Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week of November 9 - 15, 2015

 I was sitting here, starting my final entries on a Sunday morning, and I was drawn to the quote that I felt impressed to start my blog awile ago...
"…Your Heavenly Father loves you—each of you. That love never changes. It is not influenced by your appearance, by your possessions, or by the amount of money you have in your bank account. It is not changed by your talents and abilities. It is simply there. It is there for you when you are sad or happy, discouraged or hopeful. God’s love is there for you whether or not you feel you deserve love. It is simply always there." Thomas S. Monson

We all have days...Just remember this, that no matter what YOU think, HE loves you and is always, always there for you. 

My ponderize scripture for the week is found in Ephesians 4:32
"And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ's sake hath forgiven you."

Cameo decided to have a Girls' Day with Kaylee on Wednesday, so I got to attend the early morning temple session. There were so many more people! (I later realized it was Veteran's Day, so no school and no work for some). It was a lovely way to start my day!

Dad attended the temple on Tuesday evening to do some other temple work, and then a session on Wednesday evening.

We had a beautiful Sacrament Meeting on Sunday that included all of our young women. Two young women gave talks about Young Women Values and how they have influenced their lives. One talk was on Good Works and serving others, and the other was on Individual Worth. This young woman shared an amazing message that helped all women feel more valued. Their leaders spoke of the Savior and experiences from His life and his teachings. The young women sang a beautiful song as well. It was a wonderful meeting.

Dad went home teaching Sunday evening. He visited two families and had to reschedule one visit due to a conflict. 

I completed another reading of the Book of Mormon on Friday and started it again. This time, I am reading a bit slower and taking time to ponder after I read.I am ending the week on 1 Nephi 5. Dad's reading is as follows:  Book of Mormon Alma 58   Bible Numbers 27/

I have indexed over 6451 names so far this year. 


The Wilkins Family
Adam's (and Allison's) week started hard. Adam's bone had to be adjusted before setting, and it caused Adam...and his sweet mom...terrible pain and tears. So sorry!
Sammy has been experimenting with color, as we saw last week, and his efforts continued Tuesday
The hashtag #banningmarkers was included with this Facebook post.

On Wednesday, they attended a Veteran's Day Parade

 Thursday was a very special day! Happy Birthday, Allison!!!

The Ethan Rice Family
Good work week for both Ethan and Cameo. Ethan came to get Kaylee Monday AND Tuesday, which is such a treat for Kaylee. Daddy brings out the adventurer in Kaylee, and she bravely climbed both rock walls, went down the big green circle slide, and went down the fire pole, all with her daddy nearby to guide and catch. Cam took a day off on Wednesday, and took Kaylee to see the new Peanuts movie, which she loved, and for her first haircut. After work Thursday, Cam took Kaylee shopping to get some inconspicuous heightening shoes. Yes, she needs two more inches to qualify for some of the rides next week on their Disneyland trip. She sent me a pic of some pretty cute boots. Glad it's November and not July or someone might figure things out! They had a good rest of the week, busy preparing for their trip next week.

The Doran Rice Family
This week was a new day care giver for Kooper...He seemed to just LOVE it there...and the ladies loved him (the little ones especially).

Sadly, the care giver has to go back to a full time job due to her husband's job, and they have to find another care giver. This lady was great and even shared facebook pics!

Doran went home after the target shooting and worked to install this

Lookin good, Doran!

Kelsie is still fighting those doggone head lice so Amber is super busy with laundry and lice searches, besides her own full time work...Hope those nasties are gone soon!!

No word at all from Morgan this week and no one has heard from him.

Kayty worked Monday and Tuesday, and headed to Vegas on Wednesday after work. Her sweet new car did well and she had a fun time. It's nice to have her there when things like a birthday happen. I got to see a video of the "Happy Birthday" singing on Allison's birthday via Facebook.

She spent a ton of time looking for four identical cd's with each of her One Direction loves...drove to nearly every Target in Vegas and almost was sold into slavery, but she got them!

 She had a great time with Allison and family, though she and Adam must have driven Allison nearly crazy! Thank you for being her favorite place on earth!!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan worked long and extra hours at work, worked on getting his classes all lined up for his semester back at school in January, and worked on his truck. He got the floor insulated and carpeted. He also reloaded some ammo here and brought Annalee over on Friday afternoon while he worked outside for Kaylee and I to enjoy while she slept. They stopped by on Sunday evening for a wonderful visit and I got to feed and snuggle Annalee for a good long time!

