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Week of October 5 - 11, 2015



As General Conference is over, we now have the opportunity to further study each talk. I read the first talk in the first session today, and watched more intently the talk given by President Monson Sunday morning. He spoke powerfully, and I had looked up the scripture he based his talk on as he spoke. His words spoke to me then, and did the second time I listened. I knew he would grow very tired, to the point of worrying an entire church, and I did see that, but it was at the end of his talk, and he was so firm to bear his testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. That was more important to him that what might happen to him. It made an impression I will not forget. I was so thankful to hear the stories of those in the Conference Center, that could see President Uchtdorf right at the edge of his seat behind the prophet, in respect and reverence, but ready to catch him. He was the first to our prophet after he concluded his talk. I could also see his assistant running across the podium to him. I hope I can give nearly as much as that wonderful man does each and every day for an entire church. Monday, for Family Night, Dad and I listened to President Uchtdorf's talk in the Saturday morning session. We discussed expectations and simplifying things.

Mom's Ponderize Scripture
The scripture I chose to Ponderize is found in 1 Timothy 4: 12  "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity."

At the Phoenix Temple, I attended the Wednesday 6 am session, Dad attended the Wednesday 7:30 pm session, and we both attended the Thursday 7:30 am session. It was interesting that I received on Wednesday one of those Facebook memory notifications. One year ago on Wednesday we attended the open house at the temple for our neighborhood. I remember walking through that beautiful temple then and just being in awe of every beautiful thing...and to think one year later, I was there serving.

In reading, I am in Alma 37  in the Book of Mormon. I also started studying the General Conference messages and am currently in the Saturday Evening Priesthood Session. I have already printed a few talks to go over again and again. Dad is reading in Alma 4 in the Book of Mormon and Numbers 9 in the Bible.

I indexed some ships records this week. I have indexed 5943 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Allison wrote me a message during the week. She has the three older kids in three sports: Adam in football, Grace in volleyball, and Josh is playing soccer, and that requires practices and games for all three. Adam and Grace auditioned for the Christmas play and made it, so they have that additional practice coming in the future. Allison drives three times a day to and from their school, and she also keeps up with three church she has a writing job two hours a day. Phew!

We drove up Saturday afternoon and had a great, but all to quick visit.

Lots of playing

I was counting to 20 for hide and seek. That Josh is an AWESOME hider!!

A walk
Grammy racing her grandkids

Sam loved this one house filled with many Halloween inflatables.

Reading a scripture story about Joseph Smith and then an awesome Halloween bedtime story
Early Sunday morning chatting and fun

Getting ready for church

And their Primary Program was again a spiritual high. Adam was very kind and even though he is out of primary, he had a part, sang, and was a great helper in keeping too energetic young boys in line throughout the entire program. Adam, Grace and Josh said their lines flawlessly...and I really noticed how well Grace slowed her speaking down so it was so easy for us to understand. Their songs were awesome, and the final song, "Come Follow Me", included a beautiful cello solo by one of the ward young women. That song truly strengthened the Spirit that already was present, and I know that no one who was there will forget that strong witness of Jesus Christ and His love for us. I know I won't. We shared quick and sad goodbye hugs as Papa and I headed straight back to Phoenix. Four hours...45 minutes...sitting in that jeep! Naprosyn came for my hip as soon as I got home.

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo messaged me on Wednesday. She has had another week of late nights so far. Kaylee's ear infection had not gone away as of Saturday, so she is on another antibiotic now. Poor Kaylee had to miss swimming on Thursday: someone upchucked in the pool and it was closed. Friday, we heard that Ethan had gotten the Operations Manager promotion at Home Depot that he had interviewed for. Believe me, there have been many things going on with this family and Ethan behind the scenes over the last few weeks that have kept them very preoccupied. I only knew a little, and it was crazy. Hurray for Ethan!!!

The Doran Rice Family
Happy 3rd Anniversary, Doran and Amber on Sunday! Dad talked to Doran on Sunday evening. He had made some amazing smoked meat that weekend and enjoyed using his smoker.
Kelsie's little lice friends are no longer anywhere to be seen!!! Hurray! Kooper is doing well. Family is doing well!

