Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week of May 11 - 17, 2015


I am putting this notice first, so you see it before the blog puts you to sleep. We are celebrating Nano's 80th Birthday this summer on Saturday, August 29, 2015 from 1 pm to 4 pm.  We will have the celebration at her church building at 49th Ave and Orangewood...a little north of Glendale Avenue. It will be a Mexican luncheon, with colors of Hot Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Lime Green. Uncle Scott is ordering some mini chimis from Manuels and we were thinking mostly finger food, a melon salad, veggie trays and cupcakes. Mom loves tostados, so that is one thing I will bring. She is getting her guest list ready now...Kathy is the one spearheading this. I will let you know more as time goes on. I was also hoping to have Doran do a little photo set up on the side so Nano can have a pic taken with her friends and family.

Dad spent two nights in temple sessions this week. He also attended a great Stake Priesthood meeting early Sunday morning.

We both had a blessed opportunity to clean the temple with 22 other people from our stake arrived at the Phoenix temple at 9 pm and were given assignments to clean a certain  portion of the temple. We dressed in white scrubs, with socks and shoe coverings on. Dad and I, with another sister from our ward, vacuumed, dusted, scrubbed and cleaned the temple worker bathrooms, study rooms, dressing rooms and the engineer's room and office. After the lower level was complete, we were escorted upstairs where we mopped the bathrooms on the main level, including the one in the temple president's office. It was a rare opportunity, to take in so much of the beauty of  all the temple that we don't usually see, including all the beautiful artwork. We also took a longer look at the gorgeous brides' room. The best opportunity, though, was the chance to work in a dedicated temple. It was so different...different from cleaning our ward building. It was almost like cleaning a portion of heaven. And as we were escorted out and the gates were unlocked and then locked again, I was so thankful for the three full time, and the 25 people every night that arrive at the temple and do the same cleaning every single night the temple is open. Many people serve so that we can enjoy the blessings of a beautiful, spotless House of the Lord. Getting home at midnight was so worth it!

I was very tired in the evenings, and super busy on Saturday, so indexing happened on Sunday, when Dee was at Stake Priesthood Meeting early in the morning. I have indexed 2061 names this year.

I was asked at the last minute to substitute for our primary chorister, which I was dreading, but actually turned out to be a lot of fun. Thanks to the Lord for His help!


The Wilkins Family
We did not hear from them this week, but know that they are super busy with the end of school year!

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo and Ethan had busy work weeks and looked forward to some time off with Kaylee on the weekend. Ethan has had a stubborn hot water pressure problem that he and Wade have taken much time...tearing try and locate.

The Doran Rice Family
They are well. Dad talked to Doran on Saturday night. Amber and Kelsie enjoyed a "Girls Night Out" movie with some friends from their dog rescue group on Thursday. They are always busy with adoption events...

Morgan is back from Utah. He had a good time working there and enjoying the weather.

Kayty took "Ellie" in for an oil change...and came home in "Ruby II". Seems there was some major work, under warranty, that needed to be done, so off Kayty was in another car! She had a long work week and went out with some friends on Saturday night.

The Nathan Rice Family
 Happy First Anniversary on Sunday, Nathan and Jessica!!

These two are so busy working and doing lots of homework, as you all know online college classes require. We found a great deal on a rocking chair at a yard sale that Jessica wanted, so we delivered it to them and visited for a bit. Nate had a little time on Friday, so he helped Dad work on some of his truck. Dad had ordered parts and some were shipped for the wrong truck year, so he had to get that return going while getting the parts out that worked on the truck. Dad cut, Nate polished, and Dad machined this shiny plate thing that goes...under the hood. I asked why it was there and who would see such a thing. His reply: "When you look under the hood!" I now see why every time a guy sees a vehicle, he has to open the hood and look...Looking for shiny things!

He briefly stopped by on Sunday afternoon, borrowed our dehydrator to make fruit rollups, and ran off home. 

Another week of many many meetings. He meets every single day with the same teams about the same issues with the same parts. I cannot even imagine what they have to talk about every single day.
He patiently sits as they go over and over the same things. He did use two vacation days to work on the truck.

As for Kaylee and me, we had a farm week. We played with farm animals on the flannel board, painted a Pig-gy bank

My feeble attempt at a Pig Sandwich!
watercolored farmers, glued duck and chick stick-ons,

made a farm necklace, went to the library, made a sheep mask and did a color sheep tail match

made pancakes, and did all sorts of fun things.

And swam...or rather...walked around the step, unless Papa was in the pool with us. Friday, when it was rainy and cool, we walked outside in boots and stomped in mud and puddles.

Dad's Garden
Tomatoes continue at a furious pace, though there wasn't time to can during the week, so they were cut up, put in freezer bags and frozen for future canning, which I did on Saturday. I got a new picking bucket at a yard sale on Saturday, which helps them not get broken on the way in. Zucchini have taken off and I am desperately trying to find ways to use them!

Tomato Total as of Sunday night: 575

Dad's Truck
He installed vents, the parking brake, the glove box, grit blasted stuff, filled and sanded and primed the two front doors,
Dad sanding a door on the patio while the rain poured

Notice the shiny silver rectangle thing behind the new brake booster. That was a shabby old square of aluminum that Nathan polished and polished...It looked like a mirror. And then, the put it under the hood!

Other highlights:

Our weather was warmer at the beginning of the week, and then turned cooler...and we got RAIN again on inch or so, we figure. This May has been awesome!!! Our plants are just drinking it up and so are we! 

Five jogs in this week...from my shorts and shirt to Saturday sweats and hoodie. (I had to cut Saturday down to two miles because it was "misting" and I was starting to get soaked.

Saturday evening, Dad was writing in his journal and I was cleaning up, when we heard some banging outside. We investigated and saw Fireworks at Wet n Wild Waterpark. There was some corporate event there, and the fireworks and a chilly evening were absolutely awesome! I declared that it was my birthday right then! Happy Early July 4th Suzzy!!!

Not so highlights:
I guess for us, it's kinda sad that the temple is closed as of Monday for two weeks. I saw notes on the engineers board about a leak in the baptismal font needing repaired, parking lot needing cleaning, and Kathy said the elevator makes terrible sounds and has to be shut down on Saturdays at times when it overheats due to much use. It sure has been a blessed six months for us! I will miss sitting on the grounds for the next two weeks of jogs. 

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