Sunday, June 28, 2015

Week of June 22 - 28, 2015


Dad attended sessions at the temple on Wednesday and Friday late afternoons. He also spent his Tuesday evening home teaching and had great visits with his companion and the families.

Our Ensign magazine arrived and I am busy reading it. I have a goal to read each one cover to cover.
In my Book of Mormon reading, I am in 2 Nephi 25.
Dad's scripture study he is in Acts 3.

I worked on indexing the Freedman Records. It is so interesting! Indexing total for this year: 2770

The Wilkins Family
Dad enjoyed the sweet message from Allison on Facebook on Monday. Totally made his day!

The Ethan Rice Family
It was another busy week for Ethan and Cameo. Their regular jobs were good, though Cameo had late work nights Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Ethan was happy to have Monday and Wednesday nights off from pizza delivery. Kaylee missed her Mommy very much when she had to leave her at Grammy's and go to work. She is sleeping in a new big girl bed and likes it.

After Kaylee's swimming lessons on Saturday, they attended a birthday party for one of the children of Ethan's work associates and later, they all went to see the circus Cameo texted late Saturday that she liked the first part, but it was kind of long for a 2 year old, and wasn't as interested in the second part. She was a tired little kiddo by Saturday night. 

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber had a rough week. Chloe, the dog Amber had for twelve years, had been feeling ill for awhile and suffered from congestive heart failure. The vet tried new medication after new medication. Chloe ended up passing away on Thursday.

Chloe was Kelsie's buddy for her whole life.  We are sorry for your loss and hope your days are full of happy memories of Chloe.

Morgan and Kyle came by Thursday afternoon with a load of laundry (more like 3 loads of laundry) which they did, and ended up putting a couple more cactus pieces in the trash can.

Kayty went to the dentist Monday and needs two root canals and a wisdom tooth removed. Fun times! Early Wednesday, she was at the endodontist for the for the beginning of her work.

She went on Tuesday evening and saw Jurassic World and said it was even better the second time.

Saturday morning, she went to the lake for a waterskiing cookout with her singles ward. It was a 6 am start, so that was NOT fun for Kayty. She did end up having a great time. There were some clouds throughout the morning and that made it so much more tolerable. After she got home, she emptied her car of trash (filled up TWO city trash cans - I hope they don't check the recycle can or they will find so much other stuff!) and TONS of clothing! At least three loads! She packed her suitcase for her Vegas trip in July and I am certain her car will get MUCH better mileage without so much stuff in it!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nate and Jess took a break from work/homework and stopped by for a visit on Tuesday to bring Dad the end mill they had ordered for him for Fathers' Day.  They used their gift cards from the shower to purchase a nice car seat and stroller on Monday evening. School is going well and the semester should be complete by near the end of July. Nate is also working on his truck. Stuff that works with Dad's truck he ends up trying out on his. He decided after Saturday that he also wants disc brakes, and he is locating some for his eight lug wheels. He wants to get it all running before Annalee is born, so they have a few months of testing out and working out any bugs.

He called Sunday to chat for a bit and said his next two weeks, he wouldn't be coming over much, since he is working MANY extra hours at work and doing homework. Lowe's and Home Depot are very busy this time of year!

 Dad's Monday began with his computer unable to hook up to the system, so he worked with the Help Desk and some guy in India for five hours. The meeting, scheduled to AGAIN define his new temporary position was AGAIN postponed to next week. He spent Tuesday at the Engines site reviewing what is occurring. They are trying to reduce defects that end up stopping assembly of an engine. You wouldn't believe how many problems come at final assembly...due to mishandling at that end point. Parts are dropped, etc. Once dropped, all the work that has gone into them is useless. He is prepared for another meeting next week. Meanwhile, he finally gave up on his computer and traveled out to the Tempe plant on Friday to see the IT guys there. They are working on it all weekend and will let him know next week when he can come out and get it.

