Sunday, March 5, 2017

Week of February 27 - March 5, 2017


Dad and I attended the Wednesday evening temple session together. It was very nice to get some work done for our ancestors.

I was able to write a letter to Jessica, my inmate sister. I am keeping it on a more basic level, since she is younger, and so I spoke about prayer and its power and sent her the words to "A Childs' Prayer". I was surprised on Sunday morning with a letter from her. (letters are mailed to the branch president, scanned, and then emailed to me. There are lots of requirements and copies that must be kept). She sounds just delightful and I am going to enjoy corresponding for the next couple of years.

For cub scouts, we had our Blue and Gold Banquet. Our cubmaster had a reverence theme, and had a backwards night...other than the flag ceremony (he invited the Sandra Day O'Connor ROTC to do the flag ceremony and they did a wonderful job, and Abbi Belliston in our ward sang the National Anthem. Then, the prayer (closing) , breakfast for dinner (dessert was offered but parents said No), cubmaster minute with highlights on firefighers (two were in attendance) and law enforcement (sheriff deputy was in attendance), cheer then the awards, Leader recognitions ( I actually was awarded a one year service first ever! and amazing since this is the 7th time I have served as a den leader), welcome, flag ceremony and invocation. Lots helped on the clean up and it was a great night.

 Sunday Sacrament Meeting/Testimony meeting was very uplifting. One brother, soon to celebrate his 85th birthday, told of how wild he was in college. His father suddenly died and he returned home, only to find out his father had read the Book of Mormon and had joined the church. This brother was not raised in any faith, and was very angry. After the funeral, he went in his parent's house and saw the Book of Mormon on the table, and decided to just read, so he could prove how wrong it was. 
He could not put it down. He joined the church and it changed his life. Another sister got up, and pointed out that we would never have believed this brother's past, knowing who he is now, and how many come from a different place a long time ago, but the Gospel changes us. Great truths born today. 
In my scripture reading, I am in Alma 14. 
I have indexed 6753 records so far this year.


The Wilkins Family
I missed this one on Sunday evening...
"I not eating healthy foods!"

Mike was busy in the attic this Grace's new chandelier all hung
Next project: a pink paint job.

Kayty invaded the Wilkins home on Saturday and she was already teasing and having fun.They attended the blessing of their new cousin Nell on Sunday.

The Ethan Rice Family
I didn't see Cameo's Sunday visits. She attended church with a work friend (ward meets from 11am to 2 pm) and visited their friends Clint and Christina Williams
Cameo worked in Phoenix, Ethan worked in Atlanta, Wade and Liz worked with baby Wade all week,
Watching Monday's rain with Grampy Wade

Kaylee played at our house Monday

and Friday

Little Wade celebrated 3 months of life on Wednesday

He met Great Grandma Dorrie on Thursday
 and Nano on Sunday

The Doran Rice Family
This family had a busy week: new jobs, new job locations, and two new foster pets.

Busy work week for Morgan and Christy.

Kayty went to the doctor for the last time on Tuesday and got a three month supply of meds. No more health insurance as of Wednesday. Last day of work was Friday. She has put in many applications but only 1 interview and that was for an unavailable job. So she took a week off and headed to Vegas.

Total saves this week: 1 with seizures, 1 tablets.

The Nathan Rice Family
Nathan had a crazy week. He went to get his bike and discovered it missing! Cameras were checked, indicating an individual came, cut the chain and he and wife/girlfriend loaded it into a vehicle. Campus police were a great help and the situation ended with Nate getting his bike back and a new lock in the process. Tuesday was a late study night, though I did get some family pic previews as I hit the pillow...
Image may contain: 3 people, people standing, tree and outdoor
In addition to homework, Nathan was writing code to create parts needed for the upcoming robot competition (in two weeks...a la pinewood derby, I see). It was someone else's responsibility, but Nathan jumped in to help. Jessica had a pretty sick night Friday and so she was trying to rest on Saturday night...but Annalee is very fervent in her speech...I don't know how she got any rest!

They had stake conference on Sunday and really enjoyed that.

Dad had a busy week; evaluation on last years's work on Monday, tons of meetings, numerous supplier visits, lots of reports and spread sheets and answering more emails and calls than I could even imagine.

Monday started out very busy. Freezer was going to be delivered so I had to move food to ice chests, clean under the old freezer (Dad did this for me), paint the walls behind the freezer, and after the haul off/delivery, and hours to refill...and clean up. The rest of the week included dusting, vacuuming, laundry, bathroom scrubbing, bread baking on Wednesday, preparing our income tax to take to Jaymon Meikle, grocery shopping, trip to post office,and doing it all over again.

Dad's Garden
Carrots, tons of snow peas,beets, turnips, were harvested this week. Also, the stuff he thought was spinach (I was skeptical so I wouldn't touch the stuff) had a large root vegetable growing! So, it seems that the "spinach" seeds he thought he planted ended up being parsnips! I thought that spinach looked sketchy!

Year of the House
We are determining the process. Not as easy as we thought, but we finally decided on most of the waterproofing, and dad found the granite he liked after searching all week.

Other highlights
Good jogs, good meals, all healthy so this week was good.

Not so highlights
Not anything I can think of.

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