Dad was busy with a huge Kaizen event all week. The meetings were online, so he only had to leave on breaks to visit a supplier or two, but the hours and hours of sitting were Killer!

Kaylee and I started our Thanksgiving activities this week. I had a lot planned on Monday, but she decided to just do a few things.
She enjoyed the turkey juice and a turkey P, B and H

The turkey gluing, though she did more decorating than gluing this time,

She fell asleep early on Monday...must have had a busy weekend, that sweet girl!

Daddy surprised us with no pizza work, so he came, played on the playground with her, and she had a blast! I love how she tries different things when Ethan is here. She climbed both the difficult and the easier rock walls, with him carefully minding every move. She went down the scary green circular slide all by herself...FIVE times!!! and never wanted to stop! She also climbed up and slid down the fire pole to her daddy. Anyone who says BOTH parents are not necessary to a child's development is a NUT! They learn so much from both Mom and Dad!!!

She was absolutely in love with all the stuffed animals this week! Slumber parties were a regular thing...

Tuesday we tried Pilgrim, Indian and Turkey activities. She was most assured that the boy and girl with the two "feathers" on the backs of their heads were bunnies and NOT indians.

We had an impromptu Turkey Picnic in the gazebo. It was deemed by Kaylee to be the BEST turkey picnic ever!

Thursday I continued to try and convince her that those people in the cute things I had printed were Indians and not bunnies! We talked about Indian Corn, touched it, and created it.

We played outside a lot, which is wonderful in this weather. We tricycled down the street late in the afternoon and watched a tractor scrape a neighbor's front yard.

On Friday, she made a mini pumpkin. It was a graham cracker mini crust and Greek pumpkin pie yogurt (which tasted absolutely NOTHING like pumpkin pie, but she loved it!) a few mini chocolate chips and some whipped cream to add if she wanted to...

We made ice cream cone cornucopias, filled with Cheerios, pretzel sticks, craisins, candy corn, and M & Ms. I forgot to get the final picture)
It was such a treat to have Daddy pick her up a few more times this week! She is really excited about Disneyland next week!

Dad's Truck
This week he created mounting pads for the body...

He painted the transmission cover, created a gasket for it, and installed it. He got some spray adhesive and is readying to install carpeting, though he wants to see what Nathan did on his truck first.

Dad's Garden
Dad planted some more lettuce, and worked on keeping it all happy...and free from invading rabbits and hens.

Other Highlights
I forgot to include this photo last week. It is a pic of Dad assisting Greg Sheppard in our ward to create his fantastic holiday light display. Dad designed a more sturdy set up, and is teaching this pediatric dentist how to be a machinist. PLUS Dad is actually working on a holiday display. I told Greg that I was going to include photos here and give Dad some credit, since it's the closest thing he will probably do to putting up lights.

Also, with gas points, I was able to get fuel for our cars for 1.27 a gallon!! Score!

I got a day off!!! As I said, I went to the temple, and then came home, dusted-cleaned-vacuumed (I am hopeless!), got some extra food prep done for meals in the coming weeks, I get my nativities put up early, and also shopped a little at WalMart and Dollar Tree, which was very disappointing! It was just plain nice to relax amd have no list!

The guys went target shooting on Saturday and had such a great time! Thanks for the pic, Ethan.

I almost accomplished my goal for next week of decorating the living room for Christmas (I tossed last year's hunting tree and still need to replace.) The rest of the house is Thanksgiving, but some of my decorating is complete.

Rainy Sunday! Such a wonderful surprise!

Sunday ended on such a note of thankfulness. I am so grateful for prayers answered and the Lord being there to hold me up when I am starting to fear. Remember that Faith and Fear cannot exist together. Faith overcomes fear.

Not so highlights
We received an email on Thursday. While Honeywell is doing well (and Dad is busier than busy since they had a lay off a few weeks ago), they still need to cut back. No raises next year. Furlough right after Thanksgiving - no work and no pay for one week. We are ok...but I surely feel for so many who are not prepared. 

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