Sunday, April 3, 2016

March 28 - April 3, 2016


Dad attended a lovely temple session on Wednesday evening at the Phoenix Temple.

We thoroughly enjoyed watching General Conference sessions via our computer on Saturday, and learned so much from both the morning and afternoon sessions. I especially enjoyed the talk by Elder David A Bednar about the Sacrament and covenants and ordinances and cannot wait to be able to print and read it next week. Dad went to Priesthood Session at the Stake Center and then came home after getting some Albertson's Fried chicken. We watched the Sunday sessions and loved them as well. What a blessing to hear Thomas S. Monson speak, announcing new temples in four countries around the world. It is such a joy unmatched to have one so near us, and I am sure there was great rejoicing in the world. We also loved the afternoon conference session. How perfect for Elder Jeffrey R. Holland to conclude this Conference. I love his words. He truly knows the Savior! He wants us to return to Him and keeps us encouraged.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins Family had a busy week back to school with final musical practices and work. There were Conference sessions on the weekend and special Conference treats enjoyed.

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo and Ethan both had very busy work weeks. Cameo was able to get by only staying an hour or so late each night, except Monday, when she stayed later. Ethan had an interesting work week, and I will include more in next week's blog post.

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber and family were busy with school, work, and preparing for Amber's sister, Tamara's arrival and moving in. Doran has worked on moving Kooper out of his room, tiling floors in preparing a new room for Kooper, and he flew to Dallas, Texas to help with the remaining packing up and to drive Tamara here.

Morgan is doing well. He and Kristy have had a busy week and some health problems but all seems well.He did some canal fishing on Saturday evening but only caught one. They came over Sunday evening to share some Chinese with us...Dad cooked way to much. Morgan went through some of his old things: took his box with his old scout uniforms and baby clothing, his book of Eagle Scout certificates, his pewter scouts, his On My Honor award,  and his carved wood Scout sign. It was fun to look at all his childhood treasures

Kayty worked Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Her Tuesday off was spent watching television. Friday, I thought Kaylee needed a change, so we went to Arrowhead Mall. You know how I feel about malls, so it was a great kindness on my part! She enjoyed the kids play area and got to play with kids and climb and run. Kayty would visit me watching her, and then head out in the mall to shop. That mall is full of new stores coming in. It really is kind of creepy, in my opinion. Lots of "interesting" folk hang out there!

Total saves this week:3

The Nathan Rice Family
Nate and Jess had a busy week: last week of classes. Finals next week! Nate was able to work on his project a second time and it came out much better! He was very happy, and he also did well on a quiz in Calculus, which made him very happy. I got to facetime between conference sessions on Sunday. Annalee is sure a wiz in that walker. She "drives" it everywhere...and into everything. Nate is hoping her skills in driving improve later, or there will be NO driving when she is 16. She loves to drive OVER and INTO everything! He and Jess have a full week ahead next week and will head here on Friday.

Dad's early morning meetings were supposed to slow down after March 15th, but so far, he met early 3 times this week. He visited suppliers on Monday and had productive visits.

My Monday started out awful. I couldn't sleep (woke at almost 3 am and gave up sleeping by 3:30.) I went jogging and then caught a fitful nap. I woke Dee and then checked on Kayty, who was looking at her phone. Odd. When I talked to her, she insisted she needed to call 9 1 1 and that there was a missing child in the area. Low blood glucose! She fought me testing her, eating candy and I was nearly in tears when I finally could test her without her getting totally angry with me. I was exhausted and it wasn't even 6:15 am! Fortunately, Kaylee was a good kiddo and we had a good day and week. She is not as interested in my educational efforts (bored with me! It's like she was a little sponge and now she has soaked up all she can from me) but we managed a few Z activities this week.

This was a birthday cake she made for Grammy...with a song and seashell candle!

She wants this rock and told me "Daddy can lift it...easy and peasy!"

The weather was a miraculous the 60s and 70s. So very thankful for that!!!

Dad's Garden
Lettuce and collards is just about gone. He still has tons of chard. Snow peas are now being picked for seeds. There are lots of tomatoes on the vines and his hot pepper garden is doing well, except for those little chicks who escape the big chicken pen and feast on the leaves. Their escape has been covered.

Dad's Truck
Got a few things screwed down on the truck and picked up some floor covering at a yard sale for a trial run.

Year of the House
Dad worked on the molding to go around the mirror this week. Lots of measuring and even cutting out on the Bridgeport to allow for the towel rack. I got them painted Saturday evening and we will probably install next week. I have that on the list, as well as removing and installing a door and molding.

Other highlights
The community yard sales began on Saturday and he picked up a new smoker, a crimper for coaxial cable, a bicycle carrier he will install on our tent trailer and a few odds and ends.  I added to my Lincoln Log Box, which is totally full now! Thank you yard sales and D.I.
He also worked on his softdrink Kegorator, cleaning up the dirty parts, repainting the inside and putting a rubber mat on the bottom so it doesn't get scratched.
Root beer and limeade will be so yummy! He even ordered more root beer extract from Ebay last night.

Not so highlights
Kayty is not happy in her job. Maybe time to find something else!

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