Sunday, June 7, 2015

Week of June 1 - June 7, 2015


I was in the first temple session, after the two week shut down, at the Phoenix Temple. It was wonderful. And, what was even more wonderful...I noticed a chartered bus as I walked to my car, and as I drove out, there was a flood of beautiful young women and their leaders pouring out of that bus, to do sacred temple work. It just gave me goosebumps...all day. I started Wednesday at the temple at 6 am as well. Dad went to the temple Thursday evening for a session.

I watched Elder L. Tom Perry's funeral on Friday morning via our computer. It was a beautiful service, with memories, and filled with Elder Perry's teachings and example. Just a few days before his death, he was teaching, sharing with Apostles what each person needs to do when they partake of the Sacrament. I am going to write down those words and remember each and every Sunday. And, President Thomas S. Monson spoke, sharing words from the scriptures and poets about how great a man and an example Elder Perry was. It was inspiring to be able to hear the words of a living prophet.

We were responsible for the June stake baptism, and so Tuesday was spent with Dad making calls and giving information, and me typing the program and his conducting sheet. The baptism was wonderful, as usual, with five very happy and excited children choosing to make their first covenant with Heavenly Father. I spent the time after the baptism washing the baptismal clothing, returning the clothing late at night to the closet, and then picking up and washing four more baptismal outfits from the convert baptism that occurred after ours was finished.

We had another superb Sacrament Meeting at church today. It was our Fast and Testimony Meeting, and every single person's words were so uplifting. We had an abundance of children bear testimony, but none of the "standard" child testimonies. They shared their love of the scriptures, of the Book of Mormon, of obedience, of blessings, of the temple. Our youth shared joys of walking to the temple and doing work there every Thursday evening. Our young men had just returned from scout camp, but there were no silly stories, just testimony of the joy of reading their scriptures and having prayer morning and night, of the blessings of the priesthood. I am so thankful that we have a scoutmaster that is 100 percent by the book! It truly shows that when we follow the programs, and the rules of the programs, as outlined and as the Lord intends for us to do, the results are astounding. These are young men that EARN their awards and show the value of earning in how they live their lives.

I indexed some this week. So far, I have indexed 2356 names this week. I am working on death certificates from Chicago in 1922. I am so thankful that our trains are safer, that we can turn on a lightbulb for light, rather than lighting illuminating gas that can asphyxiate us as well as those in our household, and that babies born early and small can live with modern medicine! 

The Wilkins Family
It was a super duper specially awesome week! First, Mike finally figured out what was up with their vehicle, and, after a 42  day rest, their sweet vehicle is on the move! Allison expressed gratitude for friends and even strangers that helped, with loan of cars, help on city buses, etc. What a great start to their's out for Summer! Their final day at school was a field day and Gracie and Allison sold lemonade for charity.

The Ethan Rice Family
We learned that Ethan has a very common arm and side of his face, since we saw a news story where Home Depot employees had repaired a veteran's flood ravaged home. Ethan has done this through work before, and we were just sure we saw Ethan's arm...and chin...and cheek. We texted Ethan...nope, not him!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber and kiddos spent Saturday near Sedona enjoying the beautiful scenery and the lovely weather. I do bet that water was cold, though!

Morgan and his friend, Kyle, came by on Thursday evening. It was good mom had Costco to go to or we would have missed them. They are off to Show Low for  a job and then to spend the week camping. They borrowed the canoe. On their way out of town they borrowed a couple of pans and Nate's green tent. They worked in Show Low and ended up camping at Lake Pleasant, where they had tire troubles and called us (during Sunday School) to help by getting the canoe from the Carefree Highway and Lake Pleasant Blvd. We scooted out and helped them, and they got a ride with Kyle's mom back to their apartment.

Kayty had a good week. The rear of her car is now complete!

At work, she has been adjusting to the more professional dress code.

 She worked very late on Thursday doing inventory.`On her day off, she slept, and then went to get new contact lenses. She also added some beautiful Disney prints by Thomas Kincaid to her wall. She needed some special colored shoes for ComiCon last week, and I told her that I used to paint Allison's tap shoes, so she got spray paint and painted a pair of shoes...and now she is hooked! She finally has the orange pair of wedges she has always wanted!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nate, Jess, Lilly, and Jess's cousin Samara came over on Monday and cooled off in the pool. Lilly still thinks I am sketchy, and she doesn't like Kayty at all. Nate has been busy, working at work, doing tons of homework, and working on getting his truck running. He had to exchange the starter and worked for days on it...and it STARTED! The transmission he put on appears to work, too, after sitting in the yard for years. Congratulations!!!


Dad is working on many projects for both bosses. He went to the Deer Valley Honeywell as well as the Sky Harbor Engines facilities. His former teams are completing their work and both parts Dad was assigned will soon be off the Honeywell Top Ten (Bad boy) List. He is working with Engines and the Honeywell facility in the Czech Republic on a problem. He may possibly get to travel there. Fingers crossed! He had a group dinner at a pizza place on Wednesday, and his bosses' bosses' boss took them out to some great barbeque on Thursday. 

