Sunday, April 10, 2016

Week of April 4 - 10, 2016


I began my Wednesday at the temple. It was wonderful to be greeted at the door by President    as I came in and it was a great session. Dad attended a session that evening.

My cub scouts had a great meeting, with Sister Day in charge of the adventure this month, and my assistance.

Dad had to spend an hour Saturday at a baptism with the new coordinators that we work with. The high councilman typically there had to be at a funeral. They had it all under control and did a wonderful job!

I went Home Teaching with Dad Sunday evening and had great visits with two families.

Last week, I read the entire March Ensign Magazine. I began reading General Conference Talks on Thursday. I am currently at the conclusion of the Saturday morning session.

I began the week in 1 Nephi 13 and ended it in 1 Nephi 18.
Indexing - I ended last week having completed 4213 records. I ended this week completing 4711  records.


The Wilkins Family
"Aladin" the school musical has kept this family hopping this week. Many rehearsals and then Allison created this amazing costume for Adam, who plays the part of The Sultan.
They had a great time visiting with Nate, Jess and Annalee as they spent the night there on the way to Phoenix.

The Ethan Rice Family
Tuesday, Kaylee went for a dental check up. She looked so cute (in contrast to Grammy who, on Monday at her own visit, looked down at her feet and noticed she had two DIFFERENT colored socks on!)

 She had a good check up (also in contrast to Grammy - see below). No cavities!

Ethan returned from over a week in Indiana on Wednesday night. (I didn't blog about it last week. Making sure no Creepers knew he was away.)

The Doran Rice Family
Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper had another busy week and we enjoyed seeing them on the weekend at pizza night.

We saw Morgan and Christy on Friday evening when they came to take the canoe fishing. They were so kind and brought me a TON of Easter decorations, dye, plastic eggs, etc that they had gotten at a huge discount at the 99 cent store.They also took the canoe out for fishing on Sunday.
Kayty was off on Monday and got her hair re-colored.

She slept all day Tuesday...waiting for the jury duty that didn't happen. Wednesday was work and a doctor's appointment. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were work days and then she headed for Vegas on Saturday night for Sisters Week! She has been getting really fed up with work and having to assist her boss in his duties, thus missing out on commissions. Perhaps it's time for a change!

Total saves this week: 2

The Nathan Rice Family
After a very difficult finals week, complete with all day calculus exams and Jessica on antibiotics, they headed first to Las Vegas for a wonderful visit with Allison and family. (Jessica said the kids were absolutely delightful!) They bought them fresh doughnuts for breakfast and headed to Phoenix.
They visited on Friday evening

Nate and Annalee also brightened our typically boring Sunday afternoon...

It has been a special treat to have them here in town!

Dad had many meetings and was able to attend a few site meetings and supplier visits. Long days and busy week are a normal now.

Dad's Garden
Some pictures of his date palm blossoms and pollinating...

Snow peas are nearly gone. Tomato vines have some sort of fungus, so we might not get that many tomatoes this year. He plants heirloom tomatoes and they are not disease resistant, so it is a challenge that comes with the territory. I had enough basil to make the first batch of the year.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
Tuesday night, we started the new bathroom door installation. YouTube gave Dad two methods and with Wade's phone instruction, we got through it. It took MORE than the fifteen minutes one of those videos mentioned, but we weren't in that much of a hurry. We managed to get it all in, and now we are going to be much faster on the next ones. Here is the bathroom as it stands now

One piece of the mirror frame needs to be recut and painted and dad will replace some shower tile, but that's about it.

Other highlights
Dad and Kayty both got called for Jury Duty on Tuesday. Kayty ended up being excused and Dad went there and then got to leave early. So different than my experience a few years ago when I almost was put on a murder trial jury and the process of elimination took a whole LONG day!

Argentinian Giant cactus bloomed. The blooms only last 24 hours so this is a rare beauty

We attended a ward scout spaghetti dinner on Friday night. There was an auction which included ten pounds of dad's tomatoes when they get ripe, but we left to help Morgan and Christy get the canoe and then Nate, Jess and Annalee came for a visit! So wonderful!!

Saturday morning was "Brothers' Day", though Morgan had to work. Looks like the guys had a great time!

We also had Pizza Night, and it was a wonderful blessing because it was wonderful to be outdoors: not too hot or too cool and the kids could play!

Not so highlights
Suzzy's dental check up ended up with three cavities and a crown in my future. (My next week off.) I brush and floss faithfully, so he attributed it to my genes. Ugh!

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