Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week of October 26 - November 1, 2015


My ponderize scripture for the week is:
"The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty had given me life." Job 33: 4

We worked for days on our Stake Baptism Coordinator calling: making phone call after phone call, and changing the program over and over. Wednesday night, after the third or fourth printing, and thinking about having to set up four rooms and 200 chairs, I was so ready to call someone and get released from that calling. It ended up being a beautiful day. The building cleaner ward had not done their cleaning, which was so good because the chairs just needed to be straightened and moved, rather than unstacked. I had to haul fifty chairs from down the hallway in the cultural hall to the seminary room, but it was done, the five children all arrived and had happy faces as they made their first covenant with Heavenly Father. It ended up being a perfect baptism!

Dad had a good night at the temple on Wednesday. It is nice to go and serve and see friends there as well.

I indexed this week...not very many names...but the indexing system would not allow me to submit, nor would it give me my totals so far this year. Grrr

In scripture reading, I am in 3 Nephi 15. Dad is in Alma 31 in the Book of Mormon and Numbers 18 in the Bible.


The Wilkins Family
Joshy did not get selected for All day kindergarten, which disappointed him, but NOT Mommy and Sam! He has had two soccer games and they won both, and he scored a goal in the last game! One of the three scored!!! Hooray Josh!

They had fun with their Vegas cousins on Friday...
 and Saturday...

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and Cameo managed to get through a busy work week, with a little wounded toddler, swimming lessons, and Halloween. Cameo dressed up Friday as Flo and made a huge crockpot of chili to share with her work associates
and they shared their house with us (and their neighborhood) for trick or treating.We saw them briefly before church on Sunday. They had hit the half off sales and stocked up on some awesome decorations for next year, including a very spooky "greeter" which Kaylee was not too pleased with!

The Doran Rice Family
I found this on Facebook early Thursday morning...
Amber dressed as "Crazy Dog Lady" for work on Friday
And on Halloween

Morgan has been pretty good keeping in touch during his travels. On Wednesday, he messaged me that he was in a place called Troutdale

I asked what Gorge it was the gateway to, and he said it was the Columbia River Gorge. He had gotten a ride there with an LDS trucker (yep, those sweet and very white haired angels are ministering to our Morgan) who turns old electric sewing machines into hand crank ones and then gives them to women in third world countries. He suggested Brigham (cousin) give him a call for his Eagle Scout Project. Sounds really interesting! He assured me he was warm and dry, though the weather there is wet.

 Kayty had a pretty rugged Monday. She woke, helped me by putting on the movie "Finding Nemo" while Kaylee was crying and needed something to get her mind off her pain (details below) and it was absolutely perfect. She got her xrays and went to her hand specialist, who informed her that there was indeed a broken bone and put her in a cast. 
She was NOT happy! 
Her Aunt Marina found out this information:

Marina Rice Fleetwood
Marina Rice Fleetwood Had to google it to see where it was! "scaphoid bone /ˈskæfɔɪd/ (from the Greek scaphoides, boat-shaped) is one of the carpal bones of the wrist. It is situated between the hand and forearm on the thumb side of the wrist (also called the lateral or radial side"

The scaphoid can be slow to heal because of the limited circulation to the bone. Fractures of the scaphoid must be recognized and treated quickly, as prompt treatment by immobilization or surgical fixation increases the likelihood of the bone healing in anatomic alignment, thus avoiding mal-union or non-union. Delays may compromise healing. Failure of the fracture to heal ("non-union") will lead to post-traumatic osteoarthritis of the carpus.[1] :189 One reason for this is because of the "tenuous" blood supply to the proximal segment.[2] Even rapidly immobilized fractures may require surgical treatment, including use of a headless compression screw such as the Herbert screw to bind the two halves together.

Her car, Ellie, was declared totalled on Friday. Not a good thing, since she loved Ellie. Work has been pretty good, even without her car, and she will have to clean her out and find a new one next week. 

