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Week of February 29 - March 6, 2016



Dad spent early Monday evening before Family Home Evening making phone calls to families in preparation for the baptism on Saturday. He even got the parts of the program so I could fill in the one I am typing later in the week. It took many phone calls and many edits for this program!The baptism started out well, with everyone getting their clothing and all parts of the program there, and then there was this ONE mother. Know it all!!! Grr. I had to remember it's the special day for these kids...forget crazy mom! And then, another child showed up. We didn't know about this sweet young man, but all worked very hard, including the other new couple that we will rotate months with. It all worked out, and every single child left with a smile on their faces. (That one mother never did smile. I guess telling everyone else how to do their job is not a happy thing!) I got everything washed, dried, and returned to the church closets on Sunday evening, and then picked up another load from a missionary baptism, plus a couple of bags of men's undergarments that had been left there from the baptism. Washing someone else's underthings???Sometimes, this job is no fun!

Sunday was such an uplifting day at church. During our Sacrament meeting, person after person bore such beautiful testimonies of being baptized, overcoming trials, finding peace at the temple, and relief society had a beautiful lesson on sisterhood. You sit with these ladies every week and think everyone else has such a perfect life..and then you listen. We all are struggling and having our challenges. We learned in Sunday School about hard things, and how when we continue to do those hard things, the hard things end, or they grow more easy.

Dee and I went home teaching at the Blake's house. It was so nice to see Tatianna and Julissa there on our visit.

I completed reading the March Ensign Magazine and am in 3rd Nephi  21  in the Book of Mormon. 

I indexed off and on this week. I have indexed 2937 records so far this year.

Family, just so you know, my phone is still non-existent. I can receive calls but I cannot hear them well, part due to my poor hearing and part due to the phone being laundered. I hope to get to a store next week and sign up on a plan. Until then, Facebook, my personal experience, or your calls are my only way to know what's happening...and I know you all are busy. Sorry for the sparse information...

The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins must be doing well and are very busy with school, work and church responsibilities.

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan and Cam spent the early week recovering from Influenza. Lots of coughing and lots of exhaustion. Cameo has her big last days/first days of the month week and she didn't get off work till late Monday and Tuesday. Ethan had a root canal on Tuesday as well. They all seem to be slowly getting over the influenza virus.They even felt like taking a brief overnight-er in their tent trailer using the canoe at Lake Pleasant.

It was VERY crowded but they enjoyed. On Saturday evening, they went to the Out West Balloon Fest to see LOTS of beautiful and crazy hot air balloons.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran, Amber and family must be doing well and are busy!

No news from Morgan. He works long days and that keeps him out of trouble.

Kayty worked on Monday and went to her Bachelor viewing on Monday evening.She had Tuesday off and ended up playing "Tangled", which put Kaylee asleep (a rarity!) so we watched it twice! She worked the rest of the week, and will be working every other weekend until a new keyholder is hired.

Number of saves this week: ONLY 1!!!

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica worked and schooled with a sick baby this week. She had a cough and lots of congestion. I facetimed with Annalee on Wednesday and was even able to get her to laugh a couple of times (perhaps before she realized she has a crazy person for a Grammy!) Jessica views long and what Nate refers to as boring Psychology presentations. He is working on his math and machining classes. Next semester registration begins soon. Jessica let us know on Thursday that they took Annalee to the doctor and she has RSV and an ear infection! Poor little kiddo!! When I messaged her later that night, she said Annalee was VERY energetic from all the meds she is taking. She prefers mom's milk to formula while she's sick, so Mommy is very tired, taking all night shifts. Nate called and I got to face time on Sunday and talk to Annalee and Mommy was taking a much needed nap. Annalee was feeding herself bananas. Nate had a pork roast and two loaves of banana bread in the oven. It was raining. School and work are keeping Jessica busy, and Nate's world is full of math quizzes and tests, and physics tests. He did get a break in the rain on Sunday and got Annalee and Jessica out of the house and on a nice Sunday drive, where they were able to see 15 deer.

Dad's week was filled with meetings and training: him training others to complete their portion of this assignment he is in charge of, and him receiving training. His most difficult task is mainly with three of his SDEs that don't want to complete the assignment in the way it is assigned, but rather their own way. Dee's supervisors met for over an hour on Monday with Dee and one individual who insisted on doing it HIS OWN way. Very long and frustrating. Dad received a very good annual review from his boss on Monday. He had nothing but praise to give, which is nice since that is all that they will receive this year: praise. No raise. Wednesday his day lasted over 15 hours, with all the extra work and meetings and reports.Thursday was a bit lighter. I actually saw him walk out of the office and eat lunch at the table!

Kaylee had been one very sick little lady, so Monday was full of trying to do our normal things, with many rest periods in between. We didn't start our week with our letter, since she just didn't feel that well. We did have a good day.
We fed the larger snow peas to the chickens

She loves playing with the felt shape box and the felt board.
Tuesday we played outdoors again.

Did E activities including painting an egg bean bag toss and making an E Elephant

 She acted very tired...even asked me to play with the Zoobles while she watched.

We eventually put "Tangled" on, and she napped! She woke when it ended the first time just to tell us (Kayty and I) to play it again, and she napped for the second time through as well.

We had a good day and I had a great cub scout meeting Wednesday. Those kids are awesome.

Thursday morning, she was still acting weak and tired, but by the afternoon, she was nearing her old self again. She didn't take a nap (THAT is typical Kaylee), did some of the activities I had for "E" week

and wanted to play more outside.  She even climbed from the bottom to the top of the yellow slide over and over and then slid down each time.

It was a full week and she was ready to go home when Daddy came on Friday.
Cub Scouts
I am responsible for the teaching this month, and we are working on the Digging in the Past Adventure. Dad came for a few minutes and talked about fossils and showed some rocks. We all played a dinosaur matching game and the boys spent quite a bit of time creating dinosaurs from recyclables and we learned "A Scout Is Thrifty". This calling is still in the trying it out stage. I am pretty tired from my days, whether caring for Kaylee or working around here. I was typing for our baptism at 4 am. We are up all night making sure Kayty is doing well. And then scouts...It's a lot for me to keep up with!

Dad's Garden
Our citrus is doing very well and the naval oranges are at their sweetest now. Snow Peas are very plentiful and we pick and pick and still find more. Tomato plants are thriving and carrots are doing well.

Dad's Truck
Dad sold a piece of an old truck that someone else in the country needed.

Year of the House
I worked on hand painting the a/c register for the living room on Monday evening. Dad was going to spray it but just doesn't have the time.

I went to Home Depot Thursday night and got my old bedroom paint reshaken so I can touch up walls after I finish the ceiling next week.

On Saturday, before and after the baptism, I completed painting the master bedroom ceiling and then I repainted and touched up the walls. After we redo the bathroom, I will complete painting the molding, but it is mostly done and looks so wonderful!!

Other highlights
While I was getting our income tax info put together, I noticed we were being charge almost 20 bucks a month by Bank of America for us to have a checking and savings account with them.


So we are in the process of moving everything over to Aero Credit Union. I was bugged I had to find it, but kind of glad it will save us a significant amount of money.

Not so highlights
I still basically have no phone. When I work all day during the week, I am in no mood to spend hours at a cell phone store! Next week I will have to make myself go!

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