Sunday, March 20, 2016

Week of March 14 - 20, 2016


Dad attended a session at the temple Wednesday evening.

We had a lovely Sunday at church, with great talks on the importance of prayers and forgiving others. We had a beautiful message about Joseph Smith in our Priesthood/Relief Society classes.

I have indexed 3407  names so far this year and my scripture reading is in Ether 14 in the Book of Mormon.


The Wilkins Family
I woke up Monday to this update from Allison:
I know I missed your blog, but I'll still update you. Nothing too exciting is happening. Lots of projects and homework lately for all 3 kiddos. Grace was in the spelling bee and go out on her first round (though she shouldn't have ... she spelled the word correctly but forgot the hyphens... the official rules say you can't be disqualified for forgetting hyphens, but whatever). Adam finished basketball two weeks ago. He went on the first Scout campout since he turned 12. He has earned no merit badges so far and he won't get his Eagle unless I do it with him... but it's so hard to find the time! Grace and Josh are still doing their ballet/basketball classes at the rec center. Sam has the WORST cold right now! We have been sooo healthy all winter, so I can't complain. This hit him hard, though. He's spent two days just wanting to "duddle" (cuddle) with me with a fever and horrible cough. I started my job at the temple 2 weeks ago. I'm "on call" so I just work when someone calls in sick or asks for time off. I've worked three nights so far. HARDEST work of my life. After my 4 hour shift, my pulse is pounding and I have the worst headache (reminds me of how I felt after running track in the Phoenix heat in high school). I never noticed the bridal room when I got married, but I wish I had. The Las Vegas one is SO gorgeous! There are over 100 things to do each night in a 4 hour shift. They clean things before they have a chance to get dirty. Other than that, Mike's been really busy with work, I'm still writing and we're (still) working on buying a house. Adam and Grace have lots of play rehearsals and are getting excited. Their teacher did a Kick starter to rent a "real" theater at the community college. They are so excited to perform on a real stage! Kayty should be up here this week, so I need to make her come with us.  We love you so much! 

And on Facebook on Thursday:
"Sam said his first two-word phrase today: "Mine turn!" Totally doesn't surprise me, because he truly believes that he owns everything in this house. Why wouldn't he take ownership of all of the "turns," too."

I talked to Allison on the phone Sunday night...we are trying to work out something for Adam to maybe come for some scouting experiences this Summer either here or with his cousins or Grampa Gary and we could help transport. Kids are well and are on Spring Break this next week. Sam and Josh still have coughs but are getting better.

The Ethan Rice Family
Work kept the family busy this week. They added this to their household...

It sleeps 9 and this little family will get plenty of good use out of this! Has a stove with oven, a propane refrigerator/freezer, a microwave, a toilet and shower. So glad they got this. And we purchased their pop up tent trailer from them. I am so glad. The last three campouts we have been on, I did/didn't get sleep in the front seat, the back seat and the back section of dad's jeep/torture device.

Ethan took the day off Friday to prepare for a camping trip in that new trailer and take Kaylee for her three year old check up.

The Doran Rice Family
Busy week. Kooper's day care had strep running through, so they had to make other arrangements for Kooper's care. Kelsie came down with the crud on Thursday.

Morgan fought strep throat all week.

Kayty was off work on Monday and enjoyed the final Bachelor of the season that evening. She again made the best treat bags! Her dress she ordered (Cheap China was good this time) came and she is excited to go to Vegas and see Beauty and the Beast with Allison and Grace (this is Grace's Christmas gift from her Mom and Dad)

 Total saves last week: 1
Total saves this week: 2

The Nathan Rice Family
Nate and Jess are working hard at school, with the semester coming to a close in a few weeks. They are trying to come down and visit during that week in April they are off. Annalee got a sweet treat from Granny in the mail...
I see those two cute teeth, Miss Annalee!
Both Nate and Jess worked hard through many school projects this week as the semester nears an end. Jessica prepared a two day relationship seminar she was to give, but the teacher messed up on the notifications and it was not well attended. Nate had a design 3 d printed and it is ready for making a mold and casting. Annalee turned six months old on St. Patrick's Day and got to enjoy her first chance to swing and slide at a park.We facetimed on Sunday and saw Annalee in her Johnny Jumpup! That girl loves to be on her feet!! They are thinking about visiting  here during their week off school between semesters in April, but staying in Idaho between semesters so Nate can get a job for a bit, perhaps helping a farmer or working in a machine shop. I am figuring that maybe Dad and I will have to visit them and Vegas on separate trips so someone can always be here until Kayty's diabetes is more controlled and predictable.

Dad's week started full of meetings: finalizing the initial project of the year, readying for the next phase, and meeting and meeting and meeting. He gets so sore just sitting there!

Kaylee and I had a week of R's and rainbows. She isn't really very interested in the things I have shared (she sees me as a playmate, not a teacher) but we do a couple of things every day. We had fun outdoors with the chicks, with bubbles, with the garden and then made a rainbow "R".

Papa buried some fish heads from the fishing trip. We told her it would help the garden grow. She said, "The fish grow?" Thank goodness Papa recognized what she was saying and informed her that burying fish does not make the fish grow, but makes the garden grow!
She wanted these grapefruit..and then called herself Mickey Mouse

Eating sugar with some grapefruit
We made a rainbow book on Tuesday.

Wednesday was a pom pom magnet and jelly bean kind of day.

And on Thursday (St. Patrick's Day)
Papa's Irish Pancake. Kaylee had two bites of hers. And she wanted nothing to do with the green jello treat I had made for her. She never has been interested in my monkeying with food.

Dad's Garden
The warm weather is taking it's toll. Many of the winter vegetables are starting to bolt. And the chickens snuck in the garden and ate three good heads of his butter lettuce. We are picking the carrots instead of just leaving them in the ground until we need them. I picked a ton of snow peas on Friday, and we are letting lots go to seed for next year.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
I had a great day off on Friday. Got my painting clothes on and got the ceiling in the kids' bathroom all painted. I also went to Home Depot and got new paint for the cabinets and the walls: a satin finish creamy white and a taupe. I removed the moulding fro the door frame and dad will cut out the old and replace with a new one next week. With the tent trailer, we need to make a new gated entrance to the back yard, since the double drive gate in the rear of the yard is unusable due to regrading of Happy Valley road and the busy street itself. We are trying to keep the budget as low as possible and are discussing ways to do it ourself.

Other highlights
It was my month to lead the cub scouts. Digging In The Past was completed. They wore me out but we did it!

 Ethan and Cameo invited us up to Flagstaff on Friday night to try out their new trailer, but we don't leave Kayty alone at this time at home, so we drove up Saturday morning. It was so nice to just go to Flagstaff in less than two hours and see family. I so miss it when Allison, Mike and family were that close!! We went to this town "pond" at a park and had a good time fishing.

Daddy got Kaylee a Cinderella kite that they flew a little. The wind was rather off and on so it was hard!

Not so highlights
 Dad knows that all the work he is doing at work is leading to he and his coworkers' jobs to be eliminated. He is talking to a few people at other places. Our ward Young Men's president (who has a young family and works for Honeywell as a supervisor at the Deer Valley Plant) announced this week that he was hired by a new company and they are moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa in two weeks. At least he found something, but we will miss them. Their four little children are part of Dad's church "Smarties" circuit. (He shares some Smarties with kids in the ward. It started out that they sat near us in church and were having a bad day, and now there are ten or fifteen regulars who come to see Brother Rice before church.

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