The Nathan Rice Family
Nate and Jess have been busy working. Jess had her last checkup at the doctor and was given a clean bill of health and sent on her way. Nate worked full time all week, worked on getting his truck running and then altering his shifter. School classes in Idaho for next semester will include Physics and Calculus. Annalee is doing well, though sometimes loves the nightime attention she is getting. Jess was pretty tired on Saturday night, since Annalee LOVED seeing the middle of the night Friday. Dad and Nate melted lead and made bullets one afternoon. 


This week, Dad developed the M.O.S. for his RTY Kaizen Pipeline tool. He also resolved Nivron plating failure with Powell and PureCoat. He also fixed a delivery issue for Maricopa Controls.

This week, Kaylee and I did more Halloween things, with Jack o Lanterns, Witches, Black Cats, Spiders and Candy Corn. Our week started out awful. We had a good morning, and had gone out to feed the chickens. We went and got a new egg from "Brownie". Kaylee asked if there was a chick inside, so I thought it a good chance to teach. We went in, put a pan on the stove, mixed the egg and cooked a scrambled egg. She was getting off the chair (or so I thought) and I grabbed a plate to put her egg on. I heard screams and ran to find her holding her hand in the air. She had touched the hot stove and I had not payed enough attention to her to make sure she was down. Immediately into cold water...calling dad (who was in a meeting online) and Kayty (who was still asleep) for help. She would cry and then the water would make it feel better. Dad finally came to see what was going on and he gave her a priesthood blessing, which she was NOT thrilled about, but it made me so much calmer. We spent the rest of the hours of the day with her hand in a bowl of cool water.

We ended up trying a couple of things to get her mind off...and she was such a good kid about all of it! I felt awful!!! Tuesday was hard, since we had to keep that hand clean, and still try to play outdoors. She didn't take a nap, which nearly killed me! I need that nap! Anyway, Wednesday she did better, though getting that hand rinsed was impossible...Dad even tried luring her to wash little duckies in the bathtub...

she did take a nap, which was heaven sent for me. I got a breather...and got dinner made...

So our week, other than the "horrible Grammy caused trauma" was this:

Jack o lantern day

Spider day...including the itsy bitsy spider

Witch day

Black cat and bat day
Halloween celebration, with candy corn and visits

Dad's Truck
This week, he spent searching to solve his radiator problem. He is trying to decide if replacing is a better option than altering the present set up.

Dad's Garden
Dad put up the fences for protecting the plants from our bunny friends, prepared a larger hot pepper garden, created two additional compost bins with manure from Grandma's.

Other highlights
 When I head out for my morning jog, I always notice three "stars" in the eastern sky that I knew must be planets, but I wasn't sure. It ended up that I saw something one morning on the news that the three planets are Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. Pretty neat!

Halloween was FULL of treats!
Mike grew hair...

Cameo stopped smiling...

Kaylee copied Mommy and Aunt Jade

Amber dressed as Crazy Dog Lady (and some might say that she IS a crazy dog lady...but we all love her so much!!)

Kelsie as a Zombie

Kooper as a Monkey (not a fan of the costume hat, however...)

Kayty sold suits

and her dwarf (store tailor) Happy

Annalee was Snow White as well...

Some more cute pics from our Halloween
 Annalee's first Halloween...
Jack o Lantern

House to trick or treat at

And after three houses...the first one to call it a night...

The rest of the night...

Thank you everyone for sharing in our fun!!!

Not so highlights

Nothing much else, other than what I shared. There are things going on in one family that Dad and I fasted and prayed about. If you all could just remember all of our family members in your prayers. Most everyone needs guidance, through prayer, and then we all need to recognize that guidance when it comes. Trials and challenges happen to everyone, and the only growth we ever experience always comes from those trials and challenges. Remember to always ask the Lord for help. No matter what, He is always there!!!

I love you all!!!

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