Sunday, December 18, 2016

Week of December 12 - 18, 2016


The temple reopened this week. Dad and I were able to attend the Wednesday evening session together there. Small in numbers but large in spirit. It was nice to be back there.

No cub scouts for me the rest of the month. Dad taught High Priest Quorum on Sunday.

I went visiting teaching on Monday morning...had great visits with the two sisters I see. Our home teachers came on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm and he went home teaching his last family at 3 pm.

I am in 3 Nephi 14 in the Book of Mormon.

I have indexed 50403 records so far this year. I am now indexing Oregon marriage records, which go a lot slower. I worked an hour on Sunday morning, and only completed 30.


The Wilkins Family
 Another crazy and busy week at the Wilkins! They went on a Primary/Young Men and Young Women Hayride and caroling activity. Sam liked the hot cocoa...and the marshmallows getting stuck on his lip.

We finally got to visit the Wilkins family this week!! So much fun!
 Dad's car achieved 280,000 miles on the odometer during our travels.

We saw these bighorn sheep right off the roadside in Boulder, Nevada.

We were greeted by Sam when we arrived. (Allison and Mike were there too.)

Mike brought Josh home later.

We all headed to see the Kids' School Play.

Adam played the role of Yule Tide. He was an investigative reporting show host and was so wonderful, and funny! The role was perfect for him.

Adam interviews a mystery guest: E. B.

 Grace played the role of "Mary Christmas" (red skirt) . She also was wonderful!!

The performers and their wonderful family
 We celebrated afterwards at Cici's Pizza

 We headed home for a quiet evening. Allison had to head to work before 10 pm and we were pretty much exhausted. Dad slept in his chair and I slept on one of their new sofa's.
 Josh was the first to greet us on Friday morning.
 Papa and Adam did some YouTube investigating on Rubik's Cube solutions
 Grace was given some suncatchers as a secret Santa gift, so Grammy got to help her.

 Josh and Adam worked on new darts for their blowgun

 Papa and Josh played "War".
 We couldn't stay long enough to attend Grace's dance recital, so she gave us a private performance.

They had fun with some yard sale finds

Josh took his turn at photography

We enjoyed the beautiful weather in their front yard

Sam loved hitting acorns with the tennis racket!

Later Friday night...

The Ethan Rice Family
Ethan's last days of family leave were great! He celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. Happy Birthday, Ethan!!
Kaylee helped Mommy decorate Daddy's birthday cake this year.
And Wade on his two week birthday...

The Doran Rice Family
Doran and Amber enjoyed a wonderful Christmas party on Saturday night.

And Happy Birthday, Amber on Sunday!

Morgan and Christy had a good week. They, too, enjoyed an employer party on Saturday night.

He even won this!

We missed him at Nano's but he had to work at the same time. So glad Christy could come!

Kayty had a good week at work, headed to Prescott after work on Thursday to see the new Star Wars Movie,

saw it with friend Ed on Friday night, worked on Saturday
Total saves this week: 2

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan worked his tail off this week. He had many finals, and did well on all of them! Congratulations Nathan!

They had planned to come to Phoenix for Christmas, but it was determined on Saturday night that the -13 weather was just too cold and possibly dangerous, and while we are going to miss them, we are thankful they are safe and warm!

Dad was using up his vacation days. He worked at least an hour a day for Honeywell, however, answering emails, attending meetings, solving emergencies, and trying to get his phone synced with his email. He also substituted at school Monday and Tuesday.

Dad's Garden
Warm weather caused some of the lettuce to bolt. He still has tons of peppers and citrus, spinach. swiss chard, carrots, snow peas, garlic.

Christmas at Nanos
We had a great time at Nano's this year. The food was great and, though it was quiet and she missed having everyone there, Nano had a wonderful night.

 We celebrated Amber's birthday with song and yummy cupcakes!


Other highlights
Safe trip, safe and healthy family. All the highlights I need.

Not so highlights
We got the new part for the washing machine on Monday. Installed without a problem. Didn't fix it at all. We headed down to that laundromat I spent the first years we lived here at...though it is 30 years older...and grosser...than it was then. We just washed, since the dryer still works, and I spent a long evening folding and putting away laundry. A new washing machine was researched and ordered Tuesday night and will Monday. So, another trip to the laundromat happened on Saturday morning. The crowd was much better then. 

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