Dad's Garden
I pick on Dad, because he grows this bounty of vegetables...and I have to find a way to cook them! I picked TONS of tomatoes. I made a vat of salsa on Tuesday, added to it with more tomatoes and a jalepeno on Wednesday, on Thursday, I got pans loaded with tomatoes ready and Dad got the pizza oven going, so on Friday morning, I ended up with almost 32 cups of thick tomato/oregano sauce.

The freezer is pretty darned full! I also shared a big bag of tomatoes with the staff at the dental office.

Total tomato count: 1203 tomatoes picked since April 15, 2015

I tried a recipe using our spiralizer on the zucchini and made Cilantro lime zucchini chicken. The chicken was good...the zucchini, not so much.

I baked a butternut squash...first thing in that new microwave we installed.Tasted pretty good. I cut one in cubes, precooked in the microwave, and then sauteed it, and it was pretty good too. These squash aren't sweet, so they taste more like a potato. They are squash, however, so I am sure the health benefits are huge! Dad had another one Sunday and it was a bit sweeter.

Cucumbers were marinated and made in sandwiches. I have been known to snitch a grape or two. They are at the "tastes as good as the grocery store" stage...still need more ripening.

His herb garden is doing well. A friend made a shade cover last year for that area of the garden and now his oregano (both Greek and Mexican), Clary Sage, thyme, basil, and rosemary are in heaven. 

Dad's Hot Peppers are going like crazy! He gave his friend, Larry, some ghost peppers and habaneros fresh from the garden for use in his crazy barbeque sauce he makes. He also handed a few over to Wilken Gibson, a young man in our ward who didn't think his earlier peppers were that hot. I told Dad to call later and make sure Wilken is still alive!

Dad's Truck
He worked and worked on sanding and fixing that door. His friend, Joe, stopped by to give him some final sanding help. He ordered another wiper motor, painted, priced, and sanded, painted, and primed again.

When all of Harbor Freight had sold out of this special flexible sander, he made one himself. Came out pretty nice, and much better than flying to Des Moines, Iowa to find the nearest one in stock!

He also straightened and welded the spare tire holder. It was really hokey the way the former owner had it set up. He is still waiting for the parts to come that he ordered correctly and they shipped wrong. They picked the wrong year, yet waited...and waited...for the reshipment of the correct parts.

Other highlights:
Mornings are still nice, so jogging was in order. On Monday, I ran by our scout troop as they loaded up the trailer to head for Camp Geronimo, and on Tuesday, the gates were open at the temple, so I could take a brief and enjoyable rest. My jog on Friday was beautiful. I was going as there was a huge storm cloud south of us. Absolutely beautiful streaks of lightning and loud thunder. I felt a drop of rain on my arm, and decided to make it a two mile run. It was good I did. I was pretty soaked by the time I got home. The lightning was beautiful on the way home too! And it was the first time in Phoenix history that there was ever rain on June 5th! It ended up raining quite a bit, later in the day. Our lawn and trees are going to be so happy!

I organized the stocking stuffer boxes, with new labels and tallies of current contents.

I put leather conditioner on all our leather furniture.

We installed my new microwave oven. This is no small feat. We didn't have the installation template and no two microwave oven manufacturers use the same holes for their ovens. My cupboard is beginning to look like swiss cheese. 

We got a couple of small watermelons at the 99 Cent Store that, while tasty, were not very sweet, so when I got home from the temple on Wednesday, Dad asked for some jelly. I searched and searched...and learned a whole lot. It seems melons are the only fruit that is not acid enough to safely can in a waterbath, so canning melon jelly is out. (I also said a prayer of thanks that the many jars of Chom-wa (Korean MELON) jam that I made years ago did not kill any of us!). I made a few jars that are going to be refrigerator jam.

I got Jessica's baby shower gift put together. I will take a pic and show it after her shower is over. I also worked on Grammy Bags for Vegas, and getting stuff for the Grammy Bag box here.

We spent a great Saturday evening at a stake High Priest event, "An Evening To Remember". We had a nice dinner and enjoyed piano music from a man who is a member of our stake, William Joseph. (At first, I was really scoping out the guy as a perfect hubby candidate for Kayty...until Dad let me know he had kids and was older than my oldest child. Hmmmph!) Adam, you would really enjoy his YouTube presentations. He told us about the one where he plays a piano while appearing on the water. Check out It was a nice night. 

Not so highlights:

I had a dental appointment this week, and, while having no cavities is a highlight, that tooth I have had crown troubles with for many years is starting to have problems. Dr. Johnson knew it would only be temporary. Now, I have to decide to invest $3000 on an implant (money I could use for an awesome new refrigerator and a working oven), or go for a less expensive partial. I need a tooth of some kind there or the bone will go away, but I am not sure what I am going to choose.

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