Sunday, January 24, 2016

Week of January 18 - 24, 2016

Dad attended sessions at the temple on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. He went on Thursday due to it being Ward Temple Night.

He was the only attendee at Ward Temple Night.

I substituted for the ward chorister for Sacrament Meeting and Dad and I substituted one more time for the Valiant 9 class in Primary. 

I have indexed 1689 records so far this year.

In the scriptures, I am starting Alma 42 this week.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins are well and have had a busy week of school, work, writing (Allison) and church. All are well.

The Ethan Rice Family
Busy work week for this family. Out of town visitors kept Ethan busy all week, but also included two meals at the Wigwam Resort. Pretty awesome! Cameo tried some Crossfit on Wednesday, but Kaylee wanted Mommy with her and not exercising.On Saturday, they went up to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber and family had a good week. We drove over to their house Sunday to deliver some things and see them. Kelsie is doing well in school and was very brave at her dental appointment this week. Doran did some archery target shooting on Saturday while Amber took the kids shopping at Target, Kirklands and Market on the Move. She also was able to meet with another pet store and get the opportunity to do adoption events there in the future, and they donated quite a bit of pet food to the group as well. We took Kooper his birthday gift over and had a fun visit.

Morgan was here when Kaylee and I arrived on Wednesday. He is looking well and said his job at the temporary service is having him work three twelve hour days during the week, and since they have a rule that no one can work in excess of forty hours, he has four days off.

Kayty had Monday off, and spent it sleeping. She had fun at Family Home Evening - some sort of food relay.She worked long hours all week and a bridal show both Saturday and Sunday.

Saves: 1 last Sunday and 4 this week (2 today! I just can't figure out diabetes!) . I am so thankful for immediate answers to prayer. I knew I had to leave on Friday morning. Dad was gone. I prayed that if she was near a glucose problem that it would happen before I had to leave. I sat down and heard her alarm clock going off. When I went in, she couldn't answer questions and I checked her and her glucose was 25! I got soda down her immediately. She came around in about 10 minutes, grouched at me that she was cold, and went back to sleep. No, she isn't thankful...but I am! And that is all that matters!!

The Nathan Rice Family
This little family is full busy with school. Nate's classes are going well and he got a great score on a test this week. His only challenge is the fact that he already has MORE machining experience than his Machine Shop teacher! Ugh! Annalee is well. She doesn't like peas.I was able to facetime and watch Annalee grab the spoon and feed herself her bananas! She loves being independent. Nate completed his test for the week and took a breather on Sunday before another week of heavy school work. Jessica received a church calling Sunday as the Assistant Compassionate Service Leader in the Relief Society. Her schooling is also keeping her very busy, as is her job. They have a wonderful apartment with a great heater and they are doing well.

Dad's week was filled with meetings. This new project added yet another daily meeting. Beginning Wednesday and every morning thereafter, he has a 6:30 am Project Normandy meeting. Thursdays, he has a weekly meeting that goes until 5:30 pm. 11 hour day that day! Plus he works on emails at night. I know that teachers complain that their work takes involves long days, but there are MANY other career choices that involve long hours and long days and no raises and few paid holidays (I don't know of any of my kids that had Martin Luther King day off.) LOTS of people work LONG days!

Just sayin...

He kept up with the daily meetings all week, and as soon as it was done on Friday, he had to head out to Tempe...7am traffic to Tempe is NOT fun!

Kaylee and I played outdoors for hours all week. She swang on every swing, but loves spinning fast on the tire swing the most. She went down both slides and has even mastered climbing the rock climbing wall on her own (did it over and over!) and then going down the big green slide. She played in the sand, rode the scooter, rode the tricycle all by herself, got pushed in the kett car, kicked the beach ball around the lower courtyard, raked, fed the chickens, and had a blast in lovely weather.

Making Sand Angels

We are talking about the letter P this week. She made a P penguin,

played with penguin finger puppets,

ate popcorn, drank fruit juice punch, made her own peanut butter and honey sandwich, sorted poker chips (Papa discovered this one when he was looking for something in the music room)

made a pink and purple pasta necklace, went to storytime at the library and then had a peanut butter and pretzel snack on the library porch.
 We played more playdough, "fed" the penguin penguin crackers...
 Did more decorating of her bunny bean bag toss (this old box and cheap poster board drawing has given this little girl hours and hours of fun!)
 Helped Papa install the door locks

 and played princess paperdolls with a penguin.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Dad's Garden
He is eating lots of turnip greens and turnips. I roasted the turnips on Tuesday and thought they were amazing! Dad didn't...and Kayty didn't like the Dad will be eating a LOT of raw turnips.

Year of the house. 
This week, Dad got new locks for the doors. We hadn't replace them in a long time, and they were really getting difficult to operate.

I have been decluttering and organizing more as one of my goals for the year, so I went through boxes in the playroom and got stuff more situated and labeled.

Dad got some flowers for me. I love fragrant flower beds, but am NOT a fan of planting, watering, and keeping creatures away, so I didn't want the bed. So, he dug and planted it and watered it himself. It looks nice!

We also went out and picked a new ceiling fan for the Family Room and spent quite a bit of time getting it installed.

No more remote! It works and we can see again!

Other highlights
I was off early on Friday (Daddy came and took Kaylee out to Dillon in Scottsdale) and after I worked on organizing my stuff better with my Christmas Present from the Amazon gift card from Nano...Thanks Mom

...we went out and used one of the gift cards I got Dad for Christmas. We ate at Olive Garden...he has been wanting to eat there forever. He had shrimp scampi that was pretty good and we both had salad. I even got to eat some of a breadstick...Ahh, heaven!

Not so highlights
I had a lung "thing" all week that just kept me watching for a cough. I had the piano at church loaded with open cough drops in case I got a tickle while I was singing, but we were all good. 

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