Sunday, October 18, 2015

Week of October 12 - 18, 2015



My scripture that I ponderized this week was in Doctrine and Covenants 84 verse 88:
"I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to bear you up."

Dad enjoyed a wonderful Wednesday evening session at the temple.

We had another Sacrament meeting where we were spiritually fed so much! We have the most wonderful youth and adults in our ward!!

I completed reading all of the General Conference Talks this week and have started going over specific ones. I am really focusing on my thoughts during the partaking of the Sacrament and read the talk from the Sunday afternoon session by Elder Asay, which helped me so much. I am in Alma 53 in my Book of Mormon reading.

Dad's reading is: Bible-Numbers 15,  Book of Mormon  Alma 11,  Nearly finished with "The Fourth Thousand Years". 

I didn't get much indexing done this week. So far, I have indexed 5970 names this year.

The Wilkins Family
I didn't include last week that both Adam and Grace auditioned for and got parts in their school Christmas musical. Adam narrates and Grace plays Cupid the Reindeer. 

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan began his new position this week and moved into his own office. He showed us his wonderful dream come true car, too.

No beautiful red BMW is perfect without a candy corn towel in the driver seat!
He had the week off from Pizza Work, as Kaylee calls it. The family enjoyed every minute! Ethan got caught up on yard work and finished decorating the front of their house for Halloween.They went and saw a movie on Tuesday.  Mommy had to work a different shift on Wednesday, so she and Kaylee had the morning together and Daddy picked her up and had the evening together. That day had been very busy for Ethan. He arrived at work to a fire clean up. Apparently a 9 volt battery had been thrown in a trash receptacle and ignited a pretty damaging fire.

Saturday, they spent the day at the Arizona State Fair
The spent the night in Flagstaff, had breakfast at "The Place" on Sunday
And then went to "Pumpkins In The Pines". It was not as good as the advertisements said, but they had a good time.

The Doran Rice Family
All are doing well. They are excited for Halloween to come! Kelsie is going to be a Zombie and Kooper is going to be a monkey...his favorite!!

Morgan texted on Tuesday evening searching for frequent flyer airline tickets. He has heard of a job in South or North Dakota.Kyle and he are having a difficulty working. Kyle's car was impounded due to outstanding unpaid tickets.

Kayty had Monday and Tuesday off. She has had a few low glucose problems last week and Monday was no exception. I had checked on her early, and she had fallen asleep with a sucker in her mouth.


I talked to her and she seemed ok so I sent her off for a good tooth brushing and went on exercising. I checked her once again, and nothing odd...and little cold but not odd. I went to wake up Dad a little earlier than normal, and I turned right to check on her, and she was not right. I got one and a half cans of soda down her before the seizures came. It took over two cans, but she was up to 95 and fine. I am so thankful for tender mercies and promptings!! I am also so thankful she was ok on the night we were in Vegas.

She had a short work day Wednesday and then a long work day, beginning in Tempe, on Thursday.

Friday was NOT a good day. Someone ran a stop sign in a private parking lot and hit her Ellie. She ended up getting a bit banged up too. I grabbed Kaylee and we went over to take her to urgent care. Five xrays later, she was deemed ok, but she has been in pain for days. Missed work on Friday. Ethan said the car might be totaled, though it is drivable and doesn't appear that damaged. The frame may have taken the brunt. So thankful she is ok!

Poor Ellie!

Her new dress came in the mail, which healed her heart a bit...

She worked Saturday as best she could, and spent the rest of the evening on the couch in pain. 

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan worked 3am to noon this week. He helped with Annalee and worked on his truck. Jessica has been back to working as much as she can as well.Nate had saved lots of time to help Dad on Friday, but when we had to take off to care for Kayty, he and Jess decided to head up to Young for a weekend at Jess's family trailer there.


Dad started the week with a huge Kaizen Event at the Deer Valley plant. He has been getting other assignments from Boss A, preparing for his return to his former position, plus on Tuesday, he was told he had a huge document as well as training to Wednesday. He didn't attend the Kaizen event that day and completed the required reading and training. He has been assigned to be the new SAP Go-to Person, which gives him additional responsibility.

Kaylee and I began our Halloween Activities this week. We had a lot of fun...and the BEST part was Daddy picking her up! As I said, Ethan didn't work his second job this week, and it was just a delight have my work day end a bit earlier. I didn't realize how exhausting the prior Kaylee week was!!

We played with playdough and did stories and poems on the felt board

Made a wreath


crawled like a spider and did a spider toss

stamped spiders...

ate spider treats and snacks

tossed and counted ghosts...

glued and colored

made monster cookies

made monster faces

painted a door hanger with an orange glittery ghost on it
made a spooky candy haunted graham cracker house

rested with a black cat

and was a perfect angel when Grammy and Papa grabbed her up, and rushed off to take Kayty to Urgent Care after her car accident.

Dad's Garden
Snow peas are doing well and our only troubles have been from critters in the yard that love eating fresh young sprouts. We have lost many a carrot plant. Dad sprays whiteflies on the grapevines every couple of days. Those things are a menace! Winter grass is coming up all over the yard, thanks to the wonderful rain!

Dad's Truck
LOTS done on the truck this week. Mike B and Nate helped a lot. The end of week  cooler weather helped a lot!!! He disassembled the engine, installed the new cam, replace and re put together many things, including adjusting valves and lifters.

Other highlights

Rain! We had rain this week!!!
We had a fun meatloaf dinner at Dorrie's on Sunday evening. Nate, Jess and Annalee came back from Young, and Ethan, Cam and Kaylee came back from Flagstaff for Grandma's good food. We had a huge hailstorm on the way there...Grandma ended up getting an inch of rain from that storm alone!

Annalee was able to meet Uncle Ethan, Aunt Amber and Uncle Doran, and her cousins Kelsie, Kooper and Kaylee.

Not so highlights
It was a warm week until Friday, and the worst was that while it was too warm to play outdoors too much, it was too cool for the pool. Worst times!

Kayty had worked hard to pay off that car, and had paid extra...and now she may have to get another one. No fun.

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