Monday, October 3, 2016

Week of September 26 - October 2, 2016


Dad went to a session at the Ogden, Utah temple on Tuesday night.

I was not looking forward to pack meeting, until I drove into the parking lot. Brother/Sergeant Romney with the Maricopa County Sheriff's department was a special guest, and he talked to the boys, and along with two deputies, took the kids and anyone else through the sheriff's department booking vehicle. It's like a holding unit at a crime scene. It was awesome! Too bad my phone wasn't with me!

We enjoyed sessions of General Conference on Saturday and Sunday. We watched both morning and afternoon sessions on Saturday and Sunday, and Dad went down to church on his own for Priesthood Session. I took many notes so I can share messages I feel inspired to with the sister I correspond with at the prison. All the sessions were wonderful and I have a  list of things to personally work on for the next six months.

I read the entire October Ensign Magazine, and I am in Mosiah 19 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 31970 records so far this year. I have been including many marriage records in my indexing which take a longer time, but they are a wealth of information for those seeking. 


The Wilkins Family
Josh had his first tball game this week and had a great time!
Josh  is #15. He got a couple of grounders and got someone out at first base!
He hit a ground ball and slid into first base - he loves to slide!
Adam had a volleyball game on Saturday, and then there was a party that Grace got to attend as well.

The Ethan Rice Family
Cameo and Kaylee had a big rain while they were getting ready for bed on Tuesday. Cameo had a busy day at work that day, and was exhausted. On Thursday, I received a call and was able to FaceTime with them. I had mailed back the last stuff of Kaylee's at my house, plus some cute little baby boys stuff for baby Wade. Kaylee then took me on a tour of her bedroom, the staircase, the family room, the kitchen, the ceiling, and the front of the couch ;). She and I ended up talking for quite awhile, which was a lot of fun. She even gave me a quick call before she fell asleep. I told her she was free to call anytime.

Cameo and baby Wade are doing well. She had her 30 week appointment. Wade still is in a good Head Down position so the VBAC is possible. She still was asked to schedule a c-section at 39 week date. So many things have to be just right for the VBAC to occur and they want all bases covered.

Saturday was a fun day for this family, as they attended the Atlanta State Fair. Kaylee looked like she had a ball feeding butterflies, getting up close to a giraffe, riding rides, sliding on a huge slide, and enjoying jacket weather!!

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Dad went squirrel hunting on Friday and Saturday.

I do believe that they brought me back a pic of lovely Arizona Fall leaves. Hey, folks, this is as good as it gets here!

Dad make Kung Pao Elk
When they got back, Dad fried up some squirrel for lunch.

Amber had a busy work week plus pet adoption events on Saturday. The kids are well and spent some time on Saturday playing with Granny Dorrie.

Morgan and Christy are well, and he is busy working for Fear Farm this time of year. Now that we are having some cooler days, I am sure he will be very busy.

Kayty worked lots of overtime this week. She has caught many mistakes and that makes her very valuable all over. She is working on different kinds of forms that need verifying and checking.Those shelves I found for 5 bucks last week are quickly filling with shoes. She still makes necklaces and likes watching late night hulu. Luke has been escaping from the back yard, and we are concerned but his whining drives us nuts when he is indoors.

Total saves this week: major   minor-2
It has not been going well with her. She just doesn't want to test her glucose and I have struggled all week. I got less than five hours each night, while being up four of five times checking on her. I just keep praying for some solution. If she would just check before she goes to sleep...

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan had a very productive week. He has made many contacts and sent resumes for possible internships, in Idaho, in Utah, and in Phoenix. He is doing well in his CNC machining class, multivariable calculus, and all others. Poor Annalee contracted Hand, Foot and Mouth disease but seemed very happy when we FaceTimed on Saturday afternoon. Jessica is very busy working and keeping up with a very busy church calling.

And on Sunday, October 2, 2016...
Annalee took her first steps!! She walked from Daddy to Mommy...for yogurt and cheerios!! Hooray!!!

Dad started his week flying to Utah for meetings.

Lunch with our dear friend Jeff Smith

My work week included chicken care and feeding, collecting key limes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing toilets, cleaning mirrors, getting some clothing from my side of the closet for Deseret Industries,studying Microsoft Word, taking care of dad's garden, scrubbing bathrooms, paying bills, hauling down trashcans, bringing back trashcans, weeding, scrubbing floors, and other fun stuff!

I also got the house ready for Halloween! (And scored over 20,000 steps on my Fitbit walking back and forth from my hut!)

Dad's Garden
We are keeping Dad's garden surviving with some warmer days. Snow peas are coming up, as are carrots and some garlic. Lettuce has survive. Animals have snatched his beets and turnips as soon as they come up. 

Dad's Truck
No truck work

Other highlights
While going out to put stuff in the compost bin and collect limes, I was greeted on Wednesday morning with this
Lots of clouds all week, and a few spurts of rain, even on Sunday as we were watching General Conference.

Jeff Huesing's funeral was a wonderful experience. He had truly changed his life for the better a few years ago, and spent the rest of his life Cheering for the Chicago Cubs and doing good for everyone he met.

Not so highlights
I received this late Thursday night:

Dear PIAB,

It's with deep regret that I have to give you this news. The Fiesta Bowl Parade Committee finally notified me that the PIAB was not selected to participate in this year's Fiesta Bowl Parade. I'm also extremely disappointed that we were notified through an email considering our long history, support and entertainment we gave to the Fiesta Bowl Parade. Here is the their response to our application.
Good Morning,

Thank you for applying for the 46th Annual National Bank of Arizona Parade, we appreciate your interest in participating in this year’s event!

Each year we receive an overwhelming number of excellent applications, making the selection process difficult. We were truly impressed with your organization and what it represents, but, unfortunately, your application was not selected to participate this year.

We greatly appreciate your interest and hope you will apply again next year!

Thank you for your time and if you have any questions feel free to reach out.


Fiesta Bowl Parade Committee

It is very obvious with the experience I had last year and now this, that the PIAB is no longer considered a part of the Fiesta Bowl Parade's spirit to showcase nationally the great people and communities of Arizona. Especially as we have seen over the years the scope of the parade diminish and their constant call for groups to participate.

I don't know what the future of the PIAB will at this moment but I certainly want to thank all of you for your support, smiles, music and most importantly, the memories we created throughout our history. I know I have tons great memories as I helped John Thrasher put this group together, marching in the parades next to you and as director. Thank you for sticking it out with me. I know it hasn't been easy but I hope you had fun along the way because I certainly did.

Please feel free to post past pictures and memories here. This is your Facebook page. Let's keep the lines of communication open for who knows what the future holds for the PIay It Again Band.

Take care,  

Albert Grijalva

 II guess that means it's over. Kinda sad... 

Luke the Cat has made my salad bowl his new sleeping quarters...gross!

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