Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week of October 17 - 23, 2016


Dad's Kaizen Event at a Supplier was closer to home, so Kayty was only alone 30 minutes and I was able to attend the Wednesday morning session at the temple. Usually, I only know one or two people there, but out of the 24 total people in the session, five were from my ward. It was a wonderful session. Dad enjoyed his Wednesday evening session too.

Scouts went well as we worked on the Hometown Heroes Adventure. We talked to the boys about what it means to be a hero and asked them to name some heroes in their lives. The responses of a group of eight year old boys: Jesus, my Dad, firefighters, police officers, the army, doctors, nurses. Not an entertainment or sports celebrity even mentioned. Kids have their heads on straight! Too bad so many adults don't!

I accomplished visiting teaching one sister with my companion after my Wednesday temple trip. My visiting teachers came on Thursday morning and we had a wonderful visit.

We had the missionaries and our neighbors over for pizza on Friday. The missionaries had asked to have them in our home. Pizza was ok...not as good as when Ethan and Doran make it...but we had a good and very busy night.

Sacrament Meeting and Sunday School were so full of inspiring messages and lessons. I was able to write another letter to my dear prison sister. I also attended a meeting Sunday night with all the letter writers. So humbling to be among such great women! I truly felt unworthy! The leaders shared stories of these inmates. The Book of Mormon changes lives.

I have indexed 35936 records so far this year.

In the scriptures, I am in Alma 12.


The Wilkins Family
The Wilkins Family had a busy week with volleyball practices and games, and rehearsals for the school musical. Allison was given some extra rest on Saturday morning after her knee was bothering her. The family's Halloween Costumes have been decided upon: Mike will be the scarecrow, Allison - the wicked witch of the West, Adam - the tin woodsman, Grace - Dorothy, Josh - Charizaard (pokemon beat Wizard of Ox) and Sam the Cowardly Lion.

Grace shared the following on her blog:

this week was a great week!!!       first of all, last Sunday, I went to stake conference!!! second of all, on Monday, our school teacher, Mr. Schaller, rage quitted!!! he took his stuff and left without telling the principal anything!!! I did my project (on the solar system) I made the WHOLE solar system out of cookies!!! on Tuesday, the teacher was still gone!!! I did my project in math on "sewing dresses for our dolls"!!! luckily, Adam got done with "physical therapy" early so dad got to come watch my presentation!!! on Wednesday, I went to "science club" and I went to ballet!!! my ballet teacher, miss Shelby, talked to my mom after ballet  to say how well I had improved!!! I got to sit down with the advanced girls during ballet because I was doing so well and I needed a break!!! I got two stickers for doing great on my jazz!! on Thursday, we went to Joann to get extra fabric, zippers, etc. for Halloween costumes!!! then, we went home, got chores done, relaxed and went to Mcdonalds to get a little treat of how hard we had worked that day!!! on Friday, was our Halloween trunk or treat/ fall festival for our school!!! my friends Julia and Adelaide went to Julia's trunk to trade our candy!!! (what it really was, was a put thing's you don't want from your trick or treat bag in a pile and grab what you want out of it!!!) on Saturday, I had to babysit Sam and Josh so mom could rest her leg and dad could drop Adam off  at his volleyball game!!! We watched three or four shows and we cleaned our rooms!!! I almost got mine all done!! the boys did not do that so well but, they worked ALOT!!! today we went to church, and then the home teachers came and gave us a game called "spooky ooky" which you can play by taking this spiderweb and wrap it around the house and he goes and he can move but, if you are being noddy he jumps out and...SCARES YOU!!

 The Ethan Rice Family
Kaylee started preschool on Tuesday! She was hesitant at first, but very excited to show her new writing skills...the letter I

She really liked class on Thursday and wanted to go back on Friday.
Kaylee went to a birthday party on Saturday...

She was in her first primary program on Sunday. Cameo made a brief recording so Ethan, who had to work, and Papa and I could see it. She was adorable, in true Sunbeam fashion, and said her part clearly and well as a Sunbeam sings. She did awesome!!
And their house is a Halloween masterpiece!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Dad talked on the phone Tuesday evening about HAM radio. Doran is studying for his test and wants dad to do the same. He probably will.Amber had dog adoption events during the weekend.

Morgan and Christy are doing fine. Morgan starts a new job on Monday, which is very good news!!

Kayty went out on Monday night bowling, worked lots of overtime, went to the doctor who wants her to check her blood glucose and take her insulin, and had a good week. She went to a Halloween party briefly on Saturday night, but someone asked why she was dressed as she was (she dressed as Evil Elsa) instead of creepier, and she came right home. Thumper said it best, "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothin' at all.)

One minor save this week.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan and Jessica had a great week. Nathan Facetimed a couple of times so I could briefly see Annalee. She just loves that red end call button on the iphone! Nathan worked three hours on a test Friday evening...till they shut down the testing center.He made it through work Saturday, but had been struggling with an illness for days, and spent time not infecting everyone else at church on Sunday.

Dad is burning up vacation days. I had envisioned later wake up times, not so rushed for me in the morning, but when a call came and I discovered he had made himself available to substitute teach, I knew this would be just a regular week for me. I am not complaining...this is nothing new. After 36 years, I have experienced on many many occasions a dance taking away a vacation day. It's how he rolls... Tuesday was filled with Papa's workshop, working on Kooper's Christmas gift. Wednesday and Thursday were Kaizen events at a nearby supplier, and then Thursday brought a letter, announcing yet another layoff/reduction in early November. These guys are already working so many hours for so many missing people. In fact, on Friday, he was using up a vacation day, and he had two mandatory meetings and had to work on a supplier problem by phone. This is a mess! Dad is older now and a new job is not always easy to find. We are praying for guidance.

My work included dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, laundering, picking up key limes, pruning and clearing the key lime tree of old branches, cleaning up numerous wounds resulting from aforementioned tree trimming, hauling branches to the bulk trash pile, picking up and grinding and then packaging and freezing over 34 pounds of chicken breast, updating budget spreadsheet, cooking meals, washing dishes, hauling branches from the carob tree to the pile, trying to operate a chain saw, skimming the pool, cutting limes for squeezing,made pizza dough, cleaned up after a messy pizza dinner, hauling heavy trashbags, hauling ironwood branches. I am cut and have a bump on my head where I clipped the clippers and caught my head in the handles.

Dad's Garden

Dad's turnips, beets, and spinach are coming up. Quail are pestering him and the garden! They love those tasty morsels! Snow peas are getting taller!

Dad's Truck
No truck work this week.

Other highlights
I finished my Excel 2010 course and passed the test. Now, on to Powerpoint 2010.

I  jogged every day and ended up enjoying a few "shooting stars" from the Oneids that are part of Hailey's Comet. I didn't pay attention to the sky for most of my run, so I probably would have seen more!

Papa's workshop is busy working on Kooper's Christmas gift.

We were "Boo-ed" on Saturday Night. Never happened before so it was extra wonderful!!! I will be baking sugar cookies tomorrow and then these two old folks will have to doorbell ditch. Should be very funny!!

Not so highlights
October 22: 97 degrees. Nuff said!

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