Morgan came by Monday and chainsawed and stacked tons of wood. Their roommate backed out on them and he sold some of his possessions to make rent, and the work he did was to get his power working so the refrigerator would work. Morgan came by Tuesday, planning to mow the yard, but it was pouring rain, so he went on to find other work elsewhere.

Kayty had Monday off. She slept late, and went with me to the grocery store and Sally's Beauty.I got to take a trip Wednesday night to her store, since she left the store keys at home, and needed to lock up. She came home with a gorgeous dress for her December office party! So Kayty...all sequins. We came home Sunday from our trip to evidence that Kayty had overslept and ran out the door for work with out doing anything to clean up after herself. Nothing better...:P

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan was by on Monday after work. He got his hunting license ordered and printed, and cleaned some parts for his truck before he headed home. He had purchased some paintings on offer up and he went to get them. We received an email photo: two of ocean scenes and one of snowy mountains. They were beautiful!
 Nano had missed meeting Annalee in the hospital, so when she came to visit, we were able to go over to the Hudsons and let Nano meet that new great granddaughter.

 Annalee's doctor's appointment was good on Wednesday and she gained enough weight back and didn't have the odd thyroid numbers any more.They were so kind and both Jess and Nate brought Annalee for a Friday night visit. It was late and I was so glad I could see her before we headed to Vegas. We got a pic Sunday morning of her first Sunday trip to church dress. Hope her day was wonderful!

Dad's Monday was in meetings. There is lots of discussion and planning regarding the Kaizen event next week. He was given a new assignment by Boss A-2 and spent a good part of the morning of a day off trying to meet with people to discover what he needs to do.

My Monday work consisted of cleaning, dusting and vacuuming the house. I completed the Halloween decorating with a few spider webs...not nearly as good as Kayty's but I wanted it done! I grocery shopped, got my hair trimmed, went to the post office, and purchased hair products from Sally's Beauty. Lots of items checked off on my "Week Off To Do List". After the temple on Wednesday, I did some grocery shopping on Sr. Day. One perk of being aged: ten percent off groceries the first Wednesday of the month. I had filled out my dinner calendar so I had planned what I needed. Other duties this week included trips to Costco, Lowes, Walgreens, and a trip down to Nano's to pick up one more thing she forgot to include in our Vegas load. I did get my whole list done, and have started the list for my next week off.

Dad's Garden
I helped Dad on Monday get plastic down. I prepped and stomped and he put plastic in. While he planted the Chinese Cabbage, and lettuces, I trimmed up what was remaining of the oregano (smelled so good), removed the dead sage, and cleaned up around a basil plant. It smelled so nice. In the cool evening, he planted some beets, spinach, and turnips, and replanted some carrots.New seeds were also started for more lettuce later to be planted.

Dad's Truck
On Thursday, Dad's day off was filled with working on the truck motor mounts. Lots of machining and measuring and deciding and drilling.
On Friday, the motor mounts were grit blasted, painted and installed.

Finally: engine mounted in the correct spot, securely and the frame is more stabilized. It took months but the end result is a firm foundation (in the vehicle world, that is)

Other Highlights
A sprinkle of rain on Monday morning, no a/c on all day Monday, windows open all evening. Heavenly weather!!! Tuesday, it poured and we loved on all the rain we finally got this year! Our plants and trees were so happy! Windows were open every night we were there, and the a/c didn't have to go on again until

Not so highlights
It is no fun to be ripped off. We had spoken with Century Link about our poor quality phone and internet. We made the decision to drop the home phone and we were told we would get a significantly higher internet speed with the new plan. On Saturday, we were having problems watching Conference on the internet and after a check, discovered we did NOT have faster internet at all. Monday, Dad called and they had no such order for our speedier internet, knew nothing of the person we had written down the name of, the order number, etc. We called Cox and were going to have their service set up. We have a Cox box right out in front of our house. At the end of Monday, we received an email that we could not receive service because it was not available. Grrrrrr

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