Sunday, June 19, 2016

Week of June 13 - 19, 2016


I was able to attend my favorite 6 am Wednesday session at the Phoenix Temple. There were 13 women and just about as many men in that session. Very unusual but wonderful. Dad attended the 7:30 pm session that day as well.

Cub scouts met on Wednesday. I am the assistant this month, so my job is mainly crowd control. We had a young man turn 8 and join our den. Nick is so great and he greeted each of us with a big hug! We gave time for the boys to play marbles at the end. Now, Sister Day and I were not familiar with the marble game with the circle of string (I played chase when I played marbles.) The two bear cub scouts came in and were wanting to play. Then, their leader, Brother Gamez, came in to see where the boys were, and ended up giving the boys great and experience instruction in marble playing! Thank you Brother Gamez!

I tried to contact my visiting teaching sisters to schedule visits this week. They have not yet responded. I found out on Sunday that Yvonne is in Utah and Linda is crazy, since they have a home in Flagstaff and they decided to come down to Phoenix on a weekend of intense heat!

I am in Alma 56 in my scripture reading.

I have indexed  13487  records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Adam and Mike were off at Boy Scout Camp all week. I saw this post from Allison on Tuesday:

Everyone needs a Grace in their life. This sweet thing is SO nurturing and loving. Mike and Adam are off to Scout camp, and Sam was missing Dad. She read him book after book tonight while I finished some writing orders that were due. A little while after that, Josh began coughing and she immediately ran out of bed to get him a drink. Love her! (Imagine that my camera cord was working and that I posted the cute picture I took of them reading together.) 

Grace let me know on Wednesday afternoon that they were heading to a water park and were going to eat dinner there. She was so excited!

Allison worked four night shifts at the temple this week (a dear neighbor came and sat with the sleeping kids while she did so), and Josh had an awful cough, so they decided Cafe Rio was in order on Friday evening. So well deserved!

Mike and Adam returned on Saturday with great times at scout camp. Kayty arrived Saturday night for her visit there.

The Ethan Rice Family
This was Ethan's last full week in town. He has to travel with trailer in tow to be at his new job next Monday, so the week was full of finishing up.

The Doran Rice Family
We walked into Morgan and Christy's on Tuesday and there were Doran, Amber, Kelsie and Kooper. It was great to spend some time with them eating good food. Kelsie was going to spend the night that night since Christy watches her every day and it would save an early rise and miles of driving the next morning. Kooper decided to create art...and then wipe his hands off on the wall.

Morgan has been very busy doing remodeling work at a particular home for a gentleman to put on the market. He is texturing walls in the entire house to make sure they match the room addition Morgan textured last week.He and Christy wanted their home dedicated and invited us for yummy Chicken and Pork green chili burros and spanish rice. Christy uses those Mexican cheeses that i haven't tried yet and it tasted wonderful! We also met Sam, Christy's older daughter, and Michelle was there too. Morgan and Doran worked on texturing the house he's working on and Morgan and Christy came by on Sunday to pick up the paint sprayer.

Kayty's day off was Monday and she spent a lot of time on the piano. It's just the best to hear her sit and play!! She worked Tuesday through Saturday, and planned a road trip with her and Luke to Las Vegas. She took Luke on a test drive and he was NOT happy, so he will be staying in his carrier during the trip.

Number of saves this week: 4 

The Nathan Rice Family
We were so blessed to have Jessica and Annalee come for a visit on Monday night. Annalee was crawling around trying to catch "Luke" and she loved eating watermelon and bananas.

 Nate had a busy school week that included the normal huge amount of homework. He did get some extra time to work on his own projects in the machine shop after he gave instruction.We so enjoyed having Jessica and Annalee join us on Sunday at church. She sat on my lap! She was great in Sacrament meeting and enjoyed eating puffs and visiting with two other little girls her age in the hallway during Sunday School. She slept during Relief Society and then came over for watermelon for lunch afterward.

Jessica's dad is slowly mending and they will assess his situation next week to see if he can leave the rehabilitation facility, hopefully on crutches.He is currently using a walker and working hard to get out. The whole family got together for a great visit on Sunday for him and then to join him in the cafeteria for lunch.

Dad was solving problems in between meetings on Sunday. There are many drawing changes that need to be implemented, as the drawings designate the materials used and even down to the screws to use, and if that particular item becomes unavailable and has to be replaced, a new drawing with new specs has to replace the old one. Engineering drawings take forever to get updated and that causes a lot of frustration!! There were not as many meetings, but every evening there are tons of emails coming in and work days are spent in creating and updating many spreadsheets. They had a retirement dinner at Claim Jumper with the boss in town. Food wasn't so great. They ended up having an hour "meeting" at the conclusion where the boss told them that all they have been doing and changing will be reverting back. Ugh! Layoffs are coming, though the boss doesn't think it will affect any of them. Not a great end to the evening!

My work week included the typical laundry, dusting, vacuuming, mopping and scrubbing bathrooms. In addition, I spent a cool morning cleaning up leaves and trash in the front yard, and another one cleaning up the dead tomato vines in the back garden. It was great to take a break and eat some grapes right off the vine. I painted the front door jam and got it looking nice.We got the boat cover installed before the intense heat hit. I made pesto again for the freezer.I picked a ton of jojoba nuts early Saturday morning.

Dad's Garden
I spent time Monday after the pool was brushed to pick some peppers. I stopped counting at 350 peppers on the habanero bush. We ended up with over five pounds of various peppers.Dad spent hours cutting and dehydrating.

Pesto was made out of my basil trimming session. Five meals worth of pesto in the freezer!

Still have lots of bell peppers. 

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
Dad replaced three doors this week: the closet door right by our bedroom, our bedroom and our closet door. Only two left! The hall looks so much brighter with those lighter doors!!

Other highlights
My washing machine had been leaking and we searched on YouTube to find the problem. I ordered the part and Dad installed it on Monday.

The floor under the washing machine was a mess, so I cleaned. I noticed one of my slate tiles was turning back to the dirt it originally was, so I put a fan on it to dry and then seal.

I noticed a small leak after my load when all was back in place. I climbed on the washer, looked under the washer and finally noticed some of the drain hose had cracked, allowing water under pressure to leak out. Dad cut the damaged part off and it worked well after that.

Dad got the palm tree mostly trimmed on Saturday. We may have to pay someone next year. We don't want Dad to spend time in the hospital trying to reach those flowering bunches.

Father's Day
The wanted to go fishing but everyone was too busy working, so Saturday was a lunch at New Asian Kitchen for Ethan, Doran, Morgan and Dad - and Cam and Kaylee came too!

Dad went to church on Sunday anticipating the traditional Father's Day pie but they only had brownies, chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate syrup...all dad can't he got nothing. So sad! He did enjoy his afternoon, with Jessica and Annalee, and then Morgan and Christy.  We then enjoyed a final family dinner of Tomato Round Steak and salad at Ethan and Cameo's.

Doran and Morgan and families got him is dream Echo weedeater!

And he got this outdoor and pool temperature gauge. No more Dad cheating on how warm the pool is! (Though after the weather today, the pool will transform from a refreshing swim to a bath!)

Kaylee's Selfie

Not so highlights
This was the temperature on my back porch on Sunday June 19 at 3 pm

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