Sunday, June 12, 2016

Week of June 6 - 12, 2016


Dad attended a session at the temple on Wednesday evening. The sisters that work there complained it was too cold, so the temperature was increased. Dad came home soaked with sweat! (It looked like he had played basketball). He may have to wait till it's cooler outside to go again.

My cubs were at day camp this week so I had no meeting. I met with my co leader on Saturday morning and we planned the months ahead. I attended a cub committee meeting on Sunday to go over future events as well.

I substituted for the Primary chorister on Sunday for both Junior and Senior primary. The kids are going to sing for Father's Day next Sunday.

In my scripture reading, I am in Alma 44.

I have indexed 12375 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
Grace texted with me on Tuesday morning. It's so nice to be greeted with an "I love you, Grammy!"

Grace lost a tooth this week.
She was sad because her Grandma Wilkins had been visiting and left while she was still asleep. She had a good time with Grandma, and Kathy left a letter for them that made Grace very happy. Their summer fun days included a movie on Tuesday - "Zootopia".

Happy Birthday, Adam on Wednesday! Here is what Allison shared on Facebook about Adam:
" Adam is officially a TEENAGER today (WHAT!?!). In honor of his birthday, here is a list of 13 things I adore about this kid: 1) He has an amazing sense of humor and makes me laugh all day long. 2) He is a natural leader, and I love watching him organize and plan projects. 3) He has amazing taste in music and prefers 70s/80s rock. 4) He wants to become a mechanical engineer and go to school at MIT on scholarship someday. He works really hard at school in order to achieve that goal. 5) He plays the piano beautifully and will play (almost) every time I ask him to for me. 6) He adores little kids and babies and is so good with Josh and Sam. 7) When he broke his arm, he got really, really good at playing ping pong (the only sport approved by his doctor) and is one of the best at school. 8) He loves to learn and read and devours any book he can get his hands on. 9) He is a great cook and loves trying new recipes. He's always willing to grill for me when Mike's not around. 10) He has a strong testimony and shares the gospel often with friends. He is a great missionary. 11) He worked hard to learn how to conduct the different songs at church and leads the music in Priesthood meeting each Sunday. 12) He fell in love with woodwork and is always out in the backyard putting some project together. 13) He has a kind heart and I am so thankful every day that I get to be his Mom. Happy 13th Birthday, Adam!"
 Here is the birthday cake he and his Mom worked on.

Adam is busy getting ready for Boy Scout Camp next week.

The Ethan Rice Family
It was a busy week for Ethan and Cameo. They had regular work, including late days for Cameo on Tuesday. They started their week with an appraisal and then a home inspection. They received a thirteen item list on Friday of things that need to be altered/repaired and then reinspected. Saturday for Ethan and Wade was spent in the very hot attic.

Dad made a cabinet door for over the microwave oven so the outlet and plug is accessible.
Sunday started working early in the attic as well. Termite treatment was scheduled too. They enjoyed a last meatloaf meal at Grandma's on Saturday night.We saw them Sunday after waterworld and they only lack the rolled roofing repair and that is scheduled for Monday.

The Doran Rice Family
I received this picture Monday morning.
Kelsie spent some time in Tempe with her dad's mom who is her Grammy.
Doran helped show Morgan how to drywall tape and texture on Friday evening. He has been working to keep the heat out of their house and has put styrofoam in the East and West Windows of the house and that has helped a lot! Work for both is going well! Amber's dog rescue is busy working on a fund raising auction. 

Morgan and Christy had busy work weeks. Christy keeps Kelsie happy and safe all week and Morgan has been doing a lot of work for a gentleman getting ready to sell his house. He has repaired walls, floors, etc. It keeps him very busy.

Kayty had Monday off, and after sleeping in, she spent the day watching movies. Kaylee was not a fan of Beauty and the Beast, but she will just need to see it a few times. She doesn't like new things.She is getting a new manager next week, and she is cautiously optimistic. She spent Saturday night with some friends and had a good time.

Total saves this week:4 (including one emergency kit glucagon shot, which we have only done once before in her life. Dad calmly got the stuff mixed and gave her the shot in her leg. It took a few minutes but it worked and she could then be aware and awake enough to eat some glucose tablets.)

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan is busy at school. He got all his homework completed for the semester in his IT class. He also was given permission to sign up for the harder machining class next semester, which includes the NC machines, etc. He did well on his Chemistry test on Saturday and spent the day doing homework He and dad had good phone visits on Sunday.

Jessica is working hard here for her family. Her dad will be in the rehabilitation center for at least 2 weeks and then he has to return to a place that is wheelchair accessible. His hip is broken in two places and both bones in one leg below the knee are also broken. It will be a long healing process.

Dad was in meetings all day on Monday. He spent days working with his team members getting them to the desired goals. He gets frustrated at times with the program leaders, since they are now pitting groups against each other and only considering high dollar parts to create savings with. Suppliers can save the company money with those lower dollar savings by a lot, but the leadership is not on board as yet. The week was full of meetings and he started getting emails even on the weekend. A supplier sent him a message on Saturday evening and he had to do some work for her company when he got home.

Kaylee and I had "G" week.
G is for Grape with fresh grapes off the vine and a grape covered G
G is for Game. We played a shape game and a Lego game

Kaylee can now make melon balls.

Annalee and Jessica came over to swim with us on Tuesday.

Annalee LOVES watermelon.
 We had lunch with Grandma for her birthday at dad's favorite Chinese restaurant. Kaylee loves "Chinese Soup" (eggdrop soup)
 G is for Glitter

 G is for Gum

She even worked on a project for her daddy for Father's Day

Dad's Garden
Tomatoes are done, but peppers are going well. Dad is picking, cutting and dehydrating and grinding into powder all the time.

Dad worked months planting these seeds. He purchased 11 seeds...nurtured the plant for months and was finally getting peppers. He showed pics on his facebook pepper group and guess what? They are ghost peppers! So he got MORE bogus seeds! It's crazy how much corruption there is in the hot pepper seeds market!! You would think it was illegal substances!
Grapes are doing well.

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Year of the House
No house work this week.

Other highlights
We went over on Tuesday and chatted with our new neighbors. Lolli is the mother and she is very nice. She is originally from Iran, Christian, and has lived in Canada for many years, so she is really having a difficult time adjusting to here. The heat is hard. And Arizona living his hard with large yards meaning little contact with neighbors. We had a nice visit.

Not so highlights
None other than the aforementioned.

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