) participated in a Service Project on Saturday where they were able to play softball and help mentally challenged youth play as well. Young man after young man spoke and shared their experience and how it taught them to be a friend, to help, and to be happy in doing everything that you do. Most of our meeting was these young men coming up to speak. There must have been at least 12 deacons and four teachers. What an amazing group of young men!!!

Dad has been reading the Book of Mormon and will start Journal of Discourses when he finishes that. I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants and am on Section 122. I will complete it next week and start on the Book of Mormon.

I only had time and energy to index on Sunday morning, but I managed to do about 40 records. I am working on death certificates and it is always kind of sad to hear how people have died. In 1904, there were many deaths involving being hit by a train. So grateful for our safety standards today.


The Wilkins

The Wilkins are amazing people! Nothing gets these folks down! Vehicle not working didn't stop them, and Michael is amazing to work so hard to get it fixed...and to get the correct fix! And their friends are amazing too! They helped them with transportation, and one person even offered use of her vehicle. It is such a comfort to know that when we are too far away to help, they are so well cared for!

The Ethan Rices'

Doing well. I did find out that they celebrated their anniversary with dinner and then ice skating! Isn't that awesome!

Ethan took time on his only night off to take Dad to get the piece of wood for the bottom of his truck! So thankful!!!  Wednesday night at Ethan's Pizza job is family night, so Cam and Kaylee go and eat and watch him run in and out. Kaylee was especially happy about the chocolate milk!

Ethan and Cam, along with Wade, Liz, Jade and James, and of course, Miss Kaylee, shared our Mothers' Day pizza Saturday. Cam shared homemade salsa and chips, and Jade and James brought some sausage appetizers. Even though Ethan lives pizza most nights of the week, he helped create some great pizzas for all of us! They brought me a lovely orchid corsage to wear! Thank you so much!!

We received a surprise text Sunday at church inviting us over for some of Cameo's amazing enchiladas! She made two kids: regular and onion free...and both were amazing! Thank you for the yummy surprise end to our Fast Sunday!!!

The Doran Rices'

We enjoyed having Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper join us for Mothers' Day Pizza! Doran helped with the pizzas, and gave me a limeade refil assist as well. Kelsie swam like a little fish, and Kooper had fun with the toys...

and our toaster!


No news from him. He must be busy roofing in Cedar City. 


Kayty went to the dentist first thing Monday morning. She ended up having a tooth pulled and requiring a future root canal. You would think that would be a not so highlight, but her pain was relieved so that made it a superb highlight!

"Ruby" is still her driving buddy. They keep finding more things to repair with "Ellie". I am not sure about this repair company, but it is the one the insurance company recommended...

The Nathan Rices'

Nathan began training sessions for his new job at Lowe's. Lots of safety videos. Lots of "Don't start or join a union" videos. He worked on his truck in his spare time, and would come by to search for parts that he had left here.

He and Jessica spent tons of time working on homework. There was an entire day that Nathan was working, and they worked late into the night on Saturday night finishing and submitting so that they could be free on Sunday. We are very proud of their hard work, and so thankful that Nate's headaches are under control so that he can get to his college work.

Monday, Dad worked is new team position, and there was HUGE progress made with the teams he had been working with. They started using the six sigma tools to discern the problems...finally. He was so encouraged!!!

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday were very long meetings for his old/regular Supplier Development Engineer position in Tempe. Dad came home Tuesday with possible food poisoning from a ready made beef sandwich he had at lunch. He got little sleep that night, but ended up feeling like going to Wednesday meetings, though he arrived late. Now, that ended up being a blessing, because he sat by a former supervisor who is looking for people like him in her organization (still Honeywell). The paperwork load for his Supplier Development position has increased dramatically. He is NOT a fan of paperwork. So, he is not opposed to finding another position before this one he is working in ends.

He had a great time at the group dinner at Rawhide and got to enjoy some fantastic and yummy food.

Kaylee and I had Caterpillar/Butterfly Week, and enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar over and over. She painted her own caterpillar, did watercolor painting, made butterflies, etc.

The weather was on the very warm side, and she ended up Thursday and Friday in the pool with Papa at the end of the day. We had our first over 100 degree days, and we are trying to adjust to the warmer weather outdoors.  (Warm and sunny mornings mean warm slide and swing seats!)

Dad's Garden:
He picked three cabbages which became some awesome cabbage salad on Monday. Tomatoes keep coming in every day.

He planted some new, and highly recommended, varieties this year, with the promise of abundant and large tomatoes. So far, this has not come to pass. Big Beef has been a bust! Next year, trusted types.
We still get many tomatoes, but he had wanted thousands! We won't get that many, but surely enough to can.

Dad's Truck:
He continues to press forward, a part at a time. Lots of little parts go into a truck!
He was having problems making the tunnel ram fit under the hood. He finally gave in and bought a new manifold that would fit better. He wasn't very happy about the turn of events. We still have the tunnel ram, just in case it would work out after everything is done.

Other Highlights:
Even with my toe, I was able to get in a few great jogs this week. I am so thankful that, while it is sore, it didn't keep me from doing what I like to do.

We had a surprise afternoon visit from an old neighbor, Ernie Bunch and his daughter Elaina! It was such a surprise. They live in Cherry, Arizona, but had come down to Phoenix and stopped by to see Dad's garden. Too bad he was at work and didn't get to show them around. I pick and cook and freeze, but I have no idea what most of his plants are!

I have referred to our Mothers' Day pizza for Nano and Grandma. We had a great time!

I also enjoyed a great phone call from my sister, Sharynn. Her family and her nursing studies keep her very busy, but all are doing great, and it was wonderful to talk to her!!

Not so highlights:
There weren't many memorable not so good things this week. As I sit here, those not so good things ended up coming out for the good. It makes me so thankful that the Lord is in control, and knows what we need to help us get where we need to be. 

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