Kaylee and I celebrated Red, White and Blue. She ate star toast with red and blue sugar, ate a star peanut butter and jelly sandwich,  made a star wreath

a mosaic star, a Statue of Liberty puzzle and lacing (which she always calls a kite), played with the felt on fleece board

ate fruit and yogurt dip out of a star shaped plate, star toast, lots of carrots and dip-dip, and blueberry mini muffins with red sugar sprinkles

 Made tents and washed dishes (or, rather, the inside of Grammy's rubber gloves)

q-tip painted,

made a fuzzy stick flag

strung felt start to make a necklace

stamped fireworks with a cut toilet paper tube and glitter paint
had fun with glitter playdough

and swam every afternoon after rest time.

Dad's Garden
Tomatoes have slowed down and my half hour picking per day has gone down to a few minutes every few days. The grape vines look awful! Basil and other herbs are still hanging in there, and the peppers are doing great, though he discovered that the plants he thought were Ghost Peppers were in fact Scotch Bonnets, a milder (but still very hot) pepper. He wrote a letter to the seed company he purchased them from and asked for a refund due to them sending bad seeds. Dad plans on beginning to tear out the old plants and vines soon. I saw that there was a bag of frozen tomatoes that we had missed on our last roast, so we roasted them in the hot pizza oven Saturday night and got a final batch of sauce.

Tomato Count total for this season: 1442

Dad's Truck
Dad went to Ethan's on Monday evening to do some welding for the floor of the truck. He worked on grit blasting and some painting, and also worked to make a misting/cooling system for the garage to be able to get more work done.

 Saturday, Nathan came by AFTER he had worked very early with Doran to paint at Doran's mother in law's house (they have hung drywall, taped, textured, and now they are finishing the job). He helped Dad a TON to get a lot of work complete on the truck. Morgan and Kyle came by later in the day and also helped. The projects that needed more than one man to help were accomplished!
Installing disc brakes

Dad rigged up a mister that operated behind the huge fan Wade Wallin gave him...made the garage and the work SO much cooler.

The engine had to be lifted with the engine hoist...for the fifth time...positioned more to the rear, holes drilled, and reset. Now the tunnel ram and two carburetors fit under the hood. This was a huge project that could not have been completed without the help of Nathan and later Morgan. 

Other highlights
I tried a new pizza crust recipe and it seems to be a good one. My old one was getting hard to work with and this one was much better. I will include the recipe later after we try it again. We had invited Dad's friend, Randy Greeson, for dinner a couple of weeks ago for pizza and Dad was going to help him on his resume, but since he needed help earlier, I guess he thought dinner was off. We did have the pizza, which was good

Late Saturday afternoon/early evening, we had noticed dust storm warnings on the news. Dad and I decided to to remove the top of the "sand tent" and no sooner had we done this, and I was walking to store it in my hut, than a dust storm hit. It wasn't huge, but was enough to make the pool pretty messy, and stir up all sorts of stuff.

One good thing from that dust storm is that it blew many of the old pine needles out of the tree. I was taking out trash and noticed the needles were blown on the driveway and in one part of the yard. So, I got my wheelbarrow and rake and filled up a load of pine needles for the pine needle can (we save the needles and use them in the pizza oven.) It was not as hot, and now I don't have to rake two yards this week! Score!!!

I spent hours selecting, preparing, and then loading Nano's birthday party invitations to each invitation website I could find. Cam helped me with Costco, though it was hard to find one I liked for an 80th birthday. Everyone's regular price was so high and I knew Mom would not like my spending tons on invites. Walgreens came out with a 40 percent off coupon, and I chose them! Ordered finally!

I have worked and worked, embroidering on trips to and from Vegas, and every nap Kaylee takes, and Annalee's Grammy Stocking should be complete next week. I am finishing the sequins and all I will need to do is sew it.

Sharynn and I have talked over the last few days about Nano's birthday party. She is coming, and Becca and Kimmy are flying down. She said she is taking two vehicles down to Phoenix. They are working on the decorations. It was good to talk to her in between her busy nursing class schedule. 

Not so highlights
I was a bit out of sorts over Dad's friend not coming for dinner. I had spent the day preparing and I didn't go anywhere else so I could clean up the little messes that arise from others' projects. It wasn't a huge deal, but I could have done